GYNOID Doll Heads

The brand GYNOID stands for real premium luxury sex dolls. This is especially noticeable in the ultra-realistic faces of the dolls. Due to the clear facial features and the perfectly worked out details, they look very much like a real human being.

Set the first cornerstone for your doll with the head and configure your dream GYNOID doll from there on. Depending on your choice of head, you will be offered different variations that are worth discovering.

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✧ Lifelike and radiant eyes

✧ Choice of 5 variations

✧ Individualisation down to the smallest detail

The eyes are probably the first thing you look at when you look at a doll's face. So it is all the more important to choose the most beautiful eye colour. You have the possibility to choose between 4 different eye colours and to decide if your doll should have closed or open eyes. Beside the colour blue there are brown, grey and red-brown eyes.


✧ Ultra realistic synthetic hair

✧ Choice of 8 variations

✧ Hair colour - and length self-determinable

When it comes to hair and hairstyles, opinions differ. One likes long, wavy hair, the other cheeky short hairstyles. You can decide for yourself which hairstyle your GYNOID Sex Doll should have by simply choosing it yourself.

You can choose from a total of 8 different wigs that differ in length, structure and colour. We want to give you the possibility to configure your doll from head to toe. And what could be more important than the hair of your doll?

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