Sex robot for sale

Sexual satisfaction has never been so high-tech. The perfect combination of a sexy design and the technical innovation of a sex robot for sale from dolloro® will prove that robots don’t have to be composed of cold, metal structures.

As with any other category of love doll, the skeleton of each sex robot for sale is enclosed within a soft, lifelike layer of silicone or TPE. No one will be able to tell that an insatiable sex robot is really what’s hiding behind your love doll’s eyes.

A sex robot for sale comes with a few extra advantages. You can’t see it, but under the sexy face and flawless body of your sex robot lies complex machinery allowing her to react and respond to you in bed. She can moan how you like and move her body and facial expressions in response to your movements.

Great selection of sex robots for sale

Just like conventional real dolls, a sex robot for sale from dolloro® will ensure you a realistic sexual experience, detailed designs and a huge selection to choose from.

Choose a sex robot for sale from our huge online shop and you’ll never have another boring night! 


AI Tech

Amalia (19 years)
Speech Function: With
The hot sex doll Amalia seems very shy and reserved at first sight. She is a really horny s**t, who doesn’t think twice! If she sees an opportunity to have sex, she takes it. The horny sex doll has now created a real sex network. She has different ways to get hot sex and satisfy her lust as soon as possible. The 1.68 m tall love doll has long, blond hair, blue eyes and velvety, light skin. The real doll, with plump C-cup tits, loves to be f****d in unusual places, so that no boredom arises. In addition, the sex robot enjoys the thrill of being caught. Amalia prefers to wear lingerie in light pastel shades that look innocent. However, this horny s**t is not innocent at all! Already in her young years, she gained so much experience that even older guys can take a lesson from the real doll!

From $2,799.00* $3,799.00*

WM Doll

Aurelia (26 years)

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*

AI Tech

Debby (29 years)
Speech Function: Without
Hot sex doll Debby has a penchant for fast cars, which she discovered as a child. Today she is a car saleswoman. However, the sex doll seduces her customers not only with sinfully expensive cars, but also with her fantastic e-cup tits. Sometimes, during a joyride, the hot love doll has to pull over to the grass verge because her customer can hardly stand the sexy atmosphere. The 160cm real doll has sold every car she's ever wanted to sell. In addition, the beautiful blond with green eyes has a penchant for good wines, as her parents own a winery. She often drinks a noble drop with her sex partners before she enjoys a hot sex adventure with him. Sex robot Debby has light, velvety skin and a shaved c**t just waiting to finally get f*****d! This exciting beauty loves to wear extravagant lingerie with suspenders!

$2,799.00* $2,999.00*

AI Tech

Jamini (18 years)
Speech Function: Without
The sexy love doll Jamini is still at to school and will soon be graduating. She’s very inexperienced, but longing for a man to finally f**k her c**t hard. But this cute sex doll's parents have other plans for her. She’s only allowed to meet men after she graduates. Her parents want her to study sociology when she finishes school.Now, the real doll Jamini is looking for a man with whom she can secretly meet to f**k. She wants him to teach her how to suck him off and show her how to make men happy. This horny sex robot is 1.68 m tall and has plump, C-cup tits. The fair-skinned sex doll has long, black hair, brown eyes and a horny mouth. Her shaved c**t has never seen a c**k. Nothing has ever been inside of her tight p***y, not even her finger. All she does is secretly rub her p***y through her panties every now and then. Jamini likes to wear traditional kimonos.

$2,799.00* $2,999.00*

AI Tech

Jasmin (27 years)
Speech Function: With
The sexy love doll Jasmin loves the jet-set life. Her parents are rich, and she can afford anything. Nevertheless, she works as a travel blogger and travels the world. She has seduced men all over the world. However, this sex doll is not one for steady relationships. She’s always looking for the next hot sex adventure. Then, she disappears from the man's life again. Every now and then, she takes someone with her on her travels. They spend a few days together and then go their separate ways. For the men, it’s a few unforgettable days! The real doll Jasmin simply melts men’s’ hearts. She has long, brown, curly hair. Her wild mane is very distinctive. It also sets off her blue eyes beautifully. This 1.67 m tall sex robot with slightly tanned skin has nice, fat I-cup tits that make every man weak in the knees, as does her hungry shaved cunt. Jasmin prefers to wear black lace lingerie. In addition, the horny sex doll loves jewelry studded with precious stones and fishnet stockings.

