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6ye Doll

Sex Doll Adeline (25 years) - 6ye Dolls

$1,250.00* $1,450.00*
The sexy love doll Adeline is a budding designer. She also models on the side to finance her studies. With her looks, it's no wonder she's is a model, and it’s not only men who appreciate her. The 1.60-m-tall sex doll has long, wavy blonde hair, blue eyes and perfect B-cup tits, which she also likes to show in front of the camera. This sexy real doll always uses her hot lips to blow her lecturers if her grades aren’t as good as she wants. She’ll do just anything to achieve her dream, so sometimes, she’ll lick her lecturer's p***y to get good grades, too. The Love Doll Adeline likes to dress fashionably, but privately, she prefers wearing sneakers to high heels. The sex doll also likes to wear hot pants and mini-skirts. She’ll regularly drop her pencil to get her lecturers horny, and allow men a look under her extremely short skirt, under which she often wears no underwear.

6ye Doll

Sex Doll Ashanti (34 years) - 6ye Dolls

$1,230.00* $1,430.00*
Ashanti is a love doll who knows exactly what she wants and needs. The Sex Doll skillfully uses her perfect dark body to achieve her goals. The 1.38 m tall Real Doll is secretly looking for a steady partner whom she can really spoil with her feminine hips and big lips. Her future Love Doll owner will be quite lucky if she becomes his Sex Doll.  She has a plump and very feminine figure with very big breasts in K-cups and beautiful dark nipples. When she stretches her huge ass towards you, you know exactly that the Love Doll wants to be taken from behind. This sex doll has everything that will make a man happy and with her big brown Bambi eyes she will melt any heart.

HR Doll

Sex Doll Breanna (20 years) - HR Dolls

$1,400.00* $1,600.00*
Sexy Breanna is a social work student, because she loves helping other people. She is a bit shy, but the cute sex doll regularly makes sure her fellow students have intense orgasms. Breanna loves to lick p*****s as much as she likes to suck c***s.The shy real doll secretly dreams of a hot threesome. But she's still too shy for that. Now she hopes that she will find a man who will help her overcome her shyness and have a threesome with her. Love doll Breanna has long, blonde hair, dazzling blue eyes and a sexy blowjob mouth. The 5 ft 4 in tall sex doll with little A-cup titties has fair skin and a hairy p***y. The petite sex doll doesn't want to shave because the hairs tickle her p***y so nicely when she's f*****g and it only makes her hornier. Breanna likes to wear thongs under her hot pants, coupled with cropped tops and sneakers.

6ye Doll

Sex Doll Elani (42 years) - 6ye Dolls

$1,230.00* $1,430.00*
Elani is a beautiful dark TPE sex doll. The horny milf is looking for a man she can really spoil as a sex doll. When Elani becomes your future love doll, you can look forward to being well looked after. The 1.38 m tall TPE doll has a chubby figure and is therefore perfect for everyone who simply wants more to hold. It's been a long time since anyone has really given this sex doll a horny c**k that can fill all of her tight pleasure holes. Her dark skin and exotic type make Elani a real rarity and a much sought-after love doll. But she is not only looking for hot sex, but also a loyal partner and you could soon be cuddling up to her fat real doll K-cup tits.


Sex Doll Katelynn (42 years) - Cosdolls

$1,599.00* $1,799.00*
With this 1.58 m tall TPE sex doll you get pure passion. Katelynn is an excitingly beautiful real doll with a tanned complexion, a sexy slim figure and curves in just the right places. Her fat E-cup tits scream for a titty f**k, and you should not deny this sex doll. Her big brown eyes match her long hair perfectly, filling out her racy love doll personality. But the hottest thing about her are her huge bubble lips, which call for your c**k. Katelynn is the perfect real doll for the connoisseurs who are looking for a high-quality and sensual love doll to spend all night with in bed!

6ye Doll

Sex Doll Keisha (22 years) - 6ye Dolls

$1,150.00* $1,350.00*
Keisha’s new owner will get an exciting dark beauty that is 1.5 m tall. The racy TPE sex doll is quite slim but has a big fat ass that offers the perfect view during doggy or anal. On the firm B-cup breasts are two large, dark nipples, which perfectly match her complexion. The highlight of this TPE doll is definitely her face and her wild curly hair. This sex doll has sensual, big lips with which she uses to tease everyone with thoughts of a messy blowjob. But especially her eyes are a real dream and shine in a unique green. You can imagine the dirty secrets that are behind those eyes.

