Silicone Sex Doll Carmen Zelex Doll - Premium Doll

Product information "Silicone Sex Doll Carmen Zelex Doll - Premium Doll"
Age: Mid Age (25-29 years)
Ass: Bubble butt
Body Type: Fitness & Sportive, Normal (average), Slim & Small
Gender: Female
Hair Colour: Black
Hair Length: Long
Hair Style: Straight
Height: Tall (1,67-1,74m / 5,5-5,7ft)
Height in cm: 170
Material: Silicone
Shop Filter: Sexpuppen
Type: Latin or Mediterranean , Eastern European
Tags: Large breasts (C-D)
Visual breast size**: C-D (large)
Manufacturer: Zelex Doll
* Please note that the sex doll will not be delivered with pre-applied professional makeup. It was only applied for the product photos. The clothes, accessories and decorations depicted in the photos are also not included with the purchase of a sex doll.

** The visual breast size is simply a visual representation based on the figure and the proportions of the sex doll. This information is not suitable for ordering bras. For this purpose, the upper bust and full bust measurements from the size chart are used.
Height 170 cm 5.57 ft.
Upper chest 87.5 cm 34.45 in.
Lower chest 71.5 cm 28.15 in.
Waist 64.5 cm 25.4 in.
Hip 94 cm 37 in.
Shoulder width 40 cm 15.75 in.
Weight 43.5 kg 95.9 lb.

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Sex Doll Adeline (25 years) - 6ye Dolls

$1,250.00* $1,450.00*
The sexy love doll Adeline is a budding designer. She also models on the side to finance her studies. With her looks, it's no wonder she's is a model, and it’s not only men who appreciate her. The 1.60-m-tall sex doll has long, wavy blonde hair, blue eyes and perfect B-cup tits, which she also likes to show in front of the camera. This sexy real doll always uses her hot lips to blow her lecturers if her grades aren’t as good as she wants. She’ll do just anything to achieve her dream, so sometimes, she’ll lick her lecturer's p***y to get good grades, too. The Love Doll Adeline likes to dress fashionably, but privately, she prefers wearing sneakers to high heels. The sex doll also likes to wear hot pants and mini-skirts. She’ll regularly drop her pencil to get her lecturers horny, and allow men a look under her extremely short skirt, under which she often wears no underwear.

6ye Doll

Sex Doll Ashanti (34 years) - 6ye Dolls

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Ashanti is a love doll who knows exactly what she wants and needs. The Sex Doll skillfully uses her perfect dark body to achieve her goals. The 1.38 m tall Real Doll is secretly looking for a steady partner whom she can really spoil with her feminine hips and big lips. Her future Love Doll owner will be quite lucky if she becomes his Sex Doll.  She has a plump and very feminine figure with very big breasts in K-cups and beautiful dark nipples. When she stretches her huge ass towards you, you know exactly that the Love Doll wants to be taken from behind. This sex doll has everything that will make a man happy and with her big brown Bambi eyes she will melt any heart.

HR Doll

Sex Doll Breanna (20 years) - HR Dolls

$1,400.00* $1,600.00*
Sexy Breanna is a social work student, because she loves helping other people. She is a bit shy, but the cute sex doll regularly makes sure her fellow students have intense orgasms. Breanna loves to lick p*****s as much as she likes to suck c***s.The shy real doll secretly dreams of a hot threesome. But she's still too shy for that. Now she hopes that she will find a man who will help her overcome her shyness and have a threesome with her. Love doll Breanna has long, blonde hair, dazzling blue eyes and a sexy blowjob mouth. The 5 ft 4 in tall sex doll with little A-cup titties has fair skin and a hairy p***y. The petite sex doll doesn't want to shave because the hairs tickle her p***y so nicely when she's f*****g and it only makes her hornier. Breanna likes to wear thongs under her hot pants, coupled with cropped tops and sneakers.

