HR Doll

Few brands offer sex dolls that are as varied and unique as HR Doll. It doesn't matter if you like small breasts and athletic bodies, or if you prefer curvy and very feminine bodies: HR Doll has everything your heart desires. Moreover, HR Doll has some really attractive male sex dolls with toned bodies, and you can look forward to a constant expansion of their sex doll range.

By the way, the Real Dolls from HR Doll are mainly made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) or a combination of a TPE body and silicone head. This makes the pleasure holes of your sex doll feel velvety soft, while the silicone allows for the addition of fabulous details.

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HR Doll

Breanna (20 years)
Sexy love doll Breanna is a social work student, because she loves helping other people. She is a bit shy, but the cute sex doll regularly makes sure her fellow students have intense orgasms. Breanna loves to lick p*****s as much as she likes to suck c***s.The shy real doll secretly dreams of a hot threesome. But she's still too shy for that. Now she hopes that she will find a man who will help her overcome her shyness and have a threesome with her. Love doll Breanna has long, blonde hair, dazzling blue eyes and a sexy blowjob mouth. The 5 ft 4 in tall sex doll with little A-cup titties has fair skin and a hairy p***y. The petite sex doll doesn't want to shave because the hairs tickle her p***y so nicely when she's f*****g and it only makes her hornier. Breanna likes to wear thongs under her hot pants, coupled with cropped tops and sneakers.

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*

HR Doll

Ilona (37 years)
The experienced love doll Ilona owns her own pub, which is mostly visited and loved by men. Often, the loose sex doll gets down and dirty with the guys there. There have been many wild nights with countless guys. There is hardly anything that Ilona has not tried in or out of bed. When it comes to sex, no one can fool this horny real doll.Many men who only knew the missionary position before have learned a lot from Ilona. The pretty love doll is not too shy for anything during sex. She enjoys the attention of men and knows exactly how to make them happy. The 1.74 m tall sex doll has long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Ilona's fair skin is velvety soft, as is her hot blowing mouth. This little devil likes to wrap her big E-cup tits in low-cut tops so that the men have something to look at. This sex doll has curves in all the right places, as evidenced by her hot ass. Her hairless c**t is always open with sexual desire and ready to receive the next c**k.

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*

HR Doll

Jonathan (23 years)
The sexy love doll Jonathan is a carpenter. Handicrafts are his specialty. He loves the different properties of wood and finds it very sensual, so that at times he can hardly hold back with lust. Luckily, his customers and clients think he's pretty hot. Sometimes, he f***s his customers with his impressive 17 cm c**k right there on the workbench.However, the sex doll dreams of a mixed threesome and would not be averse to joint sex games with others and a steady partner. The real doll Jonathan has black chin-length hair and green eyes. His face is clean-shaven because he doesn't want women who have shaved their c***s to complain that his beard scratches them. The love doll is 1.67 m tall and has light skin. His well-toned body makes all women and men get weak in their knees. The sex doll Jonathan prefers to wear jeans, a muscle shirt, and a bandana to keep his hair in check. This hot guy also prefers to wear Calvin Klein shorts because they show off his c**k and tight ass to their best advantage.

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*

HR Doll

Lillian (32 years)
Curvy sex doll Lillian loves her job helping the doctor. She especially likes to look after the old men, who are mainly after the caring love doll's big ass. When Lillian washes the old men, sexual adventures are often next because their tired manhood suddenly stands to attention.The real doll enjoys sex with these men. They give her jewelry and money as gifts. This curvy beauty really wants a man by her side who can keep up with her appetite. Sex doll Lillian has shoulder-length blonde hair, brown eyes and a beautiful blowjob mouth. She thinks her bum is a bit big. But she still enjoys getting f****d in the ass. She also loves it when you play with her luscious tits. Her tits, like her ass, are very big. She rarely finds bras which fit her anymore, which is why the 5’4” love doll rarely wears one. Lillian loves to wear tight tops which emphasize her big tits. She’s happy when you give her jewelry and chocolates.

