Half Body Sex Doll for Sale

These horny toys are perfect for beginners who are still a little inexperienced in the colorful world of sex toys or who would like to own a love doll, but don't have the funds. Our half body sex dolls for sale combine a sexy feeling and realistic design at an unbeatable price. They are super handy due to their size and can be stored away much more easily than a complete love doll.

The half body sex dolls for sale only represent the upper body, including the vaginal and anal opening, and are available in different skin colors. When your personal lust booster arrives at your house, you'll be spoiled for choice as to how you want to have fun with your sex toy.

The half body sex dolls for sale are all made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) and come in many different colors, shapes and designs. The skin-like material TPE is quite resistant, stays in shape even after the wildest sex and gives you a real sex experience.

Buy a Half Body Sex Doll

Have you been wanting to buy half body sex doll products but haven’t found a reliable provider? Well, your search ends here! Welcome to dolloro! Here you’ll find the best half body sex dolls for sale from some of the finest manufacturers in the world. Many of our sex toys have been given an ultra-realistic seal of approval so that you can shop without having to worry about the quality or realism of the product you’re choosing. What are you waiting for? Go and buy your half body sex doll today!

Forget jerking off on your own and shop to your heart's content from our large selection of half body sex dolls for sale.


dolloro Sex Toys

Half Body Cassidy
You like d**k and tits? You would love to suck or ride a long shaft, or even knead nice, thick tits or lick and suck nipples? Then this hot sex doll torso is guaranteed to give you an incredible experience. If you've always wanted to f**k a shemale, this torso masturbator will finally make your dream come true! You already get weak at the sight of a rubber vagina on a sex doll torso, right? Well, who wants to do it with an artificial vagina when you can have a huge c**k and big, thick tits to play with? Just imagine being filled up by the horny shaft on this sex doll torso. As a man, you can even f**k this hot shemale in the ass! When using the torso masturbator, it is best to use some lubricant and a condom. With the lube, you will glide into the love hole much better and it will feel even more realistic. If you use a condom, cleaning the sex torso after a hot session will be much easier! The love doll torso called Cassidy is made of high-quality TPE. TPE is a material that feels very natural. So, when you have sex it will feel like you're touching real tits. The d**k and the tight ass also feel very real! The torso masturbator is 27.5 cm high, 32 cm wide and 58 cm long, with a weight of 7.75 kg. If you like hot giant tits, you can look forward to the thick E-cups on this half body sex doll. And an 18 cm long c**k is guaranteed to get you over the edge. When you're doing anal with your sex torso, you can go a little harder because the asshole on this torso masturbator is 16 cm deep. After a hot ride or an ass f**k, you can easily clean your half body with warm water. You got the ass too dirty? Then use a special spray bottle for cleaning that hole on your sex torso. If you regularly treat the c**k, tits and ass with some baby oil and baby powder, you will enjoy your sexy shemale sex doll torso for a long time!


dolloro Sex Toys

Half Body Daniel
You're not in the mood for a classic rubber p***y? They don't make you horny? You would prefer a thick d**k that can bring you over the edge? This sex doll torso is guaranteed to give you the most pleasure! And if you also like a tight ass, this torso masturbator will give you double the pleasure. In addition to a bulging c**k, this sex torso also has a nice tight ass that is just waiting to be filled.  Just look at the plump balls at the bottom of that long shaft. That's when you get really turned on right? When you think about how you will ride your new toy anally or vaginally, it almost makes you climax! Who needs a fake vagina for pleasure when you can have such a magnificent c**k on your sex doll torso? At the sight of this beautiful man's chest, one gets horny immediately! You'd rather penetrate tight asses? Then this sex doll torso will gladly present his ass! The love doll torso Daniel is made of high-quality TPE. Therefore, the torso masturbator feels very natural and realistic. You'll feel like you're riding a real d**k or you’re inside of a real ass. You won’t want a half body sex doll with an artificial vagina anymore. After this sex torso, you’ll only want a thick c**k! The torso masturbator is 25.5 cm high, 35 cm wide and 55 cm long, with a weight of 8.1 kg. This means it’s also perfect for harder sex. The c**k is 18.5 cm long. Are you ready to take it? It is best used with some lubricant and a condom to make cleaning your sex doll torso easier. After a hot ride with your half body sex doll, you can clean your horny stallion with warm water. You're welcome to take him in the shower with you. You got the tight little ass dirty too? Then use a special spray bottle for an intensive cleaning to rinse out the ass of your sex doll torso. So that your horny toy remains permanently ready to f**k, you should regularly care for him with baby oil and baby powder. This will guarantee that the asshole on your torso masturbator remains permanently smooth and tight.


