How to properly store your Real Doll

Real dolls do not only look very realistic, they also want to be cared for like real ladies. Particularly if your sex doll lies or stands for a long time in the same position, a wrong or unclean storage can lead to unsightly pressure points. TPE sex dolls are more susceptible to this than silicone dolls because their material is softer and easier to deform. Below are some guidelines for the storage of your real doll, so that you can enjoy her company for a long time.

Basics for the proper storage of the real doll

We advise you to store your real doll undressed and wrapped in a white or light-colored cloth. This way you make sure that there is no staining while the real doll is waiting for her next use. At the same time, by wrapping her, you protect her from dirt, dust and liquids that could damage the material.

Your real doll feels most comfortable in her original position, where she lies on her back, her arms angled down and not touching the body. This way the weight of the real doll is evenly distributed over the whole body and no bodypart is overstressed.

It is also important that your love doll lies on a soft surface. This prevents any pressure points and deformations.

Your love doll feels most comfortable in the normal living environment of people and therefore prefers room temperature. We advise you not to store her under zero degrees Celsius for longer periods of time. If you should do so, make sure that there is no humidity inside or outside the real doll.

Also, your adult doll should not be exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. You can of course expose her to sunlight as long as it is just for a few hours. In the long run, however, it could damage the material and considerably shorten the lifespan of your real doll.

Share your bed with your love doll

It is easiest to keep your sex doll in bed with you. That way she is at your side at night and feels comfortable. You should make sure that your bedding doesn't stain and that she lies in a comfortable position, preferably on her back. If you keep her in your bed for a long time, consider wrapping her in a white cloth to protect her from dirt and dust.

Storage of the sex doll in a hanging position

In case you don't want to keep your sex doll so conspicuously in your room, you can also store her hanging in a storage room or in a large closet. To do this, you have to remove her head and screw an eyelet onto that spot. Afterwards you can hang her on a hanger or similar with a hook or chain. If you place her in your closet, make sure that the built-in wardrobe rail can support the weight.

Ideally, the doll should touch the ground slightly with her feet and not dangle around freely. If this is not possible because she is rather small or the clothes rail is too high, you can place a small stool or box underneath.

If your adult doll has large breasts and is stored for a longer period of time, you should always dress her with a supporting or sports bra so that the breasts are not permanently exposed to gravity. Just like with a real woman, even the firmest breasts can sag after a while!

Discreetly store your love doll in a closet

Alternatively, you can store your doll in a special closet or piece of furniture. This is the most discreet storage solution, as there are pieces of furniture specifically designed for the storage of sex dolls, which can easily be integrated into your living room without attracting attention to their contents. For example, you can choose a couch in different sizes and colors, which can even be locked. These storage units are also well padded to keep your doll in a soft and safe environment.

You can also choose a simple sideboard that is long and wide enough for your doll. Again, this sideboard should be well padded so that your love doll does not get pressure marks from storage. If you have space under your bed, you can simply store her in the box she was delivered in. A great advantage is that the box is already padded and has the right size for your doll.

Storage challenges

During use and storage you should pay special attention to the hands of your real doll. These are very sensitive and cannot withstand a longer period of pressure without deforming or suffering damage.

In case you have chosen a sex doll with very large breasts, a normal position on her back is not the best storage option. Because of the weight of the breasts, they will fall to the side and exert a lot of pressure on the affected areas, resulting in the possible appearance of cracks between the breasts. If, on the other hand, you stretch her arms upwards, the breasts will hold and there will be no cracks or deformations.

For transportation from one room to another we recommend an office chair. This way you can easily move your her between rooms without damaging her by accidentally knocking her against door frames or pieces of furniture.

Tipp: If you have both a silicone doll and a TPE sex doll, you should not store them together under any circumstances. Silicone dissolves the cross-linking of the thermoplastic elastomers that TPE sex dolls are made of and thus damages the material of your TPE love doll.
For the same reason you should not use any silicone-containing care products or put objects made of silicone on your TPE doll.

Individual storage solution for your doll!

A soft padded lounger, specifically adapted to the body shape of your love doll, is a great solution for a sensitive TPE sex doll. You only need her individual measurements to build your own individual lounger.
The following article from a sex doll forum provides the necessary instructions on how to build such a customized lounger: Read more

You can easily copy this at home in order to be able to store your love doll in the best possible way and enjoy her company for a long time.
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