$1,999.00* $2,199.00*

HR Doll

Lodovica (34 years)
Sexy love doll Lodovica is a surfing instructor. Even when she was a little girl, she knew exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up. The horny sex doll has found complete fulfillment in her job. Her career allows her to pursue both her passions: surfing and sex. When the fancy takes her, the hot real doll seduces her students in the sea or on the surfboard. In her free time, she likes to go to her favorite bar or go dancing. Love doll Lodovica is 5 ft 5 in tall. She has fair skin, long, copper-colored hair, and green eyes. Her shaved p***y is already looking forward to feeling the next c**k. The sex doll's C-cup titties make every man hot, just like her hot ass. Lodovica likes to wear colorful costume jewelry and bikinis. When she goes to bars, she likes to wear dresses or mini skirts and high heels.

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*

HR Doll

Louane (27 years)
Sexy love doll Louane loves her job as a pilates instructor. She prefers to teach the men because she enjoys the greedy looks the guys throw at her body. The sex doll gets especially turned on when she sees that one or the other of her students has a stiff c**k in his pants.She gives these men a private tutoring session after the pilates class and teaches them the Kama Sutra. The 1.74 m tall real doll loves to get f****d during her pilates exercises. Her sexy blowing mouth also likes to swallow c*m. The love doll Louane has light skin, dark brown long hair, and brown eyes. Her plump E-cup tits and hot firm ass as well as the shaved, open c**t drive any man out of his mind. Louane was always ashamed of her big nipples when she was younger. Today, the sex doll appreciates them because every man finds them attractive. The flexible sex doll prefers to wear tight sports pants and crop tops that perfectly showcase her ample tits.

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*

HR Doll

Magnus (33 years)
The sexy love doll Magnus is an electrician. His work has given him two very skillful hands. But he can also convince with his tounge. He doesn’t just make the lamps shine in his customers’ house, he also brings a shine to his clients’ eyes.The sex doll is bisexual and knows how to help women and men alike reach intense orgasms. Thanks to him, many men have discovered that they can definitely get something out of a hot man's c**k. The real doll Magnus is not only into kinky sex, but also has a romantic side. The love doll has brown hair, blue eyes, and a little more than a three-day beard. He is athletically built and has light tan skin. The sex doll Magnus is 1.67 m tall and has a delicious 17 cm long c**k that has satisfied every woman and man so far. He prefers to emphasize his hot ass with a pair of jeans. He wears casual lumberjack shirts with it.

$1,999.00* $2,099.00*

HR Doll

Meike (24 years)
Sexy love doll Meike is a Business Administration student. Her parents really wanted her to study business administration, so she could take over the family business later on. Studying is not all that important to the horny sex doll. For her, the most important thing is having fun in bed, which she does with her fellow students at every college party. Meike has never skipped a party and has already f****d every guy from her college.The horny real doll is very confident in bed and is reluctant to be dominated. Instead, she dominates her men and gets what she wants! The 5 ft 4 in tall love doll with little A-cup titties loves to let several guys lick her slightly hairy p***y one after the other until she comes. When the guys do what they want and do their job properly, the sex doll rewards her sexual partners. Meike has long, brown hair, green eyes and fair skin. She also has a horny blowjob mouth, which she likes to use to reward her studs. This sex doll likes to wear tight tops and mini skirts that are so short that you can almost see her p***y.

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*

HR Doll

Ming (26 years)
Sexy love doll Ming is actually a secretary by profession. But she has fun turning men's heads, which is why she earns a little on the side as an escort lady. As an escort girl, the hot sex doll can decide for herself whether she sleeps with the men or not. Ming has decided against it.The sexy real doll is quite inexperienced, which she is a little embarrassed about. She would like to save herself for the right person and then give herself completely to her dream prince. Love doll Ming is 5 ft 5 in tall. She has light, velvety skin, black, shoulder-length hair and her eyes are almost black. The sex doll has great C-cup titties that no man has ever been allowed to see, and a shaved pussy that has never been used and is therefore nice and tight. Ming is slim and likes to wear red lingerie that goes perfectly with her favorite lipstick.

$1,599.00* $1,899.00*

HR Doll

Renata (30 years)
Hot love doll Renata recently fulfilled her dream and opened her own boutique, where she sells the most expensive clothes by the best designers. Her customers are mostly housewives with very rich husbands. So that the men don't get bored at the boutique, the sex doll is happy to have all of her f**k holes ready. She has hot sex with them and really earns a packet, because the men keep coming back.F*****g a horny real doll is pretty addictive. Love doll Renata is 5 ft 4 in tall. Her fair skin is velvety smooth and her small A-cup titties are nice and firm. Her pink p***y is shaved and always nice and wet. She likes to let the rich men lick her p***y to orgasm. Of course, the insatiable sex doll will return the favor with a hearty blowjob. Renata has blonde, shoulder-length hair and dazzling blue eyes. Men love her sexy mouth and enjoy looking into her eyes while she goes down on them. This sex doll likes to wear expensive jewelry.

