Sex Doll Miranda (36 years) - HR Dolls

Hello, my name is Miranda and I am 36 years old. I am a boss, of one of the biggest banks in the area. Through a lot of discipline and hard work, I have managed to work my way up over the years and overtake all my competitors. That's the only reason why I'm the boss of a renowned bank today.

Not only am I an absolute high flyer in the bank, but also in bed. I like to set the tone. However, I do not only have a dominant side. Sometimes it overcomes me and I then prefer to take on the submissive role. For me it is basically only very important that there is a lot of variety during sex and that the man obeys me from time to time. If I then say that he should get on his knees to lick my p***y, then he should do that too and not start to discuss unnecessarily. After all, if I submit to him, he can demand anything from me.

Bankers are actually rather conservative. In bed, however, they are usually very wild. At least I am, and so are some of my coworkers with whom I've had sex. During my lunch break, I've had one or the other of my coworkers on my desk, or I've had my p***y licked during a conference call.

At the bank, I usually wear a high-necked blouse with a blazer and a knee-length skirt over it. I then put my hair up in a strict hairstyle. Privately, it's completely different. I prefer to wear my hair loose and wear clothes that show off my sexy figure and my tits. No man can resist my magnificent tits!

When I have time off, I like to go swimming and to the sauna. I also have a passion for fast cars. I would love to sit in the passenger seat of a professional race car and see how much speed the engine can generate. But during sex I can also let myself go so much that I quickly get into an ecstatic frenzy.
Product information "Sex Doll Miranda (36 years) - HR Dolls"
Sex Doll Miranda is the boss of a prestigious bank. When she feels like it, she nibbles one of her employees on the desk during the lunch break or she gets her p***y licked during the conference call. Both at the bank and during sex, she likes to set the tone. However, sometimes she enjoys falling into the submissive role and submitting to a man.

This ambitious sex doll knows exactly what she wants and that is exciting sex and fast cars. TPE Doll Miranda is 1.64 m tall and has flawless, velvety skin. Her long, blonde hair makes her blue eyes look even more radiant. The sexy love doll also has really horny giant tits that will blow any man's mind. Miranda is into horny titty f***s and loves it when you suck on her stiff nipples.

The curvy Real Doll has a big ass that she loves to have trimmed. She also loves it when you lick and finger her hairless pussy.
Age: Hot Mom (30-38 years)
Ass: Bubble butt
Body Type: Big Bubble Butt, Curvy (hour glass figure)
Gender: Female
Hair Colour: Blonde
Hair Length: Long
Hair Style: Straight
Height: Medium (1,61-1,66m / 5,3-5,5ft)
Material: TPE
Shop Filter: Sexpuppen
Type: Scandanavian , American sweet heart , European
Tag: Big Bubble Butt, Large Boobs
Visual breast size**: DD and above (extra large)
Manufacturer: HR Doll
* Please note that the sex doll will not be delivered with pre-applied professional makeup. It was only applied for the product photos. The clothes, accessories and decorations depicted in the photos are also not included with the purchase of a sex doll.

** The visual breast size is simply a visual representation based on the figure and the proportions of the sex doll. This information is not suitable for ordering bras. For this purpose, the upper bust and full bust measurements from the size chart are used.
Height 164 cm 5.38 ft.
Upper chest circumference 99 cm 38.98 in.
Waist circumference 62 cm 24.41 in.
Hip circumference 116 cm 45.67 in.
Foot length 22 cm 8.66 in.
Shoulder width 37 cm 14.57 in.
Vaginal depth 17 cm 6.69 in.
Anal depth 17 cm 6.69 in.
Oral depth 13 cm 5.12 in.
Body weight 55 kg 121.28 lb.

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