The doll brothel - this is what you can expect

You may have heard of a dolls brothel, but you don't really know what it is. Or you are planning a visit to the dolls brothel and want to know what goes on there and what you can expect. In this article, we answer all your questions and explain the advantages of owning your own real doll or sex doll.

What's a doll brothel?

A dolls brothel is exactly what the name says, a brothel where you pay for sex with real dolls as a suitor. Sometimes it's business-rented apartments or houses where you can visit the sexy beauties made of TPE for money.

Usually, you have several sex dolls and rooms available. Mostly due to the sometimes heavy-weight of the real dolls, each sex doll has its own room, which is attractively designed.

This is how a visit to a doll brothel works

Before you go to the doll brothel, you should call ahead, if you are shy, you can of course send an e-mail and make an appointment. If you are lucky, the doll brothel website has a picture gallery where you can choose your favorite one.

If you have now made an appointment, you can go to the respective doll brothel without worries. There you will be met by staff who can answer any questions you may have about how to handle the sex doll. In addition, you also get the chance to choose the right real doll if you couldn't decide in advance.

Just like in a brothel with real women, you may also retire to the doll brothel and enjoy the togetherness with your love doll.

This how much a visit to a doll brothel costs

How much you have to pay to visit the dolls brothel depends on how long you plan to spend time with your loved one. As a rule, you can choose between 30, 60 and 90 minutes and pay 60 euros to 150 euros.
Here you have the advantage that the prices are clearly regulated in advance and that you don't have to pay extra for extra services and different sex practices. But, in principle, this is of course not so cheap, but for many it is the only possibility to have sex with a real doll.

Warning: You must never forget that the real dolls are not your property. So, if damage occurs, e.g. through hardcore sex practices, you have to pay for it.

Doll brothel vs. own sex doll

There are many reasons why a sex doll made of TPE or silicone can be right for someone. Many long for the closeness of a partner, but do not find the right woman at their side. Others have a fetish for love dolls and appreciate their super realistic design. Either way, people with this preference are faced with the decision between a doll brothel or their own sex doll.

We have prepared a small comparison between a brothel visit and an own Real Doll, with which we have considered different factors:
Doll Brothel
Own Real Doll
SelectionUsually limited to about 10 to max. 15 sex dolls.Find the right one from a huge selection of sex dolls or send us an individual inquiry and we will design your 

Silicone dollsNoneBuy the perfect premium luxury sex doll for you

PriceUsually 60 Euro for half an hour.Realistic life-size Love Dolls are available from 1499 Euro.

HygieneDifficult to implement - depending on the respective doll brothel.You're the only one who has sex with her, but you have to clean her yourself.
More about cleaning & care.

TimeTime with the sex doll is limited and you have to accept a sometimes long journey. 

Choose when, how, and how long you want to cuddle or have sex with your loved one. 

OthersSatisfying your sexual needs.Besides sex, you can build a real relationship with your TPE Doll or silicone doll. 

If you wish to have sex with a Love Doll more often, buying your own sex doll will make a lot more sense for you. Because you can decide for yourself what she should look like and you don't have to limit yourself to the choice of the doll brothel. In addition, doll brothels do not offer high-quality silicone dolls, which are particularly convincing with their hyper realistic design and could soon fall asleep at your side if you buy them.

If you are unlucky, you run the risk of not getting the Real Doll you want in the doll brothel because another suitor was faster. Your own Sex Doll, on the other hand, is always available for you and you save yourself long journeys.

You also know that the sex doll is always 100% clean and only has sex with you. At the same time, you can build a deep relationship with your love doll and make her your faithful partner.

So basically, you have to ask yourself if the investment in your own Love Doll is not more worthwhile than regular visits to the dolls brothel. Have a look at the sweet sex dolls we offer at dolloro: 

Where do you find doll brothels?

If you cannot (yet) afford your own TPE Doll, a visit to the doll brothel is still a great alternative to enjoy a quality sex doll. Unfortunately, the choice of possible brothels is not very big. While the trend towards TPE prostitutes is already quite widespread in countries like Japan, there is still a yawning void in Germany regarding the possibilities for interested clients.

Basically the Bordoll in Dortmund should be your first port of call when you want to visit a doll brothel. This brothel can absolutely not complain about a lack of customers and positive reviews. An alternative to a doll brothel could also be a Sex Doll Escort, where your chosen one is delivered to your desired address (e.g. your apartment or a hotel room) and you can have extensive fun with her for a few hours or days.

Of course, everything is much more comfortable with your own Real Doll. If you are interested in what kind of sex dolls we offer, this blog post is perfect for you: 

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