Silicone Sex Doll Bing Bing Starpery - 159 cm C-Cup

Starpery Bing Bing (18 years)

Hello, my name is Bing Bing and I just turned 18 years old. I must admit that I am quite a spoiled girl. My parents carry me on their hands, so to speak. From a very young age, I have always gotten everything I wanted. So I'm used to getting what I want and if I don't get it, I can get pretty uncomfortable.
Currently, I'm still going to school. But soon I'll have my degree in the bag. After that, I want to take some time off and travel the world. My parents are paying for all this. So I don't need to go to work. And maybe after the world trip I will start studying. My parents are often on the road. That's why I sometimes feel very lonely and would like to have nice company from someone I can talk to.

I just want to feel safe and of course have a lot of sex. Sex is very important to me! I have had a few sex partners. But I would prefer to have someone steady for it. Maybe a real relationship or at least something like a friendship plus, in which I can let myself fall. Maybe you would even like to come on the world trip with me. I guess my parents would even like it better if I had a protector by my side. I'm sure they would pay for the trip for you, too. My parents can easily afford it.

Sometimes I have parties at home when my parents aren't around. I also like going to the movies and going out with my friends. I like action movies and scary movies the most. Not too much horror, but a little bit. I like to go shopping, do you? Maybe we can go shopping together sometime. It would also be great if you like to go to the spa. I go there regularly to relax.
Product information "Silicone Sex Doll Bing Bing Starpery - 159 cm C-Cup"
The description refers to the model 159 cm with C-cups.

Sex Doll Bing Bing is a spoiled girl from rich house. She is used to getting what she wants from a very young age. Her parents are usually away on business trips. Now the premium luxury sex doll wants a man by her side with whom she can talk and with whom she feels safe. Of course, the hot silicone doll doesn't want to give up sex in the process.

Love Doll Bing Bing is 1.59 m tall. She has long brown hair, brown eyes and light velvety skin. The sex doll has a slim figure and plump C-cup tits. She also has a greedy blow mouth. This lovely sex doll prefers to wear girly clothes that still look seductive.
Age: Teens (18-20 years)
Ass: Small ass
Body Type: Normal (average), Slim & Small, Skinny (with visible ribs)
Eyecolour: Brown
Gender: Female
Hair Colour: Brown
Hair Length: Long
Hair Style: Straight
Height: Little (1,51-1,60m / 4,9-5,3ft)
Material: Silicone, TPE, TPE with a silicone head
Shop Filter: Sexpuppen
Type: Asian
Tag: Large Boobs , Skinny, Teens
Tags: Large breasts (C-D)
Visual breast size**: C-D (large)
Manufacturer: Starpery
* Please note that the sex doll will not be delivered with pre-applied professional makeup. It was only applied for the product photos. The clothes, accessories and decorations depicted in the photos are also not included with the purchase of a sex doll.

** The visual breast size is simply a visual representation based on the figure and the proportions of the sex doll. This information is not suitable for ordering bras. For this purpose, the upper bust and full bust measurements from the size chart are used.
Height 159 cm 5.22 ft.
Upper chest circumference 73 cm 28.74 in.
Underbust circumference 57 cm 22.44 in.
Waist circumference 54 cm 21.26 in.
Hip circumference 79 cm 31.10 in.
Foot length 22 cm 8.66 in.
Shoulder width 34.5 cm 13.58 in.
Vaginal depth 18 cm 7.09 in.
Anal depth 17 cm 7.69 in.
Oral depth 11 cm 4.33 in.
Body weight 36.5 kg 80.47 lb.

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