Find the right bra for your real doll

Your real doll has two nice arguments, which you as her owner surely don't want to do without. Sometimes you will want to coat these two gorgeous things in nice underwear and give your real doll a more personal and exciting touch.

However, few people know what to look for when buying a bra for a real doll. Below is a detailed explanation of how to determine the correct bra size and of what you should keep in mind when buying underwear for your real doll.

It goes without saying that it does not matter whether your sweetheart is a TPE or a silicone doll.

What do bra sizes actually stand for?

The bra size of a TPE doll, a silicone doll or a woman is really not a mystery and yet it can sometimes lead to some confusion. You've probably already heard of the cup sizes 60B or double D without knowing exactly what they stand for. Let us shed some light into this matter: the letter and the number stand for two different measurements, which together make up the bra size.

A,B, C or D?

The letter is the actual breast size, which is indicated in A, B, C, D, E, F, etc. A is a very small breast, while a love doll with an F cup will be the proud owner of two massive breasts. Double letters such as double D are intermediate sizes approaching the next larger size. DD is thus larger than a D cup and almost as large as E.

Note: AA is an exceptional size and indicates that the breast size of the love doll is smaller than a regular A cup.

60, 65, 80, 90 – This is what they stand for 

The number (e.g. 75B, 90G, 60A) stands for the under-bust circumference in cm. Lingerie stores from USA usually indicate this number in inches, so that we always provide our love dolls with that additional information. Slim women usually have an under-bust circumference between 50 and 70 cm, while heavier women can sometimes reach 90 to 100 cm.

If you have already looked around for bras to be worn by your TPE or silicone doll, you will have noticed that the under-bust measurement is often given in intervals of 5. You will then find indications like 70B or 75B. Just round up the number when looking for a bra for your love doll.

Very often there is a direct correlation between breast size and under-bust circumference. This means that the under-bust circumference and breast size of a woman increases in proportion to her body size. However, this applies to the fewest love dolls and sometimes doesn´t even apply to real women. Even a very slim love doll can have a large cup, like D or E. You will find tips for shopping bras for such dolls further down in this article.

Bra size for your real doll - All info in our store

Being a guy, shopping for bras and underwear is most likely not your specialty. Do not worry though, with the information provided in our online store you will be able to order beautiful and matching pieces for your TPE or silicone doll even before she is delivered to you.

As already mentioned, you will need two measurements – the real doll's breast size & her under-bust circumference.

Access the web page of your future real doll and find out her breast size in the description section (lower table). Under Size (third row) you will find the under-bust circumference in cm and inches. Both specifications together make up your love doll's bra size!

Tip: Some lingerie stores may also refer to cups, which simply means the breast size (e.g. A, B, C, D, etc.) of your real doll.

How to calculate a sex doll's bra size

If you already have a sex doll at home and lack the information from the manufacturer or the seller, you can calculate the bra size yourself. To do this, measure the following sizes:

1. Under-bust circumference: Just grab a simple measuring tape and put it directly under the breast of the sex doll. Make sure that it is placed tightly and at the same height on the back and front. This circumference is your first figure. 

2. Breast size: Now place the measuring tape on the highest point of the breast, which is usually the nipples. Again, tighten the measuring tape around the torso.

All you need to do is enter these values into a bra size calculator. Now you will have the right bra size and can start shopping for your sweetheart. 

Detailed overview table for determining bra sizes

Attention when buying a bra for your sex doll!

Just like with a real woman, your TPE or silicone doll should wear a properly sized bra to ensure a comfortable fit. While a lady of flesh and blood can let you know if the pretty piece of lingerie is pinching, a sex doll must rely on her owner´s judgement. However, this is of course less about a comfortable fit rather than about preventing possible damage being caused to the material.

When buying a bra for your sex doll, you must always keep in mind that too tight pieces of lingerie can leave unsightly pressure marks on the velvety soft TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or silicone. Therefore, you should always make sure that the bra fits well and is not to tight and that occasionally you let your sex doll relax topless.

In addition to proper fit, it is also necessary to pay attention to the bra's color fastness. As a rule, your sex doll can wear all materials, such as cotton, silk, latex, etc. However, it is essential that they do not stain. Especially cheap synthetic fabrics and heavily dyed cotton parts (e.g. in red, black, dark blue) tend to cause staining. 

Before dressing your sex doll with a bra or other clothes, you should always wash and dry them thoroughly. This way the skin of your sex doll will remain flawless and you will not have to deal with annoying stains.

You can´t find a fitting bra? Great alternatives

The sex dolls available at dolloro are the embodiment of different fantasies and preferences. These preferences are not always something that you can act upon in real life, but this is exactly why our beauties made of TPE and silicone exist. It may therefore well be that you are attracted to rather unnatural or unusual shapes, which you will not come across in real life. 

This is the case, for example, if your favorite sex doll is particularly slim and has very large breasts, like E or F. In such cases, it can be difficult to find a matching bra, because the ratio between breast size and under-bust circumference is so unusual. Still, you can always try to find a suitable bra on the internet, even if the search may take a while.

Alternatively, you can buy a negligee or a corset, which offer a wider range of possibilities. For sex dolls with a slim body and huge breasts, a negligee with an elastic band is the best choice. This way the breast has enough room and the sexy lingerie will be a perfect fit for the body of your sex doll.

In the case of corsets with straps, you can tighten certain parts (e.g. the waist) to create a beautiful silhouette while leaving enough room for the sex doll's breasts. Do not lace the corset too tightly, as this could lead to pressure points or even damage the material!

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