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Ebony Sex Doll

So, you like women with fire and an exotic touch and would like to see these qualities in your sex doll? Then take your time and look around here in our Ebony category!

We offer you beautiful Ebony sex dolls of different types and you can choose between chubby, slim, and sporty real dolls. Whether with large or small breasts, every preference can be satisfied.

If you have found a love doll which corresponds to your fantasies, but unfortunately is light-skinned, you can change this with very many offered real dolls. Just go to the page of the respective sex doll and call up the configuration item Skin Colors. Now you can choose from a wide range of skin colors and pick your favorite. Of course, this also applies to features such as eye or hair color.

dolloro also offers you a unique service where you can create your very own Ebony sex doll. Contact us through the inquiry form and we will design your very own Ebony Real Doll, 100% to your specifications. The dark beauty will be produced and delivered directly to your home. Soon nothing will stand in the way of fun nights together!


6ye Doll

Amanza (37 years)

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*
The sexy love doll Amanza is a veterinarian by profession. She loves animals and her job. But she also loves to be inspired by the male owners of pets. Because of her job, she has no time for a steady relationship. Nevertheless, she often feels like having a hot f**k, so she does not let it be taken away from her to take a closer look at the men's snakes.The hot 1.65 m tall sex doll often wears no underwear under her scrubs, so that the guys can already get off on her stiff nipples. The real doll Amanza has brown skin and chin-length, curly blonde hair. The constantly horny love doll has a shaved cunt, which is permanently wet. With her sexy blowjob mouth and the green, shining eyes, the hot vet wraps every man around her finger. When this sex doll forgets to close one or the other button on her coat, no man can hold himself back. No wonder, with these incredibly plump and firm tits. In her free time, Amanza likes to wear tight jeans that show off her hot ass and low-cut tops.

WM Doll

Arianna (24 years)

$1,799.00* $2,199.00*
The sexy love doll Arianna loves hardly anything as much as extreme sports, except sex. She loves to be pushed hard, preferably by several guys at once. The sweet sex doll with the hot C-cup tits has dark, tender skin that makes every man melt. With her tight c**t, the horny real doll works every c**k. The love doll is 1.66 m tall and has shoulder-length, pink hair. The sex doll also has big brown eyes that are just begging for a f**k. Her lips are usually made up with a shiny lip gloss, so that her mouth makes the men even hornier. The real doll prefers to wear sporty and tight clothes that perfectly show off her trained, slim body. But sometimes the horny sex doll rides her bike naked on lonely paths, hoping to be caught and f****d by sex-crazed guys.

6ye Doll

Ashanti (34 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
Ashanti is a TPE sex doll who knows exactly what she wants and needs. This sex doll uses her perfect dark body to skillfully achieve her goals. The 1.38 m tall TPE doll is secretly looking for a steady partner whom she can really spoil with her female hips and large blowing lips. Her future real doll owner will be quite lucky if she becomes his sex doll.  She has a plump and very feminine figure with large K-cup breasts and beautiful dark nipples. When she sticks her huge ass out at you, you know for sure that the love doll wants to be taken from behind. This sex doll has everything that will make a man happy and with her big brown bambi eyes she makes every heart melt.

6ye Doll

Elani (42 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
Elani is a beautiful dark TPE sex doll. The horny milf is looking for a man she can really spoil as a sex doll. When Elani becomes your future love doll, you can look forward to being well looked after. The 1.38 m tall TPE doll has a chubby figure and is therefore perfect for everyone who simply wants more to hold. It's been a long time since anyone has really given this sex doll a horny c**k that can fill all of her tight pleasure holes. Her dark skin and exotic type make Elani a real rarity and a much sought-after love doll. But she is not only looking for hot sex, but also a loyal partner and you could soon be cuddling up to her fat real doll K-cup tits.

6ye Doll

Jada (28 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
The sex doll Jada is an absolute babe who knows exactly how to use her charms. The love doll is 1.65 m tall and her tits are so big there's no cup size for them. No wonder men prefer ordering their drinks from her. The hot Love Doll is a bartender in one of the best clubs in town, and gets more in tips than she's paid. The real doll Jada has long black, curly hair and almost black eyes. Men love her velvety brown skin. With curves like hers, she’s a total eye-catcher. Guys don't know which is hotter – her ass or her tits. The sex doll doesn't care, as long as she gets regular sex in the drinks store. Then, she doesn’t just want her wet c**t f****d, but her big ass, too. Jada likes to wear tight, figure-hugging clothes. She likes dresses and sexy lingerie with animal prints and high heels.

