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Masturbators already offer you a realistic sex experience, for a great price. But miniature masturbators for sale can top that with their compact size and attention to detail. Unlike other sex toys, miniature masturbators for sale supply you with a permanently horny woman and the choice of which love hole you will enjoy first.

On average, this hot sex toy is 24 cm long and 10 cm high. With a depth of 13 cm, it is ensured that you will really have fun with your new toy. Just like most masturbators, the mini version is made from TPE and is easily cleaned and can be discretely stowed away.

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Are you looking for a trustworthy shop where you can buy miniature masturbators? You’re at the right place! Here at dolloro, we offer our customers a huge selection of toys from market leading manufacturers around the world. Plus, our collection consists only of high-quality, realistic toys. Many of our products have an ultra-realistic seal of approval, meaning that they’ve been evaluated and specifically chosen by our staff. So, you can buy miniature masturbators online from dolloro, without any worries as to the quality or realism. We hope you enjoy the dolloro experience!

Take a look in our online shop and find your next favorite miniature masturbator for sale at dolloro!


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Miniature Masturbator Bethany
Have you ever jerked off to a hot manga? If so, you will love this sex doll torso! This torso masturbator is insatiable! First, you can get a blowjob and then you can f**k her in both of her love holes. You also have a sexy view of those big tits and nice ass! Just look at this horny plaything, how she lies on her stomach and squeezes her big tits. She looks you in the eyes and has already opened her mouth wide. When you turn the torso masturbator over, she stretches her firm ass out to you. The dripping p***y on this sex doll torso is waiting for you to finally put on a condom and rub her with lubricant. If you f**k your sex torso with a condom and lube, the sex feels totally real. In addition, you will spare the skin of the sex doll torso and you can clean it more easily when you’re done. The half body sex doll Bethany is made from special TPE. This high-quality material feels natural. So, you'll feel like you're having sex with a real woman and not a sex doll torso. This love doll torso is 11.5 cm high, 17.5 cm wide and 30 cm long. You can f**k it orally, anally or vaginally. The fake vagina and ass are 15.5 cm and 10 cm deep on this torso masturbator, making them pleasantly tight, like the holes of a woman. The luscious E-cup tits are also very impressive. The sex torso weighs 1.75 kg and its size and weight make it a perfect a travel companion. After an intensive f**k, it is best to clean the love holes on your half body sex doll with warm water. For a particularly thorough cleaning, the use of a special spray bottle is recommended. You can simply insert this to flush out the juicy artificial vagina, ass and greedy mouth. Your new toy will thank you if you rub her love holes with some baby oil and baby powder every now and then. This way, she won't get sore and her tight holes will remain permanently supple!


dolloro Sex Toys

Miniature Masturbator Honoka
Wouldn't it be cool to own a private little plaything who spreads her legs whenever you need a juicy p***y? This sex doll torso fulfils your wish! In addition to a tight love hole, this torso masturbator also offers fat tits. Just look at how she lies on her back and opens her legs wide for you! She’s holding her rubber p***y out for you, so you can use it right away. Whilst you use this torso masturbator, you can also enjoy the view of the big bouncing tits and the sweet face on this half body sex doll. The best idea is to use the sex doll torso in combination with a condom and lubricant. Then, the sex feels especially real and you spare the skin of the torso masturbator, facilitating the cleaning after a hot session. The love doll torso Honoka is made of high-quality TPE. This material feels very natural. You'll feel like you’re inside of a real woman and not a sex torso! The torso masturbator is 9 cm high, 16 cm wide and 23 cm long, with a weight of 0.8 kg. The juicy fake vagina is 16 cm deep and therefore nice and tight. Haven't you always wanted a tight woman with big D-cup tits? Due to the size and weight of this half body sex doll, Honoka is also ideal as a travel companion. If you’ve dirtied your half body, you can easily clean it under warm water. But for a particularly thorough cleaning, it is best to use a special spray bottle to rinse out that horny artificial vagina. Your sex doll torso will be thankful if you care for it regularly with some baby oil and baby powder. This way, she will stay permanently supple and is always ready to please you.


dolloro Sex Toys

Miniature Masturbator Setsuko
When a woman kneels in front of you and sticks her ass up, you don't think about getting a blowjob, but about taking her from behind instead? Then what are you waiting for? This sex doll torso is ideal for doggystyle lovers! The torso masturbator has a horny p***y and a tight ass that are both ready for you.  Look how the horny plaything kneels in front of you and presents herself. Do you want to take her in the p***y or the ass first? That's entirely up to you! Regardless of what you decide, you should use a condom and some lubricant. This makes the sex feel more realistic and cleaning the holes on your sex doll torso will be much easier afterwards. The lubricant also protects the skin inside the fake vagina of the sex doll torso. The rubber p***y on this sex torso consists of high-quality TPE. This is a special material that is particularly pleasant to the touch. So, you won't feel like you're having sex with a normal artificial vagina. It just feels way too real! This half body sex doll is 11 cm high, 14.5 cm wide and 31 cm long, with a weight of 2.05 kg. So, you can take it with you on your travels. The fake vagina and ass are 17.5 cm and 13 cm deep, so Setsuko can take a lot. If you could not hold back and released all over the rubber p***y of the sex torso, you can easily clean it under warm water. For a particularly intensive cleaning, however, you should use a special spray bottle to rinse out the love holes on your half body sex doll. The horny sex doll torso will be especially happy if you care for the artificial vagina and ass with some baby oil and baby powder every now and then. This way, the love holes on your torso masturbator will remain permanently supple and she will open her legs wide for you at any time.


