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Which Love Openings Does a Sex Doll Have?

Does a sex doll arouse your interest, but you are not sure how to use them? Then this blog post is perfect for you. In this article, we explain which lust openings a sex doll has, which material they consist of, and how you can make the sex with her even more realistic.

You can look forward to these pleasure holes

A high-quality sex doll is a unique total package with which you will have a lot of joy as a future owner. Because, unlike other masturbation toys, it combines versatile usability with a breathtaking and realistic design. Just like with a real woman, you can enjoy three tight love openings when you purchase a sex doll:

Vaginal Opening

The vaginal love opening is a real highlight for any sex doll and is realistically designed with the premium luxury sex dolls line. The entrance of the vaginal love opening is designed in detail and looks 100% natural. The manufacturers pay attention to every little detail, which is reflected in the perfectly formed labia and clitoris. As with real women, the vaginas of different dolls differ from each other. By the way, if you like pubic hair, you can easily choose this when you individualize your respective lady.

The vaginal opening is, depending on the manufacturer, between 15 cm to 20 cm deep and, therefore, perfect for having many nights of fun. Additionally, you can choose between a fixed and removable vagina for your sex doll. As the names suggest, the fixed version is not removable. However, the removable vagina can be taken out of the love doll in a few simple steps. This mechanism has the advantage that it makes the cleaning process easier and more thorough. This option is available on almost all dolls from dolloro and you can select it with just one click during your order process.

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Anal Opening

While anal sex is absolutely taboo for many women and requires some preparation time, your real doll will be perfect if you’re a lover of this Greek sex practice. You can expect a perfect anal love opening that is simply waiting for you when you purchase a real doll. Depending on the manufacturer, the anal opening is 12 cm to 18 cm deep and made of the same material - TPE or silicone – just like your real doll.

In principle, we recommend that you use lubricant with all pleasure openings, because a real doll obviously cannot form vaginal liquid or saliva. Especially for the anal pleasure opening, lubricant is indispensable. With just a little splash, you can ensure that you perfectly glide in the narrow pleasure channel and thus, find your own comfortable speed.

Oral Opening

French kissing is one of the most popular love practices worldwide and is unfortunately far less exciting with sex toys than with a real partner. But with a high-quality love doll, it is completely different and a BJ from your silicone doll or TPE doll will be just as good as that of a lady made from flesh and blood. The reason for this is, of course, the choice of material, as TPE and silicone are nice and soft and thus provide a real ‘mouth feeling’. In addition, the entire face of your love doll has been designed to look very realistic. This means that while your sex doll is making you happy, you can look into her pretty eyes and just sit back and relax.  

Do you still want that certain extra kick with the oral love opening of your real doll? Then we recommend the tongue add-on from the Make Her Real selection. Because nothing feels more realistic than gentle movements of the tip of her tongue on your gorgeous piece. If you have decided for this additional function with your real doll, the tongue is either built into your sex doll (according to manufacturer) or is enclosed with your order. The tongue of both versions is made of TPE and therefore feels just like a real tongue, nice and soft.

You will then have a nice tight oral love opening waiting for you, to which you must of course pay enough attention. But you should not forget to use lubricant to have the maximum fun with your real doll.

TPE & Silicone - Perfect Materials for Every Pleasure Opening

Now you've heard the words TPE and silicone a few times, so we want to briefly explain what exactly these dreamlike materials are. TPE is the abbreviation for thermoplastic elastomers and is, just like silicone, a plastic used for the production of dolls and masturbators. 

Advantages of the TPE & silicone pleasure openings

• Velvety soft feel

• Feels very real & natural

• Stores heat

• Easy cleaning

• Enables super realistic design

In the meantime, manufacturers of premium luxury sex dolls have also started to use a combination of TPE and silicone. For the head of the sex doll, the easily modified silicone is used for a breathtaking realistic design, whilst the body is made of velvety TPE.

As already mentioned, TPE in particular can absorb and store heat very well. This means you can bring the love openings of your sex doll to body temperature in only 5 to 10 minutes with a heating blanket, a special USB heating rod, or with a warm bath.

Also, the cleaning of the TPE or silicone pleasure openings is super easy and can be done with a little warm water and mild soap in the shortest time. To keep the love openings supple for a long time, you should regularly treat the TPE and silicone with baby powder and baby oil.

So, you can look forward to a relaxed and erotic session with your love doll without worrying about complicated care!

Pleasure opening for masturbators

Even if sex dolls are an absolute all-rounder for a varied use of pleasure holes, not everyone has the necessary change for it. This is where the high-quality masturbators from dolloro come into play! They are made of TPE, the same material as most sex dolls and are much cheaper due to their lower production costs.
Many masturbators concentrate on one pleasure opening, while others combine all openings. In this table, you will find a short overview on which masturbator features the respective pleasure opening:
Sex toys
Half bodies• Incl. sexy belly & ass
• Plus some exciting breasts
Love Torso• Incl. sexy belly & ass
• Plus some exciting breasts
Masturbators• often a combination of two pleasure openings
Pocket pussy• perfectly shaped vagina 
Blowjob masturbators• partly with erotic tongue
Artificial vagina • exciting feeling and sexy design
• absolute classics!
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How do I make the experience with my love doll even more realistic?

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