WM Doll

Jara (18 years)

$1,699.00* $1,999.00*
The sexy real doll Jara studies sports science. She has loved gymnastics ever since she was a child. She has a very toned body, which her fellow students really appreciate. The boys in her class are guaranteed a hard on when they watch her lolling on the horizontal bar.The sex doll has a penchant for huge c***s that fill her up and stretch her tight, shaved p***y to the max. The sex doll Jara is particularly popular with men who like dark-skinned, very slim women. The TPE doll also has a cracking butt and nice little tits. Since Jara only has A-cup tits, she mostly refrains from wearing a bra. Her nipples stand out wonderfully under the usually very tight tops she wears, which just makes men want her even more. Jara is 1.68 m tall and has shoulder-length, brown hair and brown eyes. Her full lips are enough to drive any man crazy. When it comes to blow jobs, she knows some techniques that other women can learn from.

6ye Doll

Nabila (31 years)

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*
The sexy love doll Nabila has made her hobby to her profession and is a choreographer. As a dancer, she has the perfect figure and accordingly goes down very well with men. Besides dancing, sex is one of her other great passions. She loves to be f****d in doggystyle from behind in ass and c**t.With her dark skin and bright blue eyes, this exotic sex doll is a very striking type that hardly any man can resist. Her black hair has a modern cut and is about chin length. The real doll Nabila likes to be used by several men. While she's getting f****d from behind, her hot blowjob mouth gladly takes another c**k.Love doll Nabila has big G-cup tits and a shaved p***y. Her p***y is already wide open with horniness and just waiting to finally get f****d. The 1.60 m tall sex doll loves to wear thongs and rough boots.

HR Doll

Romain (25 years)

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*
Sexy love doll Romain has dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player since he was a kid. Today, the sex doll is a professional footballer and one of the best players on his team. Plus, he's popular with the ladies. Many consider him a go-getter who takes the lead in bed. However, Romain prefers to be pampered by the girls and is happy to give up the reins.So far, the 6-foot-6 real doll has never had a threesome. But his biggest dream would be to be spoiled by two women at the same time. The love doll has curly black hair and brown eyes. His dark skin is velvety soft. With his magnificent 17 cm c**k, which is shaved, he makes every woman happy and provides them with intense orgasms. The sex doll Romain also has beautiful full lips that make you want to kiss them. Even in his free time, Romain prefers to wear his football jersey, and he shows off his hot ass very well in his pants.

HR Doll

Roxi (23 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
Sexy real doll Roxi works at a cinema. She’s a complete film nerd and knows every little detail about films. While films are showing, she often does it with patrons who arrive late. Every now and then, she even rents out the cinema privately so she can organize perverted sex parties or group sex.Sex doll Roxi is up for anything during sex, as long as it doesn't get boring. She loves kinky sex and likes to be showered in cum. This Love Doll is a real nasty s**t who even makes some men blush. This love doll is just over 5 ft 4 in tall and she’s especially popular with men who like exotic beauties with small A-cup titties. Roxi has long brown hair, brown eyes and dark skin which makes her hairless, pink p***y hole even more appealing. The horny sex doll also has a firm ass and an irresistible blowjob mouth which she knows exactly how to use.


Yaris (22 years)

$1,599.00* $1,799.00*
This black beauty is simply unforgettable. Yaris is a slender, 1.65 m TPE sex doll. Her flawless brown skin contrasts perfectly with your spunk and you will see this when you first enter her heavenly body. Sex dolls don’t often have huge, voluptuous tits like this real doll with her E-cups. You should lick her big brown nipples to get this TPE doll and yourself up to speed. Her adorable face with big brown eyes and luscious lips will light up when you fill her love holes with your c**k. She’s a curly haired girl that you can easily fall in love with.

6ye Doll

Zola (24 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
Zola is a TPE sex doll who doesn't like to get her hands dirty in everyday life and is therefore looking for a mature man to be her sugar daddy. While she is rather squeamish in everyday life, as a TPE sex doll, she is always ready to spoil you. She is a 1.38 m tall dark-skinned love doll with a beautiful female figure and enjoys being a plump beauty. After a long ride from this real doll you can snuggle up to her soft body and massage her gigantic K-cup breasts. But not only her hot tight sex doll holes should convince you that she is the love doll for you. With a beautiful face, dark eyes, and black hair she is an exotic TPE doll all around.
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