dolloro Sex Toys

Half Body Iris
When you see a c**t dripping with lust, is there no stopping you? You love to spoil a wet slit any way you can? This sex doll torso has not only a beautifully formed fake vagina, but also really sexy tits. So, you can not only pamper a half body sex doll slit with this torso masturbator, but also magnificent tits! Don't the nipples on this sex doll torso look inviting? Imagine your fingers sliding over those stiff nipples and kneading the tits. You push and pull on them and play around with them with your tongue. Then you go down to the navel and discover the enchanting pink p***y at the bottom of your sex doll torso. Look at it. This half body sex doll just waiting for you to put a condom on, get some lubricant and then finally penetrate it. If you use lubricant, the sex will feel totally real. The condom will make it easier for you to clean your new toy when you’re finished. The love doll torso Iris is made of high-quality TPE, a material that feels natural and realistic. You’ll know what we mean when you touch the tits on this sex torso. They feel just like real tits. And that c**t is totally realistic! The torso masturbator is 13.5 cm high, 19 cm wide and 34.5 cm long, with a weight of 10.55 kg. The artificial vagina is 15.5 cm deep and therefore feels nice and tight. Like you're having sex with a woman. The C-cup tits will certainly make you even hornier if you wrap them in sexy underwear. Did you make a big mess with your love doll torso? Then take a shower with her and clean her with some warm water. If you didn’t use a condom and the f**k hole is filled up, use a special spray bottle to clean it out. Now and then, you should also rub the holes on your little torso masturbator with some baby powder and baby oil to keep it nice and smooth!


dolloro Sex Toys

Half Body Ivy
Curvy women drive you crazy? Just imagine if you could take a really hot lady in the ass or her juicy p***y! This sex doll torso likes to spread its legs for you! The torso masturbator offers you sharp curves and hot love holes! The first thing you probably notice are the big tits. Well, are you already hard at the idea of kneading these thick tits and having a hot titty f**k? But also look at this sweet horny ass and pink slit. You just want to do all sorts of things to them, don’t you? You can take the horny p***y from the front and the back. You should try both options with this torso masturbator. The views are a dream in all possible positions! When you use this sweet sex doll torso, it is best to use some lubricant and a condom. With the lubricant, you protect the skin of the sex doll torso and your c**k will glide even better into the greedy holes. With a condom, cleaning up after using the juicy holes on this half body sex doll will be easier for you. The half body Ivy is made of high-quality TPE. TPE is a material that feels very natural, like real skin. When having a good f**k, you won’t believe that it’s a sex doll torso and not a real woman. Even the fat tits feel totally real. The torso masturbator is 15 cm high, 27 cm wide and 47 cm long. It weighs 5.15 kg. It won't slip, even if you want to be rough. The realistic vagina and ass are 15.5 cm and 18 cm deep. So, you might as well take it as hard as you can. The big E-cup tits on this half body sex doll are also looking forward to being spoiled by you. You got the holes on your sex torso all dirty with your c*m? Then take your sweet Ivy into the shower or into the bathtub to clean her with warm water. For a particularly thorough cleaning, however, you should use a special spray bottle and rinse the vagina and ass on your sex torso. If you want to enjoy your new toy for a long time, treat the love holes every now and then with some baby powder and baby oil. Then, the holes on your half body sex doll will remain permanently supple!