6ye Doll

Sex Doll Elani (42 years) - 6ye Dolls

$1,230.00* $1,430.00*
Elani is a beautiful dark TPE sex doll. The horny milf is looking for a man she can really spoil as a sex doll. When Elani becomes your future love doll, you can look forward to being well looked after. The 1.38 m tall TPE doll has a chubby figure and is therefore perfect for everyone who simply wants more to hold. It's been a long time since anyone has really given this sex doll a horny c**k that can fill all of her tight pleasure holes. Her dark skin and exotic type make Elani a real rarity and a much sought-after love doll. But she is not only looking for hot sex, but also a loyal partner and you could soon be cuddling up to her fat real doll K-cup tits.


Sex Doll Katelynn (42 years) - Cosdolls

$1,599.00* $1,799.00*
With this 1.58 m tall TPE sex doll you get pure passion. Katelynn is an excitingly beautiful real doll with a tanned complexion, a sexy slim figure and curves in just the right places. Her fat E-cup tits scream for a titty f**k, and you should not deny this sex doll. Her big brown eyes match her long hair perfectly, filling out her racy love doll personality. But the hottest thing about her are her huge bubble lips, which call for your c**k. Katelynn is the perfect real doll for the connoisseurs who are looking for a high-quality and sensual love doll to spend all night with in bed!

6ye Doll

Sex Doll Keisha (22 years) - 6ye Dolls

$1,150.00* $1,350.00*
Keisha’s new owner will get an exciting dark beauty that is 1.5 m tall. The racy TPE sex doll is quite slim but has a big fat ass that offers the perfect view during doggy or anal. On the firm B-cup breasts are two large, dark nipples, which perfectly match her complexion. The highlight of this TPE doll is definitely her face and her wild curly hair. This sex doll has sensual, big lips with which she uses to tease everyone with thoughts of a messy blowjob. But especially her eyes are a real dream and shine in a unique green. You can imagine the dirty secrets that are behind those eyes.

6ye Doll

Sex Doll Lia (27 years) - 6ye Dolls

$1,250.00* $1,450.00*
Lia is a pretty exciting TPE sex doll and despite her endless lust she is truly a faithful real doll. The sweet Asian girl is 1.65 m tall, has a porcelain-like light complexion and a great sensual personality.Despite her slim figure and flat stomach, this TPE doll has breath-taking curves. Her body is perfected by huge F-cup tits, which she loves to hold out to you for an extensive titty f**k. This love doll has promising, almond-shaped brown eyes with which she has already captivated so many men. The slightly opened sugar-sweet mouth is a guarantee for exciting kisses and intense blowjobs. Maybe you are the right owner for this punk rock princess with wild brown hair and blue highlights.

6ye Doll

Sex Doll Ljudmila (32 years) - 6ye Dolls

$1,250.00* $1,450.00*
The sex doll Ljudmila is a secretary by passion. She works for a successful businessman, for a well-known company. The real doll spends a lot of time in the office and therefore has no time for a committed relationship. She has already thought about quitting her job so that she can finally have a steady relationship. But the love doll simply loves her job too much. Besides, the love doll finds her boss damn sexy. He is married and has hardly any time for his wife because of the company. That's why he fucks the horny sex doll Ljudmila whenever the opportunity arises, in all her holes! The sex doll is 1.65 m tall and has long brown hair and green eyes. Her glasses make her look a little strict. But that is exactly what most men find very attractive about her. Just as attractive are also her light skin and the beautiful, thick tits! Ljudmila likes to wear blouses and high-slit skirts. In addition she wears pumps or high heels.

