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The dolloro® brand overview for sex toys

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   GYNOID (RZR Doll)
These premium luxury dolls are guaranteed to be a dream come true. The silicone dolls from GYNOID, also known as RZR Doll, are even better than reality! They have been lovingly handcrafted with the smallest details in mind. No one who longs for a premium luxury sex doll will be able to avoid the real dolls by GYNOID. This luxury manufacturer excels at turning love doll fans' wishes into reality. You will notice how quickly you forget that the premium luxury sex dolls, which are between 148 cm to 172 cm tall, are only made of innovative silicone.

The GYNOID Dolls
   WM Doll
WM Doll's goal is to fulfill their customers' every fantasy. They achieve this with their wide range of beautiful love dolls. WM Doll offers sex dolls with different figure types, which vary in size within the range of 140cm to 174cm. It's up to you: do you prefer to be enchanted by a super athletic Real Doll, to nestle your face against big silicone style tits in bed or do you prefer to enjoy small natural breasts? WM Doll offers you everything you can dream of. 

   MZR Doll
MZR Doll is an absolute premium sex doll manufacturer. MZR Doll, also called Meizao Ren, offers extremely realistic sex dolls made of silicone and TPE. They pay special attention to the small details and design the Real Dolls with the help of real doll artists. Every hair, every vein, every millimeter is treated with the utmost precision, which is why every customer of this brand can expect fabulous sex dolls. So, if you are looking for lifelike love dolls made with great attention to detail, MZR Doll is the right choice for you!  

   Elsa Babe
If you are looking for a love doll with an extraordinary look, then the Elsa Babe sex dolls are just right for you. Elsa Babe is the flagship for sex dolls from the anime and fantasy world. These love dolls are characterized by their big googly eyes, which are typical for the culture originating from Japan. You can get yourself a mainly 165 cm tall Elsa Babe Dolls in the style of delicate elf or a real anime girl in the bedroom and all that with fabulous curves.

The Cosdoll brand embodies hot youthfulness with slim bodies and natural as well as fake breasts in all its sex doll models. Whether you're into the American Sweet Heart love dolls, Asian beauties that blow your mind, or a hot Latinas that really turn you on, Cosdoll is sure to have the perfect sex doll for you. Cosdoll bases their TPE sex doll designs on all ethnicities to offer you natural and authentic sex dolls between 148 cm to 165 cm tall. This makes for real eye-catchers and love dolls with a lot of charm.

   6ye Doll
6YE Doll is one of the manufacturers that offers an incredible variety of sex dolls. All your wishes will come true, no matter if you like light skinny Eastern European girls with small breasts or big curvy dark-skinned beauties. You can choose from countless love dolls in sizes ranging from 138 cm to 170 cm. Despite this fantastic choice, the 6YE Dolls are characterized by their attention to detail and high realism.

This Real Doll manufacturer focuses completely on naturalness in its TPE sex doll designs and thus gives their customers what many other manufacturers fail at. If you are a fan of realism and diversity, you will find it with 6YE Doll.

   OR Doll
At first sight of the OR Dolls sex dolls it becomes clear what their two decisive arguments are: clearly the gigantic tits, which provide a lot of sex appeal. With this brand, you'll find both slim and cute Real Dolls with huge breasts. All of them share one great desire; to become your real doll. You are especially fond of Eastern European beauties? Then be sure to check out the dream girls from OR Doll. They are between 146cm and 161cm tall and made of high quality TPE. 

   AS Doll
The AS Dolls stand for pure eroticism. If you are looking for new adventures, these sex dolls will make all your dreams come true. As a sex doll fan, you can expect a huge assortment of different hot and kinky real dolls. You can find are sex dolls with natural, slim, and feminine figure and of course with big breasts in sizes between 148 cm and 170 cm. The beautiful faces, perfect bodies, and full lips of the AS Dolls radiate pure sensuality.

   YL Doll
It will get creepy in your bed with the sex dolls from YL Doll. Some Love Doll lovers especially appreciate having a queen of the underworld in their bedroom. The brand not only offers TPE sex dolls that are busty southern girls but is also ideal for vampire lovers. The hot blood suckers are between 146cm and 161cm tall. You can be sure that the sex dolls will be perfect for your sexual needs and will bend into almost all positions with you.

   HR Doll
HR Doll is one of the few brands among sex dolls that offers an insanle wide variety. No matter what your dream type is - HR Doll will give you the one. Are you more into small breasts and an athletic body or do you prefer beautiful feminine curves? With HR Doll, you will find everything you've dreamed of. You also have many individual design options when choosing the color of the nipples and labia. Do you want your chosen one to have an integrated tongue for an even more realistic experience? With these TPE sex dolls everything is possible.

   AI Tech
Welcome to the future - AI Tech invites you to a sexy journey into the next century! You and your new sex robot are invited by AI Tech. This company has years of expertise in the field of AI and uses it to fulfill your wildest sex dreams. The exceptional AI Tech brand offers a hot selection of cute and sporty sex robots with hot curves. Behind the wicked TPE sex dolls hides a sophisticated technology that allows you to talk to your beloved - and only too gladly your sex robot tells you which touches she particularly likes. If you hit the right spot on her sensors, she'll gratefully moan in your ear and bat her eyelashes in embarrassment. 

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