6ye Doll

You want super realistic sex with a real doll? You can try out all your favorite positions and the most unusual sex practices with 6YE Doll sex dolls - when, how, and wherever you want!

The sex dolls from 6YE Doll are characterized by an incredible love for detail and reality. Hardly any other love doll range offers you such a large selection of different sex doll types like these. Choose between sizes from 4.53 ft. to 5.58 ft. tall dolls with different figures. You want a tall, slim European sex doll or rather a small, chubby dark princess with whom you can cuddle at length? The right 6YE Doll will also make your heart beat faster and satisfy all your needs.


6ye Doll

Adeline (25 years)

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*
The sexy love doll Adeline is a budding designer. She also models on the side to finance her studies. With her looks, it's no wonder she's is a model, and it’s not only men who appreciate her. The 1.60-m-tall sex doll has long, wavy blonde hair, blue eyes and perfect B-cup tits, which she also likes to show in front of the camera. This sexy real doll always uses her hot lips to blow her lecturers if her grades aren’t as good as she wants. She’ll do just anything to achieve her dream, so sometimes, she’ll lick her lecturer's p***y to get good grades, too. The Love Doll Adeline likes to dress fashionably, but privately, she prefers wearing sneakers to high heels. The sex doll also likes to wear hot pants and mini-skirts. She’ll regularly drop her pencil to get her lecturers horny, and allow men a look under her extremely short skirt, under which she often wears no underwear.

6ye Doll

Agnetha (34 years)

$1,599.00* $1,799.00*
The hot love doll Agnetha is a professional singer. She wants to conquer the big stages of this world. She'd probably do anything for her dream. The sex doll, with a nymphomaniac streak, is constantly getting f****d by her producers. In addition, the always horny devil can of course also satisfy herself to the fullest extent.The horny real doll sings in smaller clubs and, after a successful gig, she devours one or the other of her male groupies in the backstage area. In the process, the sexy s**t offers up all her love holes. The love doll Agnetha is 1.63 m tall. She has fair skin, long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a greedy blowing mouth that never gets enough. She always keeps her cunt clean-shaven. The plump F-cup tits have already brought many a man to his knees. Agnetha prefers to wear ripped jeans and tight, glitter crop tops that put her tits in the right light. This hot sex doll also loves flashy jewelry. As befits a budding star.

6ye Doll

Ahri (23 years)

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*
For her rich parents, the sexy love doll Ahri plays the good daughter who does what she’s told. As long as she does what her parents say, they’ll carry on financing her life of luxury that she loves so much. That's why she started studying literature. Besides, the constantly horny sex doll also sees some advantages in this. In her loft apartment and at the university parties on campus, the love doll regularly lets her fellow students lick her shaved p***y or f**k all her love holes hard. But in truth, the hot sex doll dreams of finding a gentleman to educate her as his sex slave. The real doll Ahri has long brown hair and bright blue eyes, which appear even more radiant because of her light skin. The petite love doll is 1.62 m tall and has nice, firm tits. Men will do anything for a blow job from her hot lips. The sex doll Ahri likes to wear figure-hugging clothes.

6ye Doll

Aiko (21 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
Aiko is a very submissive TPE sex doll and a real feast for the eyes. The 1.58 m tall Asian love doll is a true miracle of movement and loves to be taken hard. The submissive love doll loves to completely hand over control to her real doll owner, who can do anything he wants with her sex doll holes.  Her very slender body can be brought perfectly into every position and so it never gets boring with her. This sex doll has sweet little AA-cup tits - perfect for you if you like little titties.When she begs you with her teen face and big brown eyes to finally f**k her, you won't be able to resist this sexy TPE doll!

6ye Doll

Akiko (29 years)

$1,599.00* $1,799.00*
Sex doll Akiko works as an office administrator in a prestigious company. Her boss appreciates her not only for her good work, but especially for her excellent BJs. Most of the men in the company know how well the horny love doll can suck. Akiko knows exactly how to spoil men. However, she likes to be spoiled just as much and sometimes just takes what she wants. In her office, the sexy real doll even has her own p***y slave who regularly brings her shaved p***y to orgasm. The 1.63 m tall sex doll Akiko has chin-length light brown hair and brown eyes. This curvy beauty has a shaved c**t and big M-cup tits. The love doll loves to wear too tight shorts and crop tops, from which her big tits almost jump out. Akiko isn't proud of her boobs though, she's proud of her hot gorgeous ass that she's only too happy let get f****d.