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Our recommendations for you


Tantaly® Sex Doll Torso Jennifer

The Tantaly® sex doll torso Jennifer belongs to the larger models of this manufacturer and will captivate you with its hot curves. The Tantaly® brand makes sex doll torsos from high-quality TPE material. This also makes Jennifer's skin feel velvety soft and ultra-realistic. When you touch the Tantaly® sex doll torso Jennifer, you will directly notice how nice the goose skin texture feels and how human she is.Her plump breasts and sexy butt have it all. The flexible TPE allows Jennifer to be placed in any sex position you can think of and allow you all your sexual desires. Her hard nipples are guaranteed to ignite your sexual desire and give you a whole new sex experience. Besides vaginal sex, you can also have anal sex with this busty beauty. Jennifer's pleasure holes were designed so realistically that you would think you are having sex with a real woman. The tunnel has a 3D spiral structure that is studded. When you penetrate the inside of Jennifer, you will feel a very intense friction that will give you an unforgettable orgasm. If a great breast pleasure is important to you and you like to try new sex positions, the Tantaly® sex doll torso Jennifer will definitely not disappoint you!

Qita Doll

Qita Doll Sex Torso Xinghe

$499.90* $699.90*
For this sex torso of Qita Doll was made an original impression of the cute Xinghe. The pretty 18-year-old model has a stunning figure. Young and crazy about sex, she would love to make love all day long. She has a strong desire, hopefully you can satisfy it!Xinghe not only looks lifelike, but feels deceptively real. When you stroke the Qita Dolls torso, you feel a thousand little indentations. You feel like you're pleasuring a real woman. The special process used to create the labia lets you see every detail on them. They are soft pink and perfectly enclose your member. They peek out slightly and want nothing more than for you to penetrate between them. The vaginal and anal love canal of the Qita Dolls Torso is super tight. The TPE is velvety soft and gives perfectly when you penetrate or grab the ass. Feel the soft vulva as you nestle your abdomen against it. Best of all, Qita Doll Sex Torso Xinghe will always be ready for you, whether anal or vaginal! Qita Doll has spared no effort. The material ideally absorbs body heat, making it look very lifelike. If you warm the Qita Dolls torso in a water bath beforehand, this effect becomes even more intense. You will have the feeling of floating in the sky.

Qita Doll

Qita Doll Sex Torso Maid
Qita Doll Pubic hair: With

From $499.90* $699.90*
The Qita Doll Torso Maid is the lifelike imprint of an elegant young woman who immediately gets wet at the thought of men coming inside her. She is submissive and would love to be a sex servant.The torso is captivating with the strikingly aroused coloring of the vagina. She looks incredibly inviting due to the contrast with her light skin. You just want to penetrate and feel the tender labia on your stiff penis. The Qita Doll Sex Torso Maid can hardly be distinguished from a real woman. She also never says no to you when you feel like playing with her pretty butt. Feel how tightly and smoothly the Qita Dolls Torso encloses your penis and take off to new orgasmic spheres! The intimate zone will feel incredibly perfect for you, because the lifelike TPE used for the Qita Doll Sex Torso leaves nothing to be desired. It is silky matte and gives the skin a fresh healthy complexion. It is great to pack and spoils you with a super tight butt hole. The Sex Torso Maid is especially suitable for the missionary position. So for all men who prefer to look at the excited vagina during sex, while her penis penetrates.


Tantaly® Sex Torso Rosie
Tantaly® skin colour: Fair

Do you like asses? Then the athletic Sex Torso Rosie from Tantaly® is sure to be your prey. The Tantaly® brand is known for its realistic specimens that give men an intense sex experience after a short time. Abdominal muscles and finest pores decorate the sexy Tantaly® torso up to the crotch. Bauchmuskeln und feinste Poren zieren den sexy Tantaly® Torso bis in den Schritt. With Rosie, you could almost think it was a real butt. Her big ass appears even bigger due to the slim waist and looks irresistible in skimpy thongs. The extremely soft TPE material ensures that she bobs back and forth so beautifully with hard thrusts. So you can really spank her ass if you want to see the voluminous buttocks in motion. For this purpose, there are numerous sex positions that really heat up this magnificent butt (e.g. Doggy or Magic Mountain).The surface is not only extraordinarily soft, but also smooth, so that you can rub your stiff penis over it properly. This also makes sliding into her exciting pussy very easy, especially with lube.


