Pregnant Sex Dolls – Sexy Real Dolls for your Fetish

Most people don’t speak about it openly if they find pregnant women especially sexually attractive. But it's not so strange, and in part, it’s even biologically determined. Expectant mothers represent femininity and fertility, attributes that are quite sexy. Of course, being pregnant is not a permanent condition, and so men with this preference long for a pregnant sex doll. In this post, we explain all about pregnant sex dolls and why a sexy TPE doll is the ultimate solution for your lust. 

Benefits of a Pregnant Sex Doll

If you have a partner, you may have already enjoyed her particularly feminine curves when she was pregnant. Of course, that doesn't last. On the other hand, a pregnant sex doll offers you these sexy curves permanently – whenever, wherever and however you want them.

A pregnant sex doll is often the only way to really live out your predilection. Of course, some porn websites offer this special category, but in the end, it’s not a real substitute, and only increases the desire to be able to enjoy this special sexual experience in real life.

Brothels won’t help either, since the prostitution of pregnant women is strictly prohibited (at least in Germany). A sex doll is completely legal and can become your loyal partner.

A high-quality Real Doll is not only about the super-realistic look, but also about a unique feeling that no other sex toy can offer.

How Does A Pregnant Sex Doll Feel?

If you haven’t yet had any experience with TPE or silicone, you’re right to wonder how your pregnant sex doll might feel to the touch. Most pregnant sex dolls are made of the plastic TPE, short for thermoplastic elastomers. This feels velvety soft in its solid state, and is therefore very popular with customers and is also used for the production of masturbators.

Due to the excellent properties of the material, your finished Real Doll can absorb and store body warmth very well. The combination of a soft feel and pleasantly warm skin on your doll ensures a super-realistic sex experience, since the anal, vaginal and oral sex apertures are also 100% TPE.

If you want to know exactly what a sex doll feels like, this blog post will be perfect for you: 

What Pregnant Sex Dolls Can I Choose From?

Real Dolls are available in a wide variety of designs and types, so you can shop to your heart's content. You’ll find a variety of TPE and silicone doll designs at dolloro. Whether dark-skinned, light-skinned, large or small breasts, you’ll definitely find the perfect sex doll for you there.

However, if it's a pregnant sex doll you’re after, then you already know exactly which features your future Love Doll should have. Obviously, she needs a pregnant belly. You can find this in a wide variety of designs. Some Real Dolls look more like they are in the early stages of pregnancy, while others are heavily pregnant, whatever your preference.

However, it’s essential to note that pregnant sex dolls are usually TPE dolls and not silicone dolls. We'll tell you exactly what the difference between TPE and silicone means for a Real Doll here: 

Customize Your Pregnant Sex Doll

In addition to being pregnant, your Love Doll should also have other features that you particularly like. So, once you’ve chosen a sex doll, you can further customize it during the ordering process.

Change their skin, hair and eye color to suit your taste, and choose practical additional functions such as the stand or the removable vagina.

Before placing your order, you’ll also have the opportunity to choose configurations from our Make Her Real range. A sexy tongue could give you that certain extra kick during a BJ, the optimized skeleton allows more freedom of movement, and the hollow breasts option provides a natural breast feeling. 
But if that’s still not enough for you and you really have very specific, and maybe even special wishes for the appearance of your Love Doll, you can easily send us an individual request. We will then contact you and design a pregnant sex doll exactly according to your wishes.

How to Care for your Pregnant Sex Doll

Cleaning, maintaining and storing a TPE or silicone doll are factors that have a significant impact on your sweetheart's durability. The better you take care of her, the longer she’ll be by your side and in pristine condition.

Of course, there are some very general cleaning and care instructions that you must follow, and which you can find in our blog post on this topic. However, since your new lover is a pregnant sex doll, you shouldn't forget the following things in particular:
  1. Caring for the belly = You should definitely take care of the belly to ensure that your pregnant sex doll always stays nice and supple. Without regular dusting with baby powder and rubbing in with baby oil, the TPE can become dry and even porous, just like real skin.

  2.  Correct storage = If your pregnant sex doll can sleep with you permanently in bed, this is of course the ideal solution. Please make sure that she lies on a light-colored surface. If storage in bed is not an option for you, always make sure that there are no pressure points from lying down for too long. We explain here how you can avoid this and what perfect storage involves:

    To the blog post

  3. Gentle movement = A fairly robust steel skeleton is built into your pregnant sex doll, which allows you to bring your sweetheart into a wide variety of positions. But sometimes, the bedroom can get a little boring, and you might want to have sex with her in different places, e.g. the kitchen, garden, etc. Depending on how pregnant your sex doll is, moving her from room to room can be difficult due to the weight of the Real Doll. To avoid damaging her, we recommend putting your TPE Doll on an office chair and moving her around to your heart's content.

If you follow these points, you can be sure that your pregnant sex doll will bring you an incredible amount of joy for decades to come. 
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