Is owning a sex doll legal?

In the last month in particular, they have fallen into disrepute, without having been particularly well known to the public in the European area. The reason for this is the sale of child sex dolls on huge sales platforms like Amazon and eBay. Now some interested parties and potential customers rightly ask whether the general possession of sex dolls is legal? We answer this question in detail here.

These sex dolls exist

First of all, it must be clarified which models are available. The high-quality sex dolls differ in TPE dolls and silicone dolls. Both are materials that provide super realistic sex pleasure and are one reason for the great popularity of the sinful toys. 
The second, and almost even more important reason, is the limitless range of different types. There are umpteen different models that differ in size, weight and. of course, appearance.

Some of them resemble a hot MILF, which promises to teach you a lot more in bed. Others, however, seem like innocent country beauties still waiting for their first time. By the way, you can take a look at our range here: 

Sex Dolls - Other countries, other customs

The ideal of beauty and sexual preferences are not the same everywhere. While in Europe many people prefer the southern complexion of a crisp mid-20s, the Asian region is clearly polarized differently. Here, where the cradle of the high-quality Sex Dolls lies, one wishes above all for young looking Dolls with big eyes and a small pout.

The Japanese in particular are known for their preference for young girls with small breasts in tight school uniforms, which is reflected not only in mangas and anime but also in the design of the sex dolls produced there.

While high-quality Real Dolls for sexual pleasure are quite widespread there, the knowledge about these beauties is rather limited, especially in this country. It is all the more shocking when foreign providers make their child sex dolls available for the European market and this is the first contact with the German public. The result is a serious damage to the reputation of the whole product.

Basically, the sex dolls, but also the children's sex dolls, are not prohibited in most Asian countries, not even frowned upon.

What is legal and what isn't?

In summary, sex dolls are legal worldwide. However, based on the general ideas about beauty and sexuality, the preferences of customers differ enormously. While it is okay in Asian countries, on the normative basis, to own a childlike Real Doll, there is (rightly) an outcry in Europe.

But also in Europe, and therefore also in Germany, sexy Real Dolls are absolutely legal and even the possession of child sex dolls is not punishable so far. It may be that in the Asian region, up to a certain general consensus, the connection between childhood and sexuality prevails and is okay, but we as a German company reject this 100%.
Did you know? While the possession of child sex dolls is legal in Germany, the possession and distribution of pornographic videos with the child sex doll is prohibited and falls under § 184b of the German Criminal Code.

Great responsibility for Sex Doll Shops

As a serious operator of a webshop for sex dolls, we at dolloro take our responsibility very seriously. Every product that is finally offered to the customer is thoroughly tested. Only if the providers take their responsibility properly can the topic be put on the table and the luxurious sex toys ultimately remain legal.

Because the specifications from the state side, especially with regard to child sex dolls, are very blurry or non-existent, we set our own strict standards. We at dolloro firmly reject the sale of child sex dolls, even if German law classifies them as legal.

For us this means that we do not sell models under 1.30 m with a childlike face and prepubescent body. 

The future of Love Dolls - possible ban?

Is the concern of some Love Doll owners justified, if it is rumored in some forums that TPE Dolls and silicone dolls should be banned? We do not think so!

Basically, Love Dolls are nothing else but a very high quality and super realistic sex toy. This sinful toy is intended for the bedroom of adults, where they can live out their fantasies with adult men and women in the form of love dolls. So there is nothing reprehensible or illegal about them.

Problematic and morally completely reprehensible, on the other hand, are the child sex dolls that have been in the headlines lately, thus generally damaging the reputation of TPE Dolls and silicone dolls.

As a serious company, we can only wish that the German law will find a concrete definition of so-called "child sex dolls" as soon as possible. In this way, the sales of international and national dealers can be stopped at least on the German market. Of course, a worldwide sales ban is the ultimate goal.

One can only hope that in the future large platforms like Amazon and eBay will thoroughly control the sellers of sex toys and that domestic web shops will also curb the sale of child sex dolls.
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