Tantaly® Sex Torso Louise
Tantaly® skin colour: Wheat

The Tantaly® Sex Tors Louise is one to watch - or what do you think? Thanks to her, you will be able to enjoy an orgasm that you will certainly not forget and will quickly miss! If the sight of her wet pink pussy already gives you pleasure, then wait and see how she feels from the inside. The inner structure will really bring your penis to its limits. You won't be able to help but push her hard in a wide variety of positions.  Her ultra-realistic pussy will make any man go weak and definitely provides addictive potential. Admit it, you'll want to fill the delightful pleasure opening with your stiff penis right now. Even her soft TPE skin is confusingly similar to that of a real woman. You can even feel the pores and goosebumps of the Tantaly® Sex Torso Louise while stroking it.With this sex torso from the brand Tantaly® you can finally make your dirtiest sex fantasies come true! Tantaly® stands out with excellent quality and makes men's hearts literally beat faster. Don't forget to order some additional lubricant - for maximum smooth fun!  


Tantaly® Sex Torso Cecilia
Tantaly® skin colour: Fair

Cecilia is a young woman who is just waiting to be pleasured by you. With her small butt you can easily have sex in the doggy position and get your money's worth. Due to the small size Cecilia can be brought by you in every imaginable sex position.  The unsurpassed tight tunnels of the Tantaly® Sex Torso Cecilia speak for themselves. The lifelike luscious entrances are so perfect to satisfy your need for real sex and make your sexual fantasies come true. 6 elastic beads were inserted into the soft vaginal wall of Cecilia and give you an intense thrusting experience. Tantaly® is a brand that produces lifelike sex torsos made of high quality TPE. That's why the Tantaly® Sex Torso Cecilia feels so realistic and soft. A special simulation treatment makes the visual and haptic effect of Cecilia perfect and allows for an ultra-realistic skin feeling. Extraordinary details adorn Cecilia's intimate area. Her soft and realistic labia will make sure that you can't wait to get your member on the inside of this sex torso!


Tantaly® Sex Torso Joanna

Have you ever wanted to have a voluminous and trained ass in front of you that will push you to your limits? Then we can introduce you to sex torso Joanna from the manufacturer brand Tantaly®. With her you will experience sporty sex that you have only seen in porn. Her young ass is perfect for you if you want to feel younger. Tantaly® sex torso Joanna is full of energy and that's why she never gets tired nor does her desire for sex diminish. Joanna's big ass is in incredible shape with a hip circumference of 86 cm and is made of pleasant TPE material, which is responsible for her delicate, soft skin. The weight of the magnificent sex torso, on the other hand, is only around 6 kg. The buttocks are not only uncomplicated to put in any imaginable sex position, but also withstand hard sex permanently. Especially in the doggy position Joanna is an eye-catcher. Just the sight of the detailed outer labia, the slim waist, the tight abs and the anal opening will get you so going that you can't help but thrust your hard penis into the voluptuous, 17 cm deep, pussy.


Tantaly® Sex Doll Torso Monica
Tantaly® skin colour: Wheat

From $489.90*
The bigger the breasts, the better? The sex doll torso Monica from Tantaly® has two horny arguments that will blow your mind. The pictures say more than a thousand words!This Tantaly® sex doll torso is an absolute 10/10! Monica will make you first speechless and then permanently horny with her perfect curves. She convinces with her attractive hourglass figure, which is particularly well accentuated by her narrow waist and her trained belly. With the help of massage oil you can rub her dream body extensively and let your hard penis glide from her seductive pussy, over her abs, up to her big, jiggly breasts. Thanks to TPE fusion technology, her breasts are very elastic and soft - perfect for rubbing your boner between them. With this sex doll torso, you can live out your sex fantasies without limits and enjoy the texture of human skin that the Tantaly® brand has excellently crafted. The detail is also evident in Monica's clitoral hood and labia, which invite you to nibble.