6ye Doll

Amanza (37 years)

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*
The sexy love doll Amanza is a veterinarian by profession. She loves animals and her job. But she also loves to be inspired by the male owners of pets. Because of her job, she has no time for a steady relationship. Nevertheless, she often feels like having a hot f**k, so she does not let it be taken away from her to take a closer look at the men's snakes.The hot 1.65 m tall sex doll often wears no underwear under her scrubs, so that the guys can already get off on her stiff nipples. The real doll Amanza has brown skin and chin-length, curly blonde hair. The constantly horny love doll has a shaved cunt, which is permanently wet. With her sexy blowjob mouth and the green, shining eyes, the hot vet wraps every man around her finger. When this sex doll forgets to close one or the other button on her coat, no man can hold himself back. No wonder, with these incredibly plump and firm tits. In her free time, Amanza likes to wear tight jeans that show off her hot ass and low-cut tops.

6ye Doll

Anja (30 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
She's a sex doll with brains! Anja is not only beautiful, but she is also a sexy real doll who needs a relaxed f**k after work. Show the 1.65 m TPE doll what she has missed so much and penetrate all of her real doll love holes.  This TPE sex doll with a slim, feminine figure and noble pale skin has so much to give. Any man would be lucky to have this sex doll in his bed.Her big green eyes and full lips will take your breath away at first sight. And if it is not her sexy figure and beautiful face, the F-cup tits on this love doll will definitely convince you.

6ye Doll

Ashanti (34 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
Ashanti is a TPE sex doll who knows exactly what she wants and needs. This sex doll uses her perfect dark body to skillfully achieve her goals. The 1.38 m tall TPE doll is secretly looking for a steady partner whom she can really spoil with her female hips and large blowing lips. Her future real doll owner will be quite lucky if she becomes his sex doll.  She has a plump and very feminine figure with large K-cup breasts and beautiful dark nipples. When she sticks her huge ass out at you, you know for sure that the love doll wants to be taken from behind. This sex doll has everything that will make a man happy and with her big brown bambi eyes she makes every heart melt.

6ye Doll

Betty (33 years)

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*
The sex doll Betty comes from a poor family. Therefore, she had to learn very early to stand on her own feet. At the age of 18, her parents kicked her out and she had to find a job. She became a stripper and is still the darling of all customers. The 1.58 m tall love doll with a slim figure and light skin knows exactly how to use her body to drive men out of their minds. The sexy real doll with the small A-cup tits is also very intelligent and manages to wrap all men around her finger. The sex doll Betty has long black hair and amber eyes. But a special eye-catcher is her hot blowing mouth of the sexy love doll. Betty likes to be used during sex. She is into BDSM and takes the submissive part. She likes to wear black clothes and body stockings made of net material. But, for her husband, she would also wear everything he wants and subordinate herself devotedly to him.

6ye Doll

Cansu (35 years)

$1,999.00* $2,199.00*
When looking at Cansu, everyone thinks ‘wow, what a sex doll!’ and this enthusiasm is more than understandable. The cute TPE sex doll is 1.63 m tall and has a sporty and at the same time feminine figure. Her bulging thighs hide a horny tight p***y, ready to serve the owner of this TPE doll well.  This adult doll has huge L-cup breasts, which are crowned by detailed large pink nipples, should not go unmentioned. Every lover of titty f***s will enjoy this real doll. A look into the face of the love doll is also worthwhile. The slightly opened red mouth and the hypnotic yellow-green eyes almost scream 'f**k me!'. 

6ye Doll

Carla (19 years)

$2,199.00* $2,399.00*
Carla is the beautiful sex doll from next door whom everyone in the neighborhood would like to f**k. But the 1.7 m tall and extremely slim TPE sex doll has not yet been instructed by any man in the art of love. Yet the pale love doll with the Eastern European touch has so much to give.  This love doll has a perfect, tight teen body, a small ass and plump E-cup breasts. When you become her future sex doll owner, you can be the first to penetrate her inexperienced pleasure holes.With her cute teen face, she attracts the looks of every man. The brunette TPE sex doll with the little pout and big blue eyes is perfect for falling in love with before a hard f**k!

