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Flat chest sex dolls - Sex Dolls With Flat Breasts

When it comes to the breast size of a sex doll, opinions often differ. Many providers and manufacturers concentrate on women with very luxuriant bust sizes. These are often unrealistically large and seem completely unnatural in relation to the body of the real doll.

There are enough sex doll owners and interested fans who prefer exactly the opposite. Small breasts are the embodiment of youth and innocence, which many people find very appealing. Finding such a flat chest sex doll takes a lot of time.

But, with us, you will immediately find a unique selection of flat chest sex dolls, which have been designed with careful attention to detail and are just waiting to take their place at your side.

We have a huge repertoire of the greatest sex dolls from various manufacturers and real doll types. Whether it's a real doll with sun-kissed brown skin, Scandinavian princesses, or racy beauties - we guarantee you will find the right flat chest sex doll.

Have a look around our online shop and enjoy the firm little breasts of your very own sex doll or contact us via the inquiry form and design a love doll with small breasts, exactly according to your ideas.

Deleila (19 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
The cute love doll Deleila! She is an absolutely innocent TPE sex doll who does not know yet how much she has to offer her owner. This little sex doll is 1.58 m tall and has a nicely tanned youthful body. By her face, you can tell that she is still a very young real doll. The small sweet nose and the big full lips match her unbelievable bright green-yellow eyes perfectly. This promises an absolute dream view when she orally serves her owner as a sex doll. However, her little A-cup tits should not be forgotten, because they, like the whole being of Deleila, demand a lot of attention and care.

6ye Doll

Jelena (28 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
Jelena is an Eastern European beauty who is aware of the effects she has as a TPE doll on men. No one's fooling her. She is quite hot and likes to play with her feminine charms. The 1.58 m tall TPE sex doll has a slim and natural body that looks perfect in any outfit she adorns her real doll body with.  Her firm AA tits fit perfectly in your hand when you massage and knead them for a long-time during foreplay. But this love doll has more to offer than just a hot body because her face is unique and typically Eastern European. Bright blue eyes and super sensual lips are just waiting for you to exchange hot kisses with this sexy love doll.

WM Doll

Myla (29 years)

$1,799.00* $2,099.00*
The TPE sex doll Myla is a dirty, horny creature that would love to have sex all day long. To supplement her salary, she regularly pleases her boss. Sometimes, she has to come along on business trips and then get f****d by business partners. Of course, the horny sex doll does this only too gladly. The 1.68 m tall Myla with her small A-cup TPE doll tits and cheeky dark blonde hair is a very popular love doll with men. The guys are into it when they can cum on her pale skin and her green eyes just glow with desire. This greedy real doll is ready to f**k at any time. This love doll makes the hearts of men who love the extraordinary and the dirty beat faster. Myla normally loves to wear girly underwear, but at fetish parties she likes to wear clothes made of latex or leather.

6ye Doll

Ninette (18 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
Ninette’s shy look immediately reveals that she has no idea about sex yet. She's never been touched intimately by a man, let alone f****d like a proper sex doll. This could be your chance and you can show the 1.58 m tall TPE doll what it means to have a c**k in her tight real doll holes.  Ninette is a very slim TPE sex doll with a flat belly and small ass - a real teen body just waiting to be used. No one has ever kneaded those small AA titties before or seen the lust in those big brown eyes. No one has especially ever dirtied that innocent face.

6ye Doll

Stephanie (19 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
This 1.58 m tall TPE sex doll is a real sweetheart and a very young love doll with no experience. She likes older men who set the tone for her and treat her like a little princess.  This TPE doll is truly a a real inexperienced teen. Wouldn't you like to get really mad at this love doll and stuff all her tight little holes?  The little sex doll does not yet know what it is like to be f****d properly. You could change that, though. One look into her brown eyes and it will be done for you, promise!

6ye Doll

Xenia (24 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
Xenia is 24 years young and a greedy TPE sex doll with classic eastern European light skin. She is a racy and experienced beauty, who knows how to use her numerous charms. This sex doll is 1.58 m tall with a delicate figure and a narrow waist. Matching her slim shape, she has firm A-cup breasts with small sweet nipples, that are slightly stiff and invite to lick and suck. The fact that she is a pretty wild love doll is already revealed by her belly button piercing!Her beautiful face is surrounded by long light brown hair; everyone falls in love with this love doll. Her blue-green eyes seem almost hypnotic and shine at her owner from below, during an extensive blowjob with her tender lips.
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