From $2,799.00* $3,799.00*

AI Tech

Paige (24 years)
Speech Function: Without
Horny sex doll Paige is an editor and always on the lookout for the best news: but that's not all! The pretty blond with long hair is also looking for a partner who is at least as depraved as she is. The sex doll likes men who have no taboos in bed. As an editor, she knows all about the latest sex trends. She’s always the first to get tickets for the sex fair.The 1.67 m tall Paige enjoys SM and taking on the submissive, or sometimes the dominant, role. This hot love doll also loves perverted role-playing games. The sex robot has brown eyes and light skin. Her shaved p***y is just as lustful as her big I-cup tits are luscious. This real doll is a curvaceous beauty with a big, hot ass. She loves having her asshole f****d deep and hard. Paige likes to wear fishnet stockings and bikinis that barely cover the essentials.


AI Tech

Rachelle (31 years)
Speech Function: With
Sexy love doll Rachelle loves books more than anything! She loves to read for a living and would love to become a writer herself. She has a passion for erotic novels, but they are often not hot enough for her. That's why she wants to write a hot novel of her own, so she can relive all her sex adventures many times over. So that the horny sex doll gets enough material for her erotic novel, she is currently on research work and has hot sex with changing partners. As a climax for the novel, the sex robot Rachelle would like to participate in a g**gb**g. The sex robot is 1.57 m tall. She has long, copper-colored hair and green eyes. Her fair skin is flawless and velvety soft. She loves it when you knead her big M-cup tits properly while you lick her shaved c**t. sex doll Rachelle especially enjoys being given hot lingerie to show off to her sex partner on her sexy body.

From $2,999.00* $3,799.00*

AI Tech

Rumi (23 years)
Speech Function: Without
Hot sex doll Rumi always seems serious at her job as an intern for a prestigious and world-renowned IT company. At night, she pursues her second job as a call girl and goes absolutely wild with her clients. The 1.57 m tall sex doll loves her job as a call girl. Her clients are mostly rich businessmen, with kinky, sexual desires that the sex robot is only too happy to fulfill for them. Real Doll Rumi has long, brown hair, brown eyes, and a sexy blowing mouth. Hardly any man can avert his gaze from this little devil’s D-cup tits. The sex robot has flawless, fair skin. Her favorite things to wear are pinstripe miniskirts, tight blouses that show off her tits perfectly, and pumps to make her look a little taller than she really is.

$2,799.00* $2,999.00*

AS Doll

Yuma (28 years)
Yuma is a unique robot sex doll who is 1.70 m tall. The complex technology behind this love doll is well hidden behind a petite and beautiful young woman with exciting long black hair. She can close and open her big light blue eyes with the additional functions as a sex robot and also move her beautiful head. You will be surprised at the lovely voice of this adult doll, who will only too gladly moan for you during the act of love. By the way, her H-cup breasts are perfect if you want a long and intense titty f**k and her TPE doll ass is the perfect sight in every position from behind.

$2,799.00* $2,999.00*

dolloro® Nr. 1 Shop to Buy Your Sex Robot

We don’t call ourselves the number 1 shop to buy sex robots for no reason! A great selection of carefully selected sex robot models, outstanding brands, unique individualization options, the monthly expansion of our product range with the most recent models, personal customer support and German perfection in all purchasing processes make us the best option for you to buy your sex robot.

When you buy a sex robot with dolloro®, you have the opportunity to customize your new bed bunny. From the eye color, to the breast specifications, you have a nice range of possible individualization options. On top of that, we give you the choice to buy a sex robot directly through our online shop, or on site at our showroom where 20 of our bestsellers are displayed.
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The perfect styling for your sex robot

Here you can find hot tips about styling your dream sex robot for sale:

Storage of your sex robot

You’ve selected a sex robot for sale, but how do you store it once it arrives? Here we have summarized the best possibilities for storing your doll. So you can be sure that you will enjoy her for a long time whilst also protecting her from curious looks.  

TPE vs. silicone

These differences exist between a TPE and silicone sex robot for sale:

Care for your sex robot

This way you make sure that you enjoy your sweetheart for a long time:


Pick up some condoms as soon as you’ve found the perfect sex robot for sale. Cleaning up after each session will be a lot easier!

General cleaning and maintenance will still be needed, but using a condom simply saves you time – you’ll thank us later! Plus, you’re less likely to have issues with bacteria forming in the pleasure openings.

Your dream sex robot for sale is waiting! Pick up some condoms and you’ll find the perfect one for you in no time. 

Sex Apertures

To ensure the longevity of your sex robot, each pleasure opening should be cleaned and maintained thoroughly after each use. Use a mild soap or even a dish soap and avoid anything with dyes or strong perfumes.

But don’t fret, because dolloro® will make this easy for you. Each sex robot for sale comes with a cleaning kit.

This includes a special spray bottle that you simply fill with soap and warm water before inserting it into the love openings and rinsing them out. 


Before choosing your sex robot for sale, you should know that just like all women, she’ll also need a bath and a little self-care at least once a month to keep her TPE or silicone skin silky smooth- aside from cleaning her love holes after each use.

Important: The water temperature shouldn’t exceed 104°F, because high temperatures are not good for the longevity of your sex robot’s skin.