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*

HR Doll

Romain (25 years)
Sexy love doll Romain has dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player since he was a kid. Today, the sex doll is a professional footballer and one of the best players on his team. Plus, he's popular with the ladies. Many consider him a go-getter who takes the lead in bed. However, Romain prefers to be pampered by the girls and is happy to give up the reins.So far, the 6-foot-6 real doll has never had a threesome. But his biggest dream would be to be spoiled by two women at the same time. The love doll has curly black hair and brown eyes. His dark skin is velvety soft. With his magnificent 17 cm c**k, which is shaved, he makes every woman happy and provides them with intense orgasms. The sex doll Romain also has beautiful full lips that make you want to kiss them. Even in his free time, Romain prefers to wear his football jersey, and he shows off his hot ass very well in his pants.

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*

HR Doll

Roxi (23 years)
Sexy real doll Roxi works at a cinema. She’s a complete film nerd and knows every little detail about films. While films are showing, she often does it with patrons who arrive late. Every now and then, she even rents out the cinema privately so she can organize perverted sex parties or group sex.Sex doll Roxi is up for anything during sex, as long as it doesn't get boring. She loves kinky sex and likes to be showered in cum. This Love Doll is a real nasty s**t who even makes some men blush. This love doll is just over 5 ft 4 in tall and she’s especially popular with men who like exotic beauties with small A-cup titties. Roxi has long brown hair, brown eyes and dark skin which makes her hairless, pink p***y hole even more appealing. The horny sex doll also has a firm ass and an irresistible blowjob mouth which she knows exactly how to use.

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*

HR Doll

Stella (20 years)
Pretty love doll Stella is a kindergarten teacher. At the kindergarten, this 5’4” sex doll often meets up with the parents and has dirty sex with them. It's not just the men who like this charming beauty. Every now and then she also catches a woman’s eye.Stella would like to have children of her own one day. But for now, she's enjoying her single life and looking forward to more sexual adventures. The real doll is totally into bondage games. However, she also likes to take on the dominant role and shows her sex partner what's what! This love doll has long blonde hair, brown eyes and a sexy blowjob mouth. Her big D-cup titties and long legs drive everyone crazy – men and women! Sex doll Stella is slim and prefers to wear everyday casual clothes with long-sleeved shirts, jeans and sneakers.


HR Doll

Svenja (23 years)
Sexy love doll Svenja is a professional show jumper. She spends a lot of time with her horse and so she doesn’t have much time for a steady partner. Her previous love affairs have never managed to make her happy in the long term because they didn't get that this sex doll spends more time with her horse than with her partner.This real doll loves her freedom so she doesn’t have any need for a man who’s too clingy. However, she’ll never say no to a hot ride on her future partner. This hot love doll doesn't care whether she's f****d in the ass or the pussy, as long as she’s allowed to ride the c**k. The sex doll Svenja is 5 ft 4 in tall and has flawless, fair skin. She has shoulder-length blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes. Her sexy mouth is simply irresistible, as are her big D-cup titties and shaved pussy. Svenja likes to wear hot pants and cropped tops with a deep neckline. After all, she likes to show off what she's got.

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*

HR Doll

Xinxin (49 years)
Sexy love doll Xinxin has no interest in your finances. After all, she’s rich herself and she lives in a villa on the outskirts of town. She is the owner of several internationally known and successful companies. The sex doll has just recently retired from the business and now lets others work for her while she enjoys her life and wealth.She wants to share her wealth and her lustholes with a sex partner who likes to experiment. The real doll likes hot group sex and threesomes. She has also discovered her passion for S&M and is currently trying it out.This horny love doll knows exactly what she wants. Xinxin is 5 ft 4 in tall. She has short black hair and green eyes. The hot sex doll has a slim figure, with curves in just the right places. She is particularly proud of her great big ass, along with her plump D-cup titties, and her shaved p***y leaves nothing to be desired. This sex doll has very fair skin, which makes her red blowjob mouth even more appealing. Xinxin loves to dress extravagantly.

