What Does a Real Doll Feel Like?

If you have never felt a real doll before, after your first try, you will be surprised how skin-like its haptics are and how realistic it feels. In this article, we explain what this is and how you can improve the realistic feeling during sex with your real doll. We also explain the differences between a TPE doll and a silicone doll, and exclusively reveal the trend in the choice of material.

Like Real Skin - TPE 

Most sex dolls are made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers), a plastic that can be easily machined under heat. Complete heating of the TPE ensures that it becomes liquid. It can then simply be poured into prefabricated sex doll molds.

The steel skeleton is already in these forms, which later allows you to move your love doll around. Because love doll manufacturers can comfortably work with the TPE, a TPE sex doll is comparatively inexpensive, so you as a customer can enjoy attractive prices. 

Advantages of TPE

  • Simple to move
  • Cheap price
  • Stores heat
  • Velvety soft surface
  • Natural movement
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Odorless

A TPE sex doll can, in principle, absorb and store heat very well, so they never feel like cold plastic, unlike cheap inflatable dolls. With longer touches and through the controlled supply of heat, e.g. with an electric blanket or a special USB heating rod, you can then gently warm up the pleasure holes of your love doll and enjoy an even more realistic love play with her. Every real doll opening is made of TPE.

The TPE surface is not only warm, but also pleasantly soft with a velvety feel. The feeling is exactly like touching real human skin. Of course, the skin of the real doll is just as sensitive as the skin of a woman and should be kept away from too much heat or pointed objects.

Finally, TPE is also odorless, so you don't have to fear a strong plastic odor when enjoying intimate moments with your love doll. In addition, the material is hypoallergenic and therefore perfectly suitable for allergy sufferers.

Take a look at our TPE doll selection now and find the perfect bedtime companion for you:

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Advantages When Making Love with a TPE Doll

Of course, the heat storage of the TPE and the velvety surface is especially beneficial for a realistic sex experience. In addition, not only the surface, but also the grip and movement of the TPE doll body parts is soft and natural. If you would like to give your sweet love doll a slap on the backside, it will move just as gently as a real woman's butt. Of course, this also applies when massaging the breasts of your love doll, which feel natural and pleasant.

For dolls with a large bust size we always recommend the ‘Hollow Breasts’ option from the Make Her Real selection. When producing the TPE doll, cavities are left in the breasts which you do not see from the outside. If you now knead the breasts, they feel particularly soft due to the TPE material taking up space in the cavity inside.

By the way, carefree kneading is possible because TPE is quite resistant - a great advantage if you want to spend a wild night of love making with a lusty sex doll. To get you really turned on, you can spray your TPE sex doll doll with your favorite perfume, because TPE is basically odorless.

Premium Feeling with Silicone 

Silicone dolls are the crème de la crème of sex dolls, which is reflected in a unique quality and therefore in the price. You can get a sex doll that is made entirely of silicone from roughly 4900 dollars. Even if the price seems high at first, it is quite justified for the unique quality you receive. 

Premium manufacturers like GYNOID use a special mixture of platinum silicone and silicone foam to achieve a perfect result for your premium luxury sex doll.

Advantages of silicone

  • Super realistic design
  • Finest handwork
  • Made by real professionals
  • High quality
  • Durable material
  • Smooth, flawless feeling

The skin of these silicone dolls feels soft, but at the same time smooth and a little more artificial than TPE. A feeling that many fans of premium luxury dolls describe as “flawless”.

The silicone dolls are, however, cast into the respective mold in the same way as the TPE dolls, but are much more heat resistant. 

Because the silicone is in principle more robust and resistant, it can also be better modelled and processed.

 This advantage of silicone is reflected by the incredible detail in the faces and bodies of the silicone dolls.

Take a look at our exclusive selection of silicone dolls and be enchanted by their perfect and realistic appearance: 

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Your Advantages as Owner of a Silicone Doll 

Silicone is the only material that enables breathtaking detail. It may well be that you quickly forget that it is not flesh and blood. Because the best masters of their craft bring silicone to life through the smallest details of manual work.

The premium manufacturers pay attention to little things like veins, freckles and moles, which their professionals brush on the sex doll, taking hours to include every detail.

The attention to detail does not stop with the face - the pleasure openings are also hyper-realistically designed and painted and feel beautifully soft. Thus, a premium luxury sex doll made of silicone is a guarantee for unbelievable emotional fun.

With a silicone doll, you also have the possibility to warm up the pleasure openings, but this will take a little more time, because silicone has a higher heat resistance. However, it will be worth the wait, as you can enjoy wonderful hours with your silicone doll afterwards

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Best of Both Worlds - TPE & Silicone Combined

Some premium luxury sex doll manufactures have now started to make their sex dolls out of TPE and silicone.

 This does not mean that the materials are actually mixed together, but that they are used in different places on the love doll. Usually the head is made of silicone, while the body is molded from TPE. With this combination you get all the advantages of the materials in one sex doll.

You can enjoy the softer and skin-like feeling of TPE on the body and pleasure openings without sacrificing the super realistic design.

Dolls with TPE bodies and silicone heads can be found at the Meizao Ren brand - dare to click through the exciting selection of sexy dolls?!

Warning: Some manufacturers of premium luxury sex dolls refrain from using oral and/or anal love openings.

How Sex with Your Love Doll Becomes More Realistic

The skin of a love doll feels quite realistic and has a very pleasant velvety soft feeling. You can not only enjoy this softness when you cuddle with your love doll, but also when you stroke her pleasure openings. However, to make the actual love play especially realistic, we have two super important tips for you:

Conclusion & Overview

In recent years, TPE dolls in particular have established themselves on the market because no other material feels as skin-friendly as this innovative plastic. Owners of these dolls can look forward to a velvety soft feeling when stroking the skin of their sex doll, as well as the pleasure openings. Sex can be made even more realistic by using other tricks such as a gentle warmth supply.

While the skin of a TPE sex doll feels wonderfully soft, silicone dolls score with their perfectly smooth feeling. Although they absorb warmth more slowly, their breathtaking and detailed design is convincing across the board.

However, the trend among manufacturers of premium luxury sex dolls is leaning towards a mixture of TPE for the body and silicone for the head. Whereas manufacturers from the lower price segment continue to concentrate on designing and producing pure TPE dolls. Either way, you can look forward to a unique sex experience. 
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