Tantaly® Sex Doll Torso Britney
Tantaly® skin colour: Fair

The cute Tantaly® Sex Doll Torso Britney will turn your head. Not too big, but not too small either, Britney is perfect to spend hot hours of togetherness with. Her plump and soft breasts will captivate you and make the experience unforgettable. Her sexy hips can be firmly grabbed by you and give you a true feeling of sex with a passionate woman. The Tantaly® brand especially scores with its special technology of TPE fusion, which provides a lifelike and soft skin feeling during sex. The hot body of the Tantaly® Sex Doll Torso Britney is therefore very elastic and can be positioned in every imaginable position by you. With the Tantaly® Sex Doll Torso Britney you can also practice various sex practices. The ultra-realistic private parts of Britney will give you an unforgettable and very intense orgasm. The hot Britney can be pleasured both vaginally and anally - depending on what you feel like during sex! The bumps and grooves in the inner tunnel of the pleasure holes provide a lifelike and exciting experience. The love entrances have been reconstructed so realistically that you might think you're having fun with a real woman. Her plump butt is just waiting to be touched by you.

Qita Doll

Qita Doll Sex Torso Lele

$499.90* $699.90*
Cute Qita Doll Sex Torso Lele will turn your head. It is a lifelike replica of a real model. She is a small petite woman with elegant silhouette. Lele likes to wear thin clothes without underwear and loves the sensual feeling when the fabric tickles her between her legs. It makes her wet immediately.The lifelike look makes the sex torso hardly distinguishable from a real woman. On the skin you can see every single pore and wrinkle making it look ultra realistic. The sexy natural colors of the pussy invite you to penetrate and the Qita Doll® Sex Torso Lele always feels like having sex.The 1:1 cast of the cute model has two love entrances that want to be firmly penetrated. Her tender labia are already red and swollen with excitement. When you touch them you will feel how soft and gentle they give way. These sensual touches will make her all hot! The TPE of the Qita Doll® Sex Torso Lele is very high quality and feels lifelike. Pleasure yourself with the vaginal entrance as well as with the sweet butt hole. The sex torso is suitable for any position, do it with her as you like it.

Qita Doll

Qita Doll Sex Torso Royal
Qita Doll Pubic hair: With

From $499.90* $699.90*
If you are looking for a premium sex torso, you have found it! The Qita Dolls brand has the highest standards of quality and performance. For the Qita Doll Sex Torso Royal, the cast of a real intimate model and her beautiful vagina was made. The Royal model has delicate fair skin and soft thighs that invite packing.With the elaborate process, every pore and skin fold of the model could be made visible in the product. Thus, the Qita Dolls torsos achieve absolute perfection in terms of look and feel. The realistic surface of the sex torso feels super delicate and has a great shine thanks to the many details. The colors of the vagina are matched to the particular model, so the M****i looks especially real. It is colored in exciting red and is just waiting to be loved by you. The TPE of the Qita Doll Sex Torso Royal is elastic and sturdy, it will fit your penis perfectly no matter what entrance you have fun with. Make love to her best in the missionary position while watching her sweet labia pop open. The two tight entrances want to be taken firmly. Feel her soft skin on your abdomen, slide into her and experience explosive orgasms.

Qita Doll

Qita Doll Sex Torso Lulu

$499.90* $699.90*
Fancy something really exclusive? Qita Doll Sex Torso Lulu is the lifelike imprint of a hot 18 year old. Lulu is a perky young woman with lots of charm and one of the most beautiful vaginas you have ever seen. She is always looking for someone to spend many erotic hours with.Her pussy looks quite innocent but she would love to do it all day long! Sex torso Lulu has a tight ass and a decent pubic area. The colors are quite natural and reflect the youth and freshness of the model. The print is so lifelike that you can see every pore and skin fold on the Qita Doll Sex Torso Lulu.You can hardly resist at the sight of this crisp buttocks? No problem, the Qita Doll Sex Torso Lulu will have sex with you whenever you feel like it. Lulu takes your penis with a perfectly shaped vagina in a super tight love canal. As she does so, those soft labia spread open so beautifully and you feel the delicate material like real skin against your stiff penis. Pleasure yourself with both entrances for the ultimate experience. Both are super tight and cuddly and you can take them in any position.


