Production of a sex doll

sex doll is really quite a luxurious purchase. The reason for the price is the choice of high-quality materials and the days of hand-manufacture that it takes to make a sex doll. So that you'll know exactly how your loved one is made from TPE or silicone, in this blog post we'll explain the different manufacturing steps to you.

By the way, TPE dolls and silicone dolls are produced in the same way, with the premium luxury sex dolls receiving special attention when they're painted. If you're generally interested in the difference between a TPE doll and a silicone doll, you should take a look at this post: TPE vs. silicone 

Step 1. 3D model of your sex doll - head & body

Before even starting with the materials TPE or silicone, first we have to determine the appearance of the sex doll. For this a 3D model of the respective real doll is created, which helps the artist to precisely design the face shape and fine features. With the help of special clay, the artist then shapes the nose, lips and eye sockets and so creates the basic structure of the face. Then, this finished model and the negative printing process are used to produce robust molds.

This working method is also used in the production of the body shape and is repeated individually for each head and body variant offered.

Step 2: Casting the sex doll's body & head

Once the molds are ready, the real production of your love doll can begin. The TPE or silicone is heated until it is completely liquefied. Depending on the skin color of your sex doll, a color pigment measured to the nearest gram is mixed into the liquid material. In the meantime, the steel skeleton of the TPE sex doll is fixed in the middle of the mold and the two-part mold is screwed tight.

The liquid TPE or silicone is poured into the body shell through a small opening. This creates a seamless covering of the steel skeleton and your sex doll looks perfect all around. The same, without the steel skeleton of course, is also done for the production of the head.

The slightly hardened body and head are placed in a cool water bath to harden completely.

Step 3: Designing the real doll

Now all that's missing is the most important part of making a real doll, the painting. This step really breathes life into the TPE or silicone and turns your doll into a sexy partner. Every head and body of a real doll is hand-painted, which for premium luxury sex dolls takes several hours, even days.

A trained expert applies the paint for the nipples, vagina, birthmarks and veins using fine brushstrokes. This coloring is waterproof, which allows you to clean your loved one thoroughly or to have fun with her in the water.

Then an artificial eye in the eye color you've chosen is attached to the head and your real doll is ready for the final touches.


Most manufacturers apply makeup with powder to their dolls in advance. This ensures that your love doll looks particularly realistic and gains some expression and sex appeal.

If you don't like the look or if you want to experiment with make-up on your love doll yourself, you can of course remove the eye shadow applied by the manufacturers.

If you want to learn more about makeup for a sex doll, this blog post can help you. Here we explain how even you, as a makeup novice, can become a professional and which do's and don'ts need to be considered when applying makeup on a love doll.

Step 4: The correct storage of your love doll

Now the TPE sex doll or silicone doll just has to find its way to your home. Until then, the finished dolls will be neatly and safely stowed away. Each TPE sex doll is carefully packed so that dirt or dust don't stain the velvety-soft skin and sharp objects don't damage it.

The body and head are stored separately. The reason for this is the special softness of the body of a love doll, which you as its future owner can enjoy. The body is hung up by a special hook so that there are no pressure points on the skin of the TPE or silicone doll. Incidentally, this is also the ideal storage solution in your home.

More about storage? To the blog post 

Safe packaging

Just like when they're stored in the production factory, the body and head of your real doll are packed individually. This guarantees that it won't break off the steel frame during transport. Both body parts and the remaining products of your order (e.g. the wig) are placed in a padded cardboard box and delivered directly to your desired address.

Once your order has arrived at your home, all you have to do is remove the padding and packaging, screw the head of the silicone or TPE doll onto the body and put on her wig.

Before you start making love, however, we recommend that you thoroughly clean your sex doll and her orifices. Simply use warm water and mild soap or detergent.

Do you want to know what else is included in your order? Then take a look at this blog post: Scope of delivery

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