6ye Doll

Charleen (28 years)

$1,499.00* $1,699.00*
Sex Doll Charleen works as a dental assistant. She treats anxiety patients with special care. With the help of a special technique, the hot love doll succeeds in freeing every man from his fears. During the treatment or before, for relaxation, she gives the patient a blowjob. Afterwards, the patients are no longer afraid and visit the dental practice again and again.The sexy real doll also blows her boss's c**k every now and then when he feels stressed by all the work or his wife didn't let him get it on again. The sex doll Charleen has long blond hair, green eyes, and a seductive blowing mouth. Her firm tits are the perfect size and are neither too big nor too small. With this 1.70 m tall love doll you don't know where to look first, because her ass and her shaved p***y are just as delicous. Charleen loves it when you finger her ass and c**t before f*****g her.

6ye Doll

Claire (29 years)

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*
The sex doll Claire works as a bank clerk in a prestigious bank. Not everyone knows it, but things can get pretty hot in there. A few selected customers know it, too. The sexy love doll lets customers f**k her to sell them loans. If the real doll wants a raise, she sucks her boss's d**k so hard it blows his mind. To counterbalance her job, the sex doll Claire loves pole dancing. She also likes to knit. The love doll has long hair that is dyed blonde and brown in an ombre look. No man can resist her blue eyes. What guys, and the sex doll herself, find even hotter is her incredible huge tits. Claire's tits are so big that there's no cup size for them. In her free time, this horny sex doll with a smoothly-shaved pussy likes to wear figure-hugging clothes that emphasize her tits.

6ye Doll

Dana (19 years)

$1,599.00* $1,799.00*
Dana, the little s**t, is an absolute eye-catcher with her big breasts for a TPE sex doll. Many men do not know where to look first. This TPE doll has sensual lips that make every man’s heart beat faster. This love doll is slim but has lush curves. Her ass is just as firm and round as the large H-cup breasts. Her light skin forms a beautiful contrast to the dark brown eyes  During oral sex, she loves to look at her partners with her big eyes. During sex, this sweetness lasciviously throws her blonde, wavy hair back. By the way, the 1.40 m tall sex doll Dana is not only into oral sex, but also likes to feel the hardness of a man in her tight ass.

6ye Doll

Danna (44 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
Danna really is an extraordinary TPE sex doll. She is 1.60 m tall and extremely slim. With F-cup tits that are obviously very large breasts for a real doll. Cute details like the little brown nipples make this TPE doll even more realistic.  She is real eye candy with an elegant face. Besides the perfect kissing mouth, it is her light blue-grey eyes with which the sex doll casts a spell over her owner. Suitably to her rather pale, European-Scandinavian type skin, this sex doll has long blond hair. Her slightly cheeky expression tells everyone that she is a love doll who is quite experimental in bed.
Deleila (19 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
The cute love doll Deleila! She is an absolutely innocent TPE sex doll who does not know yet how much she has to offer her owner. This little sex doll is 1.58 m tall and has a nicely tanned youthful body. By her face, you can tell that she is still a very young real doll. The small sweet nose and the big full lips match her unbelievable bright green-yellow eyes perfectly. This promises an absolute dream view when she orally serves her owner as a sex doll. However, her little A-cup tits should not be forgotten, because they, like the whole being of Deleila, demand a lot of attention and care.

6ye Doll

Elani (42 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
Elani is a beautiful dark TPE sex doll. The horny milf is looking for a man she can really spoil as a sex doll. When Elani becomes your future love doll, you can look forward to being well looked after. The 1.38 m tall TPE doll has a chubby figure and is therefore perfect for everyone who simply wants more to hold. It's been a long time since anyone has really given this sex doll a horny c**k that can fill all of her tight pleasure holes. Her dark skin and exotic type make Elani a real rarity and a much sought-after love doll. But she is not only looking for hot sex, but also a loyal partner and you could soon be cuddling up to her fat real doll K-cup tits.
Emma (18 years)

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*
Emma is a very adorable sweet 150 cm tall TPE sex doll. Her big dream is to be a hot love doll, but before this sex doll can join the big girls, she has to be taught a lot. Because this slim TPE doll is not only very young- a teen to be exact, but also has no experience at all.  You should take your chance and penetrate the virgin lust-openings extensively. This love doll with a teen face and brown eyes already blows the sweetest kisses at you. Show her that a night with you as her sex doll owner is really worth it.