Tantaly® Sex Doll Torso Aurora
Tantaly® skin colour: Fair

The Tantaly® Sex Doll Torso "Aurora" has a dream figure to fall in love with! The only goal that the torso has is to bring you to orgasm - and that when and where you want. The name Aurora perfectly fits her flawless figure.As you can see, she is athletic and slim, but at the same time has horny feminine curves to offer that feel like those of a real woman. Thanks to her built-in flexible metal skeleton, you can put her in almost any sex position - whether it's doggy, missionary or riding. The Tantaly® Sex Doll Torso Aurora has some special features about her that will turn your head - you'll completely lose your inhibitions when you're with her. She has convincing arguments that will make your penis stiff in no time: Her big, plump breasts give you a lot of room to maneuver, and her pink, stretchy vagina and tight anus will finally make you lose yourself towards climax. With her, you can let yourself go and enjoy the incredibly realistic feeling of the internally processed nubs until orgasm.

Qita Doll

Qita Doll Sex Torso Zhuzhu
Qita Doll Pubic hair: Without

From $499.90* $699.90*
If you like ultra-realistic sex torsos, this one is for you. The Qita Doll brand makes the Zhuzhu sex torso with a real cast. The 20-year-old Zhuzhu turns heaps of men's heads with her tight ass. If you want to know what it's like to see her stretching it out to you expectantly, you can try it out now!Qita Doll's process allows for hair-accurate images, making Zhuzhu not only look incredibly real, but also feel lifelike! During the process, all pores and skin folds are copied as well. So when you pack and touch, you feel many small indentations just like natural skin. Colors of the cute labia are perfectly matched to the shape and are especially arousing. They peek out slightly and invite you with their delicate pink to penetrate. The soft vulva encloses you tightly when you go inside her and stimulates your penis like a real woman. Pleasure yourself, if you like, also with the sweet rosette. It has an equally tight entrance and is in no way inferior to the vagina. When you snuggle up to the Qita Dolls torso, you'll notice how lifelike it feels and you'll be in orgasm heaven!

Qita Doll

Qita Doll Sex Torso Weizhi

$499.90* $699.90*
This sex torso Weizhi from Qita Doll convinces with its hyper-realistic look and high quality. This is achieved with a lifelike imprint of Weizhi's sugary sweet vagina. The 18-year-old Weizhi has an incredible figure and takes great care of herself. She loves it when men's lustful looks stick to her and they imagine hot things with her.With the modern TPE, every little pore and skin fold can be worked into the Qita Dolls Sex Torso Weizhi. You get a sex torso that is almost indistinguishable from a real woman. With lifelike details on the surface, it ideally mimics real skin. The cute little labia peek out slightly and are all red with excitement. The vagina looks simply inviting and you will love the pleasant feeling inside it! The Qita Doll Sex Torso Weizhi feels delicate and soft to the touch, as TPE is very elastic and yields nicely. Nevertheless, it will spoil your penis inside with tight love entrances. Weizhi has the ability to absorb body heat, making the sex torso feel downright alive. Enhance your experience by using lube to penetrate the love entrances more easily. Make love to the model in the missionary position while watching her sweet labia open or have hot hours of pleasure with her super tight butt hole.


