For whom is a lifelike Sex Doll suitable?

You're just about to find out if you're the right type for a love doll. This post is guaranteed to help you answer your question. Basically,  everybody can own a sex doll if he or she has the desire for an erotic bed companion.

Realistic feeling instead of cold plastic

Whether you’re the type of person to own a real doll or not, first you need to understand what a real doll is. They can absolutely not be compared to an inflatable sex doll or conventional masturbation toys. The reason for this is, on the one hand, the material used for the love dolls and on the other hand the design of these beauties.

In the production of a sex doll TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers), silicone or a combination of TPE body and silicone head is used. The TPE in particular has a velvety soft feel that is so similar to real skin that it is easy to mistake. The material can easily absorb and even store heat, which allows you to enjoy a very realistic sex experience.

Of course, it is especially the design of the sex doll that you must appreciate when you are thinking about buying one. The sexy beauties are hyper realistic and painted by hand. Especially with the premium luxury sex dolls made of silicone, you can see the incredible attention to detail when the finest veins and birthmarks adorn the velvety soft skin.

Unlike sex toys, sex dolls have three pleasure openings with which you can enjoy yourself to the fullest. Plus, they look and feel incredibly real.

The answer to the question for whom a sex doll is suitable, is thereby at first quite simple - for everyone who wants to enjoy a super realistic design, but also a realistic feeling.

Love Doll without limits!

Everybody has hidden sexual fantasies, some of them you wouldn't dare act out. Sometimes, you just don't have the right partner for it because you are single, or your heart's desire is not fulfilled. With a sex doll, you can live out your wildest dreams and try out sex practices that have always excited and turned you on.

The love dolls you find on dolloro are not only a visual eye-catcher, but also a real positional wonder. Under the perfect and velvety soft TPE or silicone skin, there is a robust steel skeleton. This ensures that you can put your TPE doll or silicone doll into many different positions.

The ingenious technique behind it allows the TPE sex doll or silicone doll to take and hold the positions you want it to, without it collapsing under your weight. From the outside, however, you can only see the perfect coating and feel the skin-like feel.

If you are into BDSM or bondage and want to practice a little, your sweetheart will be at your disposal without limits. But don't forget that TPE and silicone can be injured and damaged just like real skin.

Be wild, but not too wild and best avoid pointed objects, heat, or bondage ropes that are too tight.  

You want more information about positions with a sex doll? Make sure you check out this blog post: To the blog post

More about the sex positions

The right sex doll for a man!

Suitability for a sex doll depends on several different aspects. It depends on your individual life situation and your sexual preferences. However, there is a 100% chance that there is a right doll for everyone, which will meet your personal needs and with which you can gain stamina and experience.

 Find the woman of your dreams  

Many have a certain type of woman that they find incredibly attractive. As a rule, these are dream women who are already taken in real life or who are in a completely different league from you. Many older men in particular are attracted to young teen girls aged 18-20 years with dainty figures, for example, but who are not easily found as potential partners. With a sex doll, you can create your very own dream woman, who is guaranteed to have a crush on you!  

It doesn't matter if the proportions of your sex doll really exist - find the right bed companion for you with huge breasts, a fat ass, or a super sporty figure within our huge selection.
Maybe you want to live out a particular fantasy with your sex doll, which you could not do with a real woman. If you are a big fan of the colorful fantasy world, you can finally live out your sexual preferences with a sexy partner through a love doll. No matter whether vampire lady or elf princess, everyone finds the perfect real doll for himself and can build up his very own harem!

And if your dream woman is not available in our shop, you can tell us your wishes via our inquiry form, and we will design and produce a real doll exactly according to your specifications.

Unconditional love - despite handicap

It may be that fate has dealt you a bad hand and you have a handicap due to an accident or even since birth. Unfortunately, many women are very superficial and therefore it is difficult for people with special needs to find a partner or to live out their sexual desire.

Your dream sex doll is very different and will give you unconditional love. You can position them in a few easy steps, as it is best for you and finally enjoy exciting orgasms.

Never be lonely again - the sex doll as a comforter

Everyone feels lonely sometimes and there is no reason to be ashamed of it. Not everyone can be a particularly extroverted person or a heartbreaker who is idolized by all women. A sex doll can become a faithful partner at your side, who always gives you an open ear and consoles you when you are not feeling well. 

Just cuddle up and enjoy her warmth and velvety soft skin. Just regain your joie de vivre with the knowledge that there is someone waiting for you when you get home.