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What is it that makes the miniature masturbators for sale at dolloro so special? Well, our wide range of products, the best brands we have on offer, the ultra-realistic seal, the best customer support and that German perfection in all purchasing processes should be enough to make us your number one choice.

All miniature masturbators for sale at dolloro have been thoroughly checked and assessed. Only those that pass the test make it onto our website and products awarded with our ultra-realistic seal are practically lifelike. But there’s more! You can decide whether you’d prefer to choose your favorite miniature masturbators for sale directly from our website or come and view them in person at our showroom.

For a more real feeling!

The correct cleaning & care

Of course, we pay attention to a discreet shipment. Every miniature masturbator for sale comes in a neutral parcel, from which the sender cannot be inferred. A neutral company name is also used as sender and we do not use logos or erotic graphics.

After your order, you will receive another e-mail on your personal e-mail address with a tracking number.

Want to know more? Here you can find more detailed information about our promise of discretion
In order to get long-term pleasure from the miniature masturbator for sale you’ve decided on, you need to pay attention to the right care and cleaning. Ideally, you should only use your new sex toy with a condom, as this protects the material. If this is out of the question for you, use lubricant before each use. 

After sex, we recommend that you clean the love opening with mild soap or detergent and warm water. Afterwards, you should let it dry well and brush it with some baby powder to keep the TPE velvety soft.
You can find more about this topic here: Cleaning & care 
This is different for each toy. One miniature masturbator for sale will have one lust opening, and others will have several or maybe even all. You can choose between oral, vaginal, and anal and order your favorite piece. 
More information about this topic here: Love openings
On top of the sex toy, the scope of delivery also includes a user manual with various care instructions. However, with each miniature masturbator for sale you are able to buy different additional products like a special cleaning agent. 
Every miniature masturbator for sale is made from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers), an especially velvety soft plastic that is true to the touch. The nature of this material allows for a detailed design and a realistic sex experience, it is also particularly easy to clean and, if handled correctly, also very durable. 

More information about this topic here: TPE vs. silicone
We offer various options for secure payment. You can pay online via bank transfer, PayPal, or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and look forward to your new dream toy arriving soon.
Every single miniature masturbator for sale, along with every torso is very convincing thanks to the soft realistic material and the great workmanship. Accordingly, satisfying yourself with a miniature masturbator for sale from dolloro feels just like real sex. 
Hence love dolls are mostly made of the same material (TPE), you can read more about the sex feeling in this blog post: What does a love doll feel like? 
The weight of each of our miniature masturbators for sale depends, of course, on its size and design. That’s why, you can find a miniature masturbator for sale, or even other sex toys anywhere between 1 kg and 10 kg. Exact details about size and weight can be found in every product description.

Miniature masturbators are a great alternative to heavy love dolls and, due to their partly very compact size, they can be stowed away quickly and are also a nice companion on journeys.
We will send your order with DHL Next-Day-Express (1 day) or the standard version (2 - 3 days). Of course, you will receive a tracking number with which you can track your delivery at any time. 
Sure, it is not only suitable for singles, but can also be exciting for couples during lovemaking. For example, he or she can be guided by the partner.
Some couples also find it stimulating to watch their partner masturbate. In addition, a toy is perfect for bridging the time when your favorite person is on a business trip or vacation.

Our tip: Think about a dolloro miniature masturbator for sale to make cyber-sex really entertaining - surprise your partner with a sinful sex toy.
Totally! It is perfect for artificially delaying your orgasm. However, you must take your time and slowly delay your arousal. Often, regular masturbation is enough to prolong your lovemaking a bit. Either way, it will have a positive effect on your love life. 
When using your sex toy, you should always use lubricant, as this is how the toy develops its full potential. The lubricant allows you to quickly and easily find a comfortable speed and enjoy the sex. 

Every miniature masturbator for sale can be heated. Simply place it in a warm water bath. In this way, the love play is even more realistic!

Where you use the sex toy is, of course, up to you. Whether in bed or in the shower, you decide when and how you have fun.
You’ll find a miniature masturbator for sale at dolloro to be especially handy due to its compact size and relatively light weight. On top, it costs significantly less than a love doll. You get a super realistic sex experience and develop a feeling for the haptics of the material for very little money. 

Buy a miniature masturbator and you’ll find that cleaning and care is very easy and done within little steps. Due to its size it can be stowed away quickly and is your very own sweet secret.
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