6ye Doll

Sex Doll Lia (27 years) - 6ye Dolls

$1,250.00* $1,450.00*
Lia is a pretty exciting TPE sex doll and despite her endless lust she is truly a faithful real doll. The sweet Asian girl is 1.65 m tall, has a porcelain-like light complexion and a great sensual personality.Despite her slim figure and flat stomach, this TPE doll has breath-taking curves. Her body is perfected by huge F-cup tits, which she loves to hold out to you for an extensive titty f**k. This love doll has promising, almond-shaped brown eyes with which she has already captivated so many men. The slightly opened sugar-sweet mouth is a guarantee for exciting kisses and intense blowjobs. Maybe you are the right owner for this punk rock princess with wild brown hair and blue highlights.

6ye Doll

Sex Doll Ljudmila (32 years) - 6ye Dolls

$1,250.00* $1,450.00*
The sex doll Ljudmila is a secretary by passion. She works for a successful businessman, for a well-known company. The real doll spends a lot of time in the office and therefore has no time for a committed relationship. She has already thought about quitting her job so that she can finally have a steady relationship. But the love doll simply loves her job too much. Besides, the love doll finds her boss damn sexy. He is married and has hardly any time for his wife because of the company. That's why he fucks the horny sex doll Ljudmila whenever the opportunity arises, in all her holes! The sex doll is 1.65 m tall and has long brown hair and green eyes. Her glasses make her look a little strict. But that is exactly what most men find very attractive about her. Just as attractive are also her light skin and the beautiful, thick tits! Ljudmila likes to wear blouses and high-slit skirts. In addition she wears pumps or high heels.

HR Doll

Sex Doll Miranda (36 years) - HR Dolls

$1,650.00* $1,850.00*
Sex Doll Miranda is the boss of a prestigious bank. When she feels like it, she nibbles one of her employees on the desk during the lunch break or she gets her p***y licked during the conference call. Both at the bank and during sex, she likes to set the tone. However, sometimes she enjoys falling into the submissive role and submitting to a man. This ambitious sex doll knows exactly what she wants and that is exciting sex and fast cars. TPE Doll Miranda is 1.64 m tall and has flawless, velvety skin. Her long, blonde hair makes her blue eyes look even more radiant. The sexy love doll also has really horny giant tits that will blow any man's mind. Miranda is into horny titty f***s and loves it when you suck on her stiff nipples. The curvy Real Doll has a big ass that she loves to have trimmed. She also loves it when you lick and finger her hairless pussy.


Sex Doll Navizia (20 years) - Cosdolls

$1,599.00* $1,799.00*
Navizia is a TPE sex doll with which magic nights are guaranteed. The 1.58 m tall anime sex doll has a sweet secret - her ability to give a man exactly what he wants. This light-skinned elf with the lovingly designed elf ears and hazelnut brown eyes would love to become your personal elven sub. You should absolutely use the thick bubble lips on this anime sex doll for an intensive blowjob. Afterwards, you need to try the other pleasure holes that this elf has- don’t forget to give her fat D-cups some attention. Once she has done her job as your TPE doll, you will have to stroke her head with that unique white elf hair as a reward. After your first time with the curvy elf, you won’t want any another anime sex doll in your bed!

HR Doll

Sex Doll Roxi (23 years) - HR Dolls

$1,400.00* $1,600.00*
Sexy real doll Roxi works at a cinema. She’s a complete film nerd and knows every little detail about films. While films are showing, she often does it with patrons who arrive late. Every now and then, she even rents out the cinema privately so she can organize perverted sex parties or group sex.Sex doll Roxi is up for anything during sex, as long as it doesn't get boring. She loves kinky sex and likes to be showered in cum. This Love Doll is a real nasty s**t who even makes some men blush. This love doll is just over 5 ft 4 in tall and she’s especially popular with men who like exotic beauties with small A-cup titties. Roxi has long brown hair, brown eyes and dark skin which makes her hairless, pink p***y hole even more appealing. The horny sex doll also has a firm ass and an irresistible blowjob mouth which she knows exactly how to use.

