How Can I Make My Experience with My Sex Doll More Realistic?

A sex doll cannot be compared with any other masturbation toy because it combines realistic design with an even better sex experience. In this post, we tell you how you can improve your sex experience with your personal silicone or TPE doll and make every night with her unforgettable.

Better than Reality – TPE & Silicone Sex Dolls

In addition to their design, the materials from which they are made - TPE and silicone - are one reason for the success of this type of lifelike sex doll. No other material comes so close to the feeling of real skin. TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) convince you with it’s soft, velvety feel, while silicone especially can be used to create a hyper-realistic design. That's why the latter is primarily found in premium luxury sex dolls.

TPE and silicone not only feel very realistic, but they also have the very important property of being able to absorb and store heat. What does that mean for a realistic experience with your sex doll?:

Cozy and Warm – Heat Absorption & Storage

The idea of using cold sex apertures doesn't sound very tempting, does it? A real doll is all about realism and living out your fantasies with a realistic partner. As a sex doll owner, you benefit from this great feature of TPE and silicone dolls. Both materials, but especially TPE, are excellent at absorbing and storing heat.
So, if you want to make the experience with your real doll particularly realistic, you should definitely first warm up the sex apertures on your silicone doll or TPE sex doll. With TPE, 10 to 15 minutes is enough; with silicone, you have to be a little more patient.
The following options are available for warming your sex doll:

Commercially available electric blanket: If you want to gently warm the sex apertures and the rest of the body, you can buy an electric blanket for a small price. Wrap your real doll in the blanket and heat her to approx. 98° (body temperature). It takes 10 to 15 minutes. Of course, an electric blanket will only partially warm her sex apertures due to their depth. We therefore recommend the following option:

Special USB heating rod: With certain sex doll manufacturers, this gadget is included with every order; otherwise, you can also find the USB heating rod in our shop. This is specially designed to warm up sex apertures and guarantees an even heat output. Simply plug it into an adapter (e.g. from a cell phone) and insert it into the aperture. Then, wait until the sex apertures on your love doll are warmed up and you can get right down to business. A silicone doll will need more time to warm up than a TPE sex doll.

Warm bath: If these aren’t the right options for you, you can also warm up your TPE doll or silicone doll in a warm bath. This can also be a part of your erotic foreplay and bridges the waiting time in a stimulating way. 

Lube - An Absolute Must!

Using lube is essential to achieving a perfect and realistic sex experience with your love doll. As you can imagine, a sex doll cannot produce vaginal fluid or saliva. But no matter whether the sex doll pleases you orally or you take her vaginally or from behind, a splash of lube will ensure a pleasant, realistic feeling.

You may use any commercially available lube that you can find in every drugstore. Although there's not much to consider when choosing the right lube, you should be a little careful with colored lubricants. Even if this does not color human skin, it can be different with a silicone or TPE doll. To be on the safe side, it's best to test it beforehand on an invisible area, such as the sole of the foot.

Once you’ve found the right gel, you can get right down to it and fully enjoy the tight sex apertures at a comfortable pace.

Make Her Real Options for Sex Dolls

If you have fallen in love with a sex doll, there are a few configuration options with which you can make your beloved even more perfect. This includes changing the skin, hair or eye color of your sex doll. While these settings influence the look of your sex doll, you can also choose from the Make Her Real options. Find out here what exactly these are, and how they make sex with your doll even more realistic:

Sexy Tongue – For An Incredible BJ

No man would ever refuse an intense BJ, especially not from his perfect sex doll. Of course, the design of the oral sex aperture is one reason why this type of act is so erotic with a sex doll. With the ‘Sexy Tongue’ add-on, you can make this experience with your sex doll even more exciting!

Depending on the manufacturer of the sex doll, your heartthrob will either come with a built-in tongue or it will be added separately to your order. With the latter variant, it's easy to insert the tongue as deep as you like into the mouth of your new plaything. Since it is made entirely of TPE, it's very easy to care for and only needs to be cleaned with warm water and mild soap after a BJ, the same way you’d clean your silicone or TPE doll.

The tongue gives French-style lovemaking an extra kick, ensuring an even more realistic experience with your beloved sex doll!

Hollow Breasts – Breasts with a Natural Feel

A real doll is primarily about having everything look and feel as realistic as possible. The choice of either TPE or silicone ensures this, of course. Naturally, the breasts on your love doll are also made of soft, velvety TPE or flawless silicone.

However, if your real doll has large breasts, it may well be that they feel rather firm due to the amount of material required. If you want the natural feel of large breasts, we recommend the ‘Hollow Breasts’ setting. This leaves cavities in the breasts that you obviously cannot see. If you squeeze your sex doll's magnificent breasts, they feel nice and soft. This is possible because the TPE now has space to occupy the cavity.

With the Hollow Breasts setting, you will be able to get a nice grip on the breasts of your sex doll and make the experience with your real doll even more realistic!

Optimized Skeleton – For Every Position Under the Sun 

There’s a sophisticated metal skeleton under your wonderfully velvety TPE or silicone skin of your love doll. This allows you to put your bed buddy into different positions, which she can even hold during sex. Of course, you can't see the robust skeleton from the outside.

The articulation and the positions that your love doll can assume are very important for realistic sex with your beloved. The ‘Shrug Skeleton’ is a great upgrade that increases your love doll’s range of motion and enables you to raise her shoulders, for example.

If you really want to try out all your favorite positions with your sex doll, you should definitely select this optimized skeleton when ordering. Because the natural posture and the assumption of different poses and positions make sex with a love doll even more realistic!


Before you start, you should keep in mind that ambiance is not entirely unimportant.A darkened room with dimmed lights and your favorite music make every night with your real doll unique and unforgettable. 

Super Realistic Fun with Porn and VR

Finally, we have a very special tip for you to make sex with your love doll even more realistic. Just turn on your favorite porn. Maybe you have a cool little movie that gets you particularly hot, or a porn actress you’ve always found really sexy. The additional noises made by the actors will give your exciting night that extra bit of spice.

Attention: If you have very precise ideas about your future sex partner, you’re welcome to contact us via the request form and we’ll implement your wishes with the greatest pleasure and discretion.
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