6ye Doll

Galina (38 years)

$2,199.00* $2,399.00*
Galina is a really horny MILF and ready for a steady partner at her side. The very slim and 1.7 m tall TPE sex doll with Russian roots is a real grenade who spreads fear and terror in her company and also stiffens every interns’ c**k.  This love doll with a cute butt and hot E-cup tits is only looking for a partner at eye level, who takes her in their arms and then will f**k her in all her tight real doll holes. The TPE doll has much to give to her future husband and is the perfect counterpart for you and your sexual desires. With long black hair and big dark eyes, this sex doll has a hint of something wicked. Discover her wild side in your bedroom.

6ye Doll

Isaac (29 years)

$2,199.00* $2,399.00*
At 1.7 m tall, the sex doll Isaac is quite a tall love doll and a very pretty boy. As an erotic model, he also knows how to make both men and women horny.  This sex doll has a really sexy six-pack; plus, his 23 cm stiff c**k leaves nothing to be imagined and is just waiting to indulge you. Who can say no to this hot real doll?The love doll Isaac also has beautiful brown hair and a dark beard. With his bright blue eyes, he just wraps everyone around his finger. What are you waiting for? Choose Isaac as your real doll!

6ye Doll

Jada (28 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
The sex doll Jada is an absolute babe who knows exactly how to use her charms. The love doll is 1.65 m tall and her tits are so big there's no cup size for them. No wonder men prefer ordering their drinks from her. The hot Love Doll is a bartender in one of the best clubs in town, and gets more in tips than she's paid. The real doll Jada has long black, curly hair and almost black eyes. Men love her velvety brown skin. With curves like hers, she’s a total eye-catcher. Guys don't know which is hotter – her ass or her tits. The sex doll doesn't care, as long as she gets regular sex in the drinks store. Then, she doesn’t just want her wet c**t f****d, but her big ass, too. Jada likes to wear tight, figure-hugging clothes. She likes dresses and sexy lingerie with animal prints and high heels.

6ye Doll

Jelena (28 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
Jelena is an Eastern European beauty who is aware of the effects she has as a TPE doll on men. No one's fooling her. She is quite hot and likes to play with her feminine charms. The 1.58 m tall TPE sex doll has a slim and natural body that looks perfect in any outfit she adorns her real doll body with.  Her firm AA tits fit perfectly in your hand when you massage and knead them for a long-time during foreplay. But this love doll has more to offer than just a hot body because her face is unique and typically Eastern European. Bright blue eyes and super sensual lips are just waiting for you to exchange hot kisses with this sexy love doll.

6ye Doll

Juma (25 years)

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*
Juma is a 1.5 m tall TPE sex doll with a far Eastern touch and velvety pale skin. The love doll has the perfect size for the most exciting positions, which will bring her owner to climax fast. Her petite TPE doll body makes it very easy for her master to put her in the desired positions and she definitely has the necessary stamina to be f****d for hours. To match her slim body, she has cute B-cup breasts that are the perfect size if you like smaller breasts. As you can see from her tender face, she is of Asian descent and her big, brown almond eyes show you that the far eastern sex doll is permanently horny.

6ye Doll

Katana (27 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
‘Wow’ is a very fitting description for the TPE sex doll Katana with her unique Asian beauty. The noble, pale sex doll is a realistic 1.6 m tall and promises a lot of fun with sex in different positions. Her TPE doll body is beautifully feminine, without an ounce too much. If you love real dolls with big cleavage, you will have a lot of fun with her unique G-cup breasts. Katana’s face is a dream come true! It is very delicate and gracefully designed and the dark brown eyes, combined with the sensual mouth, will take the heart of this love doll owner by storm.


✧ Something for everyone

✧ From teen girls to MILFs

✧ Hot curves

Even a quick glance at the 6YE Doll product selection will tell you that this brand truly caters to every taste. Their huge selection is reflected in umpteen different skin tones, figures, and even age ranges. Decide whether you want to seduce a Japanese teen girl or an African MILF. 