6ye Doll

Sex Doll Selma (37 years) - 6ye Dolls

$1,250.00* $1,450.00*
If you want a real woman, you will be very happy with Selma as your TPE sex doll. This Arab beauty, with a slightly tanned complexion, is only for real men. With her slightly chubby figure and perfect female curves, she is a genuine love doll, who always stands faithfully by her owner. But nothing is hotter than her incredible H-cup tits, which she loves to present to her lover in noble lace.This TPE doll has a face that no man will forget so quickly. Big brown eyes, exciting make-up and a slightly opened mouth have already made some of her admirers lose their minds. But this love doll is simply waiting for the right owner!

6ye Doll

Sex Doll Valeria (26 years) - 6ye Dolls

$1,250.00* $1,450.00*
The sexy love doll Valeria is a real curve wonder. She loves to go to the hottest parties in the city with her friends. With her long black hair, the green eyes, and her hot curves the horny sex doll is a real eye-catcher. She robs men of their minds by the dozen. But this hasn't been enough yet to land her true love. The sex doll has inherited the entire fortune and the villa from her rich parents. She has no financial interests. She only wants a man who loves her and accepts her as she is. In the past, the 1.51 m tall love doll with the thick G-cup tits and shaved p***y, liked to be f****d by several guys at once. However, the real doll will remain absolutely faithful to her new partner, if he wishes it. The sex doll Valeria has very light skin and knows exactly how to best show off her curvy body to get the men hot. She likes to wear figure-hugging dresses and high heels.



Tantaly® Sex Doll Torso Aurora
Tantaly® skin colour: Fair

The Tantaly® Sex Doll Torso "Aurora" has a dream figure to fall in love with! The only goal that the torso has is to bring you to orgasm - and that when and where you want. The name Aurora perfectly fits her flawless figure.As you can see, she is athletic and slim, but at the same time has horny feminine curves to offer that feel like those of a real woman. Thanks to her built-in flexible metal skeleton, you can put her in almost any sex position - whether it's doggy, missionary or riding. The Tantaly® Sex Doll Torso Aurora has some special features about her that will turn your head - you'll completely lose your inhibitions when you're with her. She has convincing arguments that will make your penis stiff in no time: Her big, plump breasts give you a lot of room to maneuver, and her pink, stretchy vagina and tight anus will finally make you lose yourself towards climax. With her, you can let yourself go and enjoy the incredibly realistic feeling of the internally processed nubs until orgasm.


Silicone Sex Doll Hedy Starpery - 171 cm A-Cup

$2,349.00* $2,549.00*
The description refers to the model 171 cm with A-cups.Sex Doll Hedy is a girl from a very well protected home. She had a good school education and now studies business administration. The sex doll is even one of the best in her studies. She still lives with her parents, who are very strict about meeting boys. That's why the silicone doll regularly sneaks out of the house in the evening or at night to meet guys. The premium luxury sex doll is namely looking for the man who knows how to deal with women. However, she doesn't want just anyone to get close to her, but the right one.Love Doll Hedy is 1.71 m tall. She has long brown hair, bright blue eyes and a beautiful girlish look. Her fair skin is as velvety as her untouched shaved p***y, which is still quite tight. She also has cute little A-cup tits.


Silicone Sex Doll Amy Starpery - 156 cm E-Cup

$2,349.00* $2,549.00*
The description refers to the model 156 cm with E-cups.Sexy TPE Doll Amy works in a bar. There she quickly learned to assert herself. The bar is namely mainly visited by biker gangs. However, no one messes with the beautiful sex doll so quickly. In the bar and in the sex life she has the say. Anyone who does not submit to her has a problem. The hot love doll is into it when guys kneel in front of her and lick her shaved p***y to orgasm. This sex doll rarely compromises and not at all during sex. There she always says where it goes. The Real Doll Amy comes accordingly especially very well with submissive men.This sex doll is 1.56 m tall and has a slim figure with curves in the right places. She has damn horny E-cup tits, long brown hair, blue eyes, a bright velvety skin and a horny blow mouth. Amy loves hot denim outfits and costume jewelry.

New in Sex Dolls and Sex Doll Torsos


GYNOID Sex Doll Torso

$5,599.00* $5,899.00*
The Sex Doll Torso GYNOID is an absolute work of art. The Sex Doll Torso is a perfect combination of sex doll and sex torso due to the shortened legs. It is made of silicone and is just waiting to be mounted by you.You can decide for yourself which GYNOID head you choose for your future wife. The Sex Doll Torso has an ass that looks like no other, plump breasts and a beautiful young p***y. Well, interest aroused?

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