After the bath, let your little plaything dry and then apply baby powder and oil to her skin. 


Every sex robot for sale can handle a little water, but you should avoid fully submerging your bed bunny so that her inner workings don’t get damaged.

Always dry her off thoroughly with a microfiber cloth or towel to avoid stains, bacteria and mold from forming.

Tip: To ensure that the love openings are 100% dry, you can insert a tampon into them. Or, wrap kitchen paper around a cooking spoon and insert it into the openings. 

Baby Powder

You love how your favorite sex robot for sale has such soft, velvety skin? Well, you’ll need to put in just a little bit of work to keep it this way once you purchase her.

After her bath, use a soft makeup brush to dust your sex robot with some baby powder. It’s important that your sex robot is completely clean, otherwise the baby powder may clump up on her skin.

Don’t forget her love openings! They need some TLC with baby powder too! 

Baby Oil

The soft skin of every sex robot for sale is made from either silicone or TPE. These materials have similar care needs as real skin.

The best way to ensure that your sex robot’s skin remains soft and supple is to rub her with baby oil every 3-4 weeks. The delicate areas such as the genitals can be oiled a little more frequently.

This step is essential if you want your sex robot to stay in perfect condition. A few drops of baby oil and she’ll be as good as new!

Tip: Pick up some baby powder and oil now, because once you choose your favorite sex robot for sale, she’ll be at your door before you know it! 


Let your imagination run wild!

Individual request

What makes a sex robot for sale stand out is the fact that they can move themselves and make erotic sounds. Thanks to the high-tech sensors on their feet, breasts and vagina, sex robots can react to your movements during sex.
Your sex robot can even talk! She can answer your questions and have a conversation with you. Her mouth moves and she can make facial expressions as well as blink. One downside is that oral sex isn’t possible with a sex robot for sale, due to the complicated technology that’s kept in their head.

Additionally, a sex robot for sale may also have built-in heating functions that are able to heat up the love openings. Heating sticks can be purchased for conventional love dolls, so you’re not missing out.

Although a conventional love doll doesn’t have all of these functions, they are still very lifelike.  
Every sex robot for sale is stored naked at our warehouse. Because if the clothing she’s wearing isn’t colorfast, the dye can stain the TPE or silicone. Once she’s naked, wrap her in a white blanket to protect her from dust and dirt. Always place your sex robot on a soft surface.

The best place for your sex robot is in bed beside you. This way, she’s always by your side, able to cuddle up to you at night when it gets cold. If you’d rather keep her somewhere more discreet, you’re able to buy special furniture that’s made especially for the storage of sex robots. 

More about this topic: Storage
Yes! Your sex robot will be able to talk and moan in response to your movements in bed. Each sex robot for sale has foot, breast and vagina sensors and they’re able to moan when touched in these places. If you’re not in the mood, your sex robot can also simply hold a conversation with you. With all these extra features, you’ll forget that your new plaything was simply a sex robot for sale just weeks prior! 
Regardless of the material, every sex robot for sale will need to be cleaned after each use to ensure longevity. Use special spray bottles, or a detachable showerhead to rinse out the love openings. All you need is warm water and a mild soap – aggressive cleaning agents may damage the TPE or silicone.

 Rinse each opening a few times to ensure that all fluids have been washed out. If this is not done properly, the love openings of your sex robot can collect bacteria and/or mold. If this is something that you’re anxious about, you could use a condom with your sex robot.

It’s also important to ensure that the genitals and delicate openings of your sex robot stay moisturized. Use lubricant during sex to avoid tearing and rub the holes with baby oil every few weeks.

It’s also important to know that every sex robot for sale will need a full-body clean about once a month. This is best done in the bath, with a mild soap. Do not submerge the head of your plaything and ensure that she’s completely dry and dust her with baby powder before you put her into storage.  

More about this topic: Cleaning & Care
Every sex robot for sale in the dolloro® online shop comes with numerous options for customization. Create your dream bed bunny by choosing her eye color, skin tone, body type and everything else from her head to her toes.

Simply use the Doll-Matcher and you’ll find your dream sex robot for sale in no time. Answer a few questions and your preferences will be filtered. Only dolls that 100% fit your needs will be displayed.