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*


✧ Spectacular selection

✧ Erotic bodies

✧ Male & Female Sex Dolls

The Manufacturer HR Doll provides their customers with really hot sex dolls that exude eroticism from the top of their head to their toes. The beauties are available in different ages, body types, origin and even genders! If you want to change the eye color, skin color, or the pubic hair of your HR doll, you can easily select it yourself when you place your order. 

However, if you have special wishes and fantasies, we can also design your 100% individual sex doll. Just use our contact form, tell us your requests, and we will take care of the design and production.


Individual details

✧ Natural coloring

Each real doll is unique

So that you can really let yourself go with your sex doll, a perfect interaction of material and details is indispensable. HR Doll easily succeeds in creating a sex doll for their customer that is realistic through and through. The body details and the natural, and therefore realistic, coloring of the breasts, nipples, and genitals are very important. 

Unlike any other manufacturer, you can decide on details such as labia color, pubic hair, and nail varnish color during the ordering process. If you want to buy a sex doll that is truly one of a kind, the beauties from HR Doll are perfect for you.


Exclusive design

Charismatic looks

 Lots of sex appeal with every real doll

The real dolls from HR doll have an incredible recognition value. The reason for this is the unique personalities and expressiveness that the Chinese manufacturer conjures up in the face of each of its real dolls. 

Should you want to buy a real doll that stands out from the crowd, you need to opt for an HR doll. The doll artists at HR doll place at least as much value on their male sex dolls as they do on their female creations, demonstrating the highest level of craftsmanship in both.


✧ Free of charge at dolloro®

✧ Hundreds of possible positions

Optimized tilt angle

You want to buy a real doll to have a lot of fun with her? Then, of course, her look and velvety feel are important, but for varied sex with your new HR doll, you shouldn't forget about the premium skeleton. 

Compared to the standard skeleton of a real doll, this free upgrade from dolloro® gives you unprecedented range of motion, better tilt angle, and endless pose possibilities thanks to the movable shoulder section. Whether it's BJ on her knees, doggy-style, or imaginative Kamasutra, your real doll from HR doll moves like an acrobat.

This is why you should buy your HR doll at dolloro®

A unique shopping experience awaits you at dolloro®. You can inform yourself about the latest sex doll topics and buy the perfect HR doll for you from a huge selection on our modern and user-friendly website.  

Your advantages at a glance

Warning: This is how you buy original HR dolls! 

When looking for a sex doll, you will find umpteen different suppliers online. Many of them lure in potential customers with tempting offers. However, utopian prices should set off your alarm bells.

Among the numerous dealers are countless black sheep who exploit the desire for a sex doll from HR doll to enrich themselves. The mostly fantastic offers end with a never delivered sex doll and a correspondingly lighter wallet.

This is how you recognize a reputable HR doll reseller:
  • Official HR doll Seal: If you want to sell real HR dolls, you must have the permission of the dealer. You can see whether such a partnership exists by means of a seal and certificate.

  • Complete imprint: Every online store must provide an imprint; if this is missing or not 100% complete, then this isn't a reputable HR doll reseller. If there is an imprint, but contact details are missing, the chances are high that you might have problems with the purchase of your sex doll and that you will not be able to reach anyone in case of questions or problems. 

  • Customer-friendly payment methods:  Your potential Sex Doll retailer only offers prepayment? Then you should definitely buy your sex doll elsewhere. A reputable provider must be able to offer you several payment methods that ensure that, in case of problems, you will get your money back in an uncomplicated way.  
These three little indicators can quickly and easily save you from a bad purchase and rip-off. Information about our partnership with HR doll and the official certificate for dolloro® can be found in the following section. 

HR doll & dolloro® - For sex dolls according to your wishes! 

As a German distributor for real dolls, we can actively influence the design of future TPE and silicone dolls through our partnership with HR doll. Of course, this gives us the opportunity to listen to your wishes and to improve the quality of the HR dolls. 

That is why we are pleased to have such an important and innovative partner as HR doll and the hard-working team around the manufacturer. It is always a pleasure for us to be your mouthpiece directly on-site and in productive meetings.

Here, you can find our official retailer certificate:       

           The certificate

The Best Manufacturer HR doll 

HR doll combines innovative design with superior material quality to provide its customers with an exceptional selection of sex dolls. The range of male sex dolls in particular shows that HR doll has an all-round view of the market and understands how many gay men, women, and couples crave a sex doll that meets their ideas and preferences. 

These advantages await you with HR doll:
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German Company

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