Hot male doll for gay men

Even though our society today is supposedly very enlightened, there are still many prejudices that gay men have to face.

Some are even ashamed of openly living out their homosexuality or even have doubts whether they are actually attracted to their own sex.

Whether you are an open homosexual or want to experiment with your sexuality, there is the right sex doll for you in the form of an irresistible male doll. Find the right doll for you and live out your sexuality undisturbed.

The real doll as sexy photo model

You like erotic nude photography? Then you know that sometimes it is hard to find the perfect model. Our love dolls are super suitable for it and are only waiting to be photographed by you in sexy poses and exciting underwear. By the way, there are many national and international photographers, who exchange their snapshots in forums and develop their own challenges, so that it never gets boring.
No matter which real doll you choose, we always recommend that you choose the sexy tongues and optimized skeleton from the Make Her Real setting. Depending on the manufacturer, a TPE tongue will be added to your order or built into the TPE sex doll or silicone doll. This enables you to give your love doll a cheeky touch while taking pictures and gives her even more sex appeal and expressive strength.
 The optimized skeleton, on the other hand, allows you more leeway in the positioning, such as raising her shoulders.
The newly gained articulation ensures that you can move your real doll into natural poses, which make your TPE or silicone model even more realistic and offer you countless possibilities for photographing.

Ladies first - the suitable sex doll for women

The fact that women own and use sex toys has now reached even the most prudish person. Nevertheless, the possession of a sex doll, especially with a woman, is considered strange and somehow inappropriate. At the same time, most people do not understand how much fun a woman can have with a male sex doll.

You've surely had countless dates, exhausting relationships, and unsatisfying romances. At some point, it is enough and then a woman has to stand her ground and take her orgasms into her own hands. A cute sex doll could be the fulfillment of all your dreams and fantasies.

There's no Prince Charming? Oh, yes, there are, with us! Create your very own Prince Charming, according to your exact ideas and send us an inquiry via the contact form

We will design your completely individual real doll together with you and deliver it directly to your home.

This sexy Adonis will not annoy you with stalling techniques, forgotten dates, or lack of manhood. Plus, thanks to its detailed and realistic design, a male doll knows where your G-spot is and can take you to the climax like no other. Especially if you have been accumulating a lot of anger towards the faithless men of this world for years, you can vent your anger on a pretty face or a tight apple butt. Live your feminism in a very wicked way!  

As a bi- or homosexual woman, you can enjoy a particularly large selection of sexy love dolls, by the way, who want nothing more than a place in your bed!

A threesome? - Love doll for couples

You can find countless sex toys for couples on the Internet, which often unfortunately lose their appeal quickly. With a love doll, however, you will never be bored! Whether you are in a heterosexual or homosexual relationship, simply shop based on your preferences for your needs.Many dream of a hot threesome, which makes your love life more exciting again. But often it is quite difficult to find someone who both people like equally and with whom both partners feel comfortable. Consider the search as an exciting and erotic journey and simply put together your own individual beauty.

Sex with another person can put a strain on a couple's relationship and lead to jealousy and quarrelling. However, with your TPE sex doll or silicone doll, everyone feels comfortable and can realize their deepest fantasies, such as voyeurism or experiences with the same sex, in a safe room. You can get one or more female and even male sex dolls on board and gain new sexual experiences together as a doll is also perfect for when one partner within the relationship simply demands much more sexual attention than the other can give. This very often leads to quarrels, which can be avoided with a sweet love doll.

Choose your sexy real doll together and enjoy sexual relaxation and a harmonious relationship!

Are you ready? - the bottom line

As you have surely noticed, everyone is perfectly suited to become a real doll owner. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman or whether you are a homo- or heterosexual couple. Owning a high-quality love doll can not only improve your love life, but also give you an enormous amount of quality of life.

Besides, a real doll is absolutely perfect for you if you have very special wishes for your sex doll which a real person cannot or does not want to fulfill. Of course, this is not only true for certain sex practices, but also for her appearance. Maybe you have a very fancy fetish and like women with huge breasts and an extremely narrow waist or chubby little dark-skinned elf anime sex doll.

You can customize your favorite sex doll in just a few clicks and change the hair, skin, and eye color. If you're still missing the icing on the cake or if you have particularly dirty or special design wishes, you can contact us via the application form. Your request will, of course, be handled discreetly and under the highest data protection standards.

Dare to take a look at our online shop now and fall in love with an ultra-realistic sweetheart silicone and lonely hours and boring masturbation will be obsolete!

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