If you still can’t find your dream sex robot for sale, no worries. Send us an individual request form and our doll designers will be on the job asap. Your sex robot will be perfectly configured just for you! 
More about this topic: Individualization
Loose fitting, light-colored clothing is recommended with a dolloro® sex robot for sale. You definitely don’t want to accidentally dye or “bruise” (pressure points) your sex robot’s skin. But not all sexy lingerie or tight dresses are out of bounds- you just need to watch out for a few things:

  • Only buy colorfast clothes
  • Wash all clothes before using them
  • Avoid VERY tight clothing like corsets  

If you followed all these rules and the clothes somehow still dyed your sex robot, you can try to remove the stain with a special discoloring cream. However, this isn’t a guaranteed solution, so always be cautious when buying clothes for your sex robot.  
More about this topic: Clothes
With the current technology, a general sex robot for sale is able to move their head, blink and move their lips whilst speaking. However, the technology is improving more and more as each year passes. There are already some high-end sex robots for sale with complicated AI systems built into them. 
There’s some complicated technology inside of a sex robot for sale, so they can come with a hefty price tag. Despite this, we want everyone to be able to buy their dream sex robot. At dolloro®, we allow you to pay in installments. Pay off your sex robot like you would your car. Begin the search for your dream sex robot for sale without a worry!
Sex robots typically have sensors in their breasts, hands and vaginas. These sensors enable each sex robot for sale to moan in pleasure when you touch them in these areas.
Note: With the standing option, the foot sensors are left out. 
Unfortunately, women’s clothing sizes can be confusing. Luckily, the cup size is included with the description of each sex robot for sale. Simply head to a lingerie store and look for your sex robot’s cup size. Sizes can vary with different stores, so it may take some trial and error.
Plus, a sex robot for sale from dolloro is guaranteed to have practically perfect proportions that aren’t very often seen on real women. Most lingerie isn’t made for such seamless curves, so try a few different stores before settling on a brand you like.

However, with the bust and under bust measurements we supply with every sex robot for sale, your chances of finding properly fitting lingerie increase.

Don’t forget: Always wash new clothes and lingerie before trying them on. 
Once you’ve found the perfect sex robot for sale, you have a few choices to make when it comes to her feet. There’s the standing function and the normal feet. Which one you choose depends on what you want to do with your sex robot.
A sex robot for sale with the standing function has three metal pins that are visible on the sole of the foot. These ensure that the doll can stand upright without being damaged because the weight is evenly distributed. Unfortunately, a sex doll has no sense of balance, so they’re unable to stand unsupported. However, the standing function allows your doll to lean against a kitchen counter for example. There won’t be much cooking happening in that kitchen!

One downside is that the foot sensors aren’t included with a sex robot for sale that has the standing function. So, if you prefer loud sex or perhaps you enjoy foot play, it’s maybe best if you choose the normal feet option.

The skeleton of a sex robot for sale with normal feet won’t be so stiff. Therefore, they can be moved more easily. This may be the best option for you if you prefer sex in missionary style positions, or you like long cuddling sessions.

If you choose to go without the standing function, you MUST NOT put your sex robot on her feet under any circumstances. The internal skeleton would sustain damage as the foot plate presses down on the soft TPE or silicone. 
More about this topic: Standing function
Every sex robot for sale is able to please you anally and vaginally. Heat up these pleasure holes prior to use to ensure a realistic experience.

Unfortunately, oral is not possible with a sex robot for sale at the moment because the complicated technology is stored inside of their heads. Perhaps with some future technological advancements, you’ll be able to find a sex robot for sale that offers oral sex. 
More about this topic: Delivery
Every sex robot for sale is able to please you anally and vaginally. Heat up these pleasure holes prior to use to ensure a realistic experience.
Unfortunately, oral is not possible with a sex robot for sale at the moment because the complicated technology is stored inside of their heads. Perhaps with some future technological advancements, you’ll be able to find a sex robot for sale that offers oral sex. 
More about this topic: Love apertures
This is completely up to you! Both options are the same price, because we want you to choose the best option for you personally without worrying about financial constraints. But we’ll run through some pros and cons for you. 

Sex Robot for Sale with Removable Vagina 
  • Can be removed and easily cleaned in the sink
  • Can be replaced when damaged or worn-down
  • Can appear to be not so realistic 
Sex Robot for Sale with Fixed Vagina 
  • The most realistic option
  • Can be easily cleaned with a spray bottle.
  • Needs to be cleaned and cared for conscientiously 

We think that the goal of a sex robot for sale is to be as realistic as possible. That’s why we’ll always opt for the fixed vagina option. Thanks to our talented artists and designers, your sex robot’s vagina will look lifelike. Cleaning also isn’t a huge bother- you just need the right tools. With careful cleaning and frequent care, a fixed vagina can last just as long as multiple removable vaginas.  
Every sex robot for sale is made from either TPE or silicone. These materials are waterproof, so your sex robot can join you in the bath. But under no circumstances should you fully submerge your darling’s head. This is where the complicated technology is stored, and it will be difficult or even impossible to repair if saturated with water.

But you don’t have to say goodbye to shower sex just because you’re considering a sex robot for sale! Simply ensure that the water isn’t too hot and dry your new plaything carefully before dusting her with some baby powder once you’ve finished the session.  
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