Tantaly® Sex Doll Torso Candice
Tantaly® skin colour: Fair

The beautiful Tantaly® Sex Doll Torso Candice will make your fantasies about a perfect sex experience come true. Hot Candice has the size of an average woman, giving you the feeling that you are having sex with a real woman. Her big breasts will turn your head with her perfectly shaped nipples. So the breast pleasure is definitely maximum with the Tantaly® Sex Doll Torso Candice.High-quality TPE gives the sex doll torsos of the Tantaly® brand a human-like skin texture. Candice's private parts are also ultra-realistically recreated, so you'll get your money's worth. The long tunnels have been infused with textured grooves and nodules that will make your orgasm intense and unforgettable.The hot Tantaly® Sex Doll Torso Candice is just waiting to have vaginal or anal sex with you. This sex doll torso can be easily positioned by you in any imaginable position, so you can pursue your sexual preferences without limits. If you feel like it, you can also embellish Candice's female body with erotic lingerie in size S and experience unforgettable hours of togetherness.

Qita Doll

Qita Doll Sex Torso Shasha

$499.90* $699.90*
Qita Doll Sex Torso Shasha is the lifelike cast of a young and very pretty 20-year-old model. Shasha has a slim, athletic figure with a gorgeous tight ass. She loves to be taken in doggy and willingly stretches her hot tight ass.This sex torso impresses with the ultra-realistic, light-skinned skin color, where you can see every single skin pore. The small tight ass invites to be kneaded and slapped. The young M****i stands out because of the inner labia, which come out lustfully in pink. The butt hole is also 100% modeled after the original and invites intense love games. The Qita Doll Sex Torso Shasha can be used in a wide variety of sex positions. However, this sex torso is best suited for the doggystyle, because in this position you get an excellent view of the sweet ass of the model Shasha and can play with each of the two pleasure openings. This sex torso is also perfect for the missionary position. You can simply turn it around and get a hot view of the young M****i during lovemaking and watch how the pronounced pink labia embrace the stiff penis.


Tantaly® Sex Doll Torso Monroe
Tantaly® skin colour: Fair

Tantaly® Sex Doll Torso Monroe is the largest sex doll torso model from the manufacturer. Monroe is a sexy mature woman who can instantly transport you to a fantasy world with her curvy figure. Her big velvety breasts can't even be held with one hand. So you can be sure to have the hottest breast sex experience with this sex doll torso. Her hot butt can't wait to be properly pampered by you.The Tantaly® brand is known for making sex doll torsos out of premium TPE, which makes the erotic beauties not only look lifelike, but also feel the same. The TPE also makes the natural curves of this busty woman look very realistic and move back and forth delightfully.Monroe loves to be pleasured anally by you in addition to vaginal sex. The TPE makes the look and feel of the pleasure holes incredibly appealing and realistic. A series of tight chambers with gripping nubs are located in her love entrances. This makes the sensation during sex even more intense when you penetrate Jennifer with your member.If you crave a curvy body that can be put in any sex position you can think of, you're definitely doing everything right with the Tantaly® Sex Doll Torso Monroe!

Qita Doll

Qita Doll Sex Torso Azhi

$499.90* $699.90*
The lifelike Qita Doll Sex Torso Azhi can make all your fantasies about the sexy ass of a real woman come true. It is a 1:1 replica of the vagina of a young and sweet 20-year-old who has a natural figure and takes great care of herself. She knows exactly what she wants. Azhi likes it best when you use her vagina and butt, penetrating her really deep until you bump into the back. But the tender labia also look inviting! They're all red with arousal and gently envelop your member as you slide into them. On the ultra-realistic skin of the Qita Doll Sex Torso Azhi, you'll feel every pore and skin fold as you gently stroke it, just like the original. It has a natural sheen and feels velvety soft. You'll think you're grabbing a real woman by her tight ass! The two love entrances are cleverly carved out and thanks to the soft and elastic TPE they feel super tight and lifelike. Take the Qita Doll Sex Torso Azhi as you need it right now! You can have fun with him in any position. Whether you prefer to do it doggy or missionary.