 By the way, you can easily make changes such as skin, hair, and eye color on your respective sex doll. However, if you have a particularly detailed idea of your future real doll and would like to finally live out your fantasies with her, then use our inquiry form.


✧ Wide variety of figure types

✧ Realistic proportions

✧ From slim to curvy

For a particularly real look, 6YE Doll designs their sex dolls according to realistic figure types. That's why you'll mostly find sex dolls with natural proportions with this brand. You can choose between slim ladies with small breasts or curvy sex dolls with a double D rack. 

To have a unique sex experience with your real doll, the feeling plays an extremely important role besides the look. To make it feel especially realistic and exciting, all love dolls are made of velvety soft TPE.


✧ Great attention to detail

✧ Custom design

✧ Seductive features

6YE Doll is a company that pays the utmost attention to detail in every sex doll. The result of this day-long design process is flawless and super realistic faces that quickly make you forget that 6YE Doll's real dolls are made of TPE. 

If you want to give your love doll even more expression when she arrives at your place, we recommend to make her up according to your taste.


✧ Free update to premium skeleton

✧ Holds desired position

✧ Huge range of motion 

6YE Doll excels in this area with a high-quality skeleton and flawless TPE sheathing, so you can position the technical masterpiece built into the TPE sex doll completely according to your preferences.

This is why you should buy a 6YE Doll at dolloro®

As a certified online retailer, you can be sure that the brand quality of 6YE Doll is first class. From the products to the shopping experience - we offer you an all-round feel-good atmosphere!

Your advantages at a glance

Buy 6YE Doll - online & safe!

6YE has a huge selection of high-quality sex dolls that naturally appeals to many different customers. Many fans would love to buy one of these exciting 6YE Dolls. A quick search on the net yields some online retailers where you can buy a 6YE Doll.But watch out! The following saying applies: "Not all that glitters is gold." Dubious shops lure with supposedly super low prices for the sinful brand sex dolls. The sober truth, however, is missing supplies, inferior TPE sex dolls, and irrevocably lost money.

So, if you want to buy real 6YE Dolls, you should always go to a reputable sex doll dealer.

This is how you recognize a real 6YE Doll dealer:

1. Trademark license from 6YE Doll= In order to be allowed to sell a real 6YE Doll, the necessary license must be obtained directly from 6YE. If you don't find a certificate on the website, which confirms the official sales permission, you should stay away from this shop.

 2. Contact information = The imprint gives you information about who is behind the online shop. The indication of a complete imprint is compulsory by law. If you want to buy 6YE Dolls and your chosen dealer has no or only an incomplete imprint, beware! If an imprint is available, but contact details or telephone numbers are missing, you can be sure that you will not receive the product and the service (e.g. complaint) that you want

3. Methods of payment = A reputable retailer where you can buy 6YE Dolls with peace of mind will always offer you various payment methods. Also, those that protect you as a customer in a special way and with which you can easily make use of your buyer protection (e.g. PayPal) in case of problems.

Choose the right one from the ocean of dealers and buy your 6YE Doll without worries. Pay attention to the three points mentioned above and rely on your own feeling and reviews of other customers on independent platforms (e.g. excellent.org).

You want to know more about the partnership of dolloro® and 6YE Doll? Below, we give you an insight into our cooperation with the Chinese manufacturer and tell you the most important reasons why we are the right dealer for your future 6YE Dolls.

6YE Doll & dolloro® - Partnership taken further!

6YE Doll stands for quality and progress, something that is also important to us as a real doll dealer and to which we want to contribute. That's why we work closely with the best real doll manufacturers. One of our partners is 6YE Doll, who we always enjoy visiting on-site in China.

Here, you can find some impressions and pictures of our visit to the main offices of 6YE Doll with their CEO Yaxing Xiao. We had the opportunity to inspect the production facility very closely and thus take a look behind the scenes.

Here, you can find our official dealer certificate:

             The certificate

Authenticity & Charm - 6YE Doll

The 6YE Dolls brand really breathes life into their love dolls! The reason for this is the colorful variety of sex dolls and the excellent work of the doll artists. If you're into authenticity, you're guaranteed to find it with 6YE Doll.

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