dolloro Sex Toys

Half Body Rose
Can't get enough of horny ladies with hot curves? This sex doll torso will drive you crazy with her round bubble butt, great tits, a nice toned back and two hot love holes. This hot torso masturbator really is something very special!With this hot rubber p***y, you won't even know where to look or what to touch first when you receive your sex doll torso! Just look at these awesome beauties! When you turn the half body sex doll over, you'll have a fantastic view of a flawless ass and a tight hole, as well as an artificial vagina which are all ready for sex. Would you rather take the delightful sex doll torso in the ass or the p***y? You'll be spoiled for choice with this torso masturbator! If you take her from the front, you can massage her hot tits at the same time and have a clear view of her p***y and sweet belly button. It's best to use a condom and some lubricant to when having sex. Then you can be a bit rougher because the lube will protect the skin on her little sex torso p***y. Using a condom will also make cleaning your torso masturbator much easier later.The love doll torso called Rose is made of high-quality TPE, a material that feels very natural. When you're having sex with your new toy, you'll feel like you're f*****g a real woman and not a half body sex doll! Your horny sex doll torso is 16 cm high, 30 cm wide and 43 cm long, with a weight of 8.2 kg. The C-cup tits and the 15.5 cm deep love holes will turn you on immediately!After a hot f**k, it's best to take your new favorite toy with you into the shower or bathtub to clean it with warm water. If you didn’t use a condom whilst using your sex torso, we recommend a special spray bottle for cleaning. You should rub the rubber p***y and the ass on your sex torso every now and then with a bit of baby oil and baby powder, so that the love holes stay smooth and supple!


dolloro Sex Toys

Half Body Ruby
A plump ass and great tits can easily please any strong man! Do you agree? If so, this sex doll torso will give you a lot of pleasure. As well as a great ass and magnificent tits, this torso masturbator also offers you a greedy c**t! You can take this sex doll torso from the front or from behind in doggystyle. If you f**k the hot Ruby from the front, she'll give you a good view of her lovely tits and her beautiful little slit. And just take a look at that sweet belly button! You'll want to lick and kiss it right away! If you take this dirty half body sex doll from behind, she'll cheekily show you her luscious ass, her p***y and a nicely toned back. What position you put her in is up to you! However, it's best to use a condom and some lubricant. With lubricant, it will feel like you're inside a real woman and not a sex doll torso. It also protects the skin and the condom makes it easier for you to clean your sex torso when you’re finished. The love doll torso Ruby is made from high-quality TPE. TPE is a material that feels very natural to the touch. The sex toy is 13 cm high, 17 cm wide and 25 cm long, with a weight of 2.35 kg. The fake vagina on this beautiful sex doll torso is 15 cm deep. So, she can take a lot, and the hot D-cup tits also like it rough! Are you still sweaty from the hot f**k? Then take a shower and bring your torso masturbator with you so that you can clean the tits and artificial vagina with some warm water. Did you suck the hot rubber p***y dry? Then use a special spray bottle to clean the love hole on your sex torso. Every now and then, you should also massage Ruby's holes with a bit of baby oil and baby powder, then they will remain permanently supple and always ready for you!


dolloro. Nr. 1 Shop with Your Favorite Half Body Sex Doll for Sale

There’s an abundance of reasons why you should choose a half body sex doll for sale at dolloro. Our huge range, the best brands we have on offer, our ultra-realistic seal, top customer support and German perfection in all purchasing processes are just a few reasons why you’ll find your perfect half body sex doll for sale.

Every half body sex doll for sale at dolloro has been reviewed and evaluated by our staff and only the highest-quality, most realistic toys make it onto our website. Plus, our toys with the ultra-realistic seal are as good as lifelike. But not only that! You can choose to purchase your dream sex toy directly from our website, or alternatively, you can view your favorite product in person at our showroom.

For a more real feeling!

The correct cleaning & care

Of course, we pay attention to a discreet shipping. Every single half body sex doll for sale comes in a neutral parcel, from which the sender cannot be deduced. A neutral company name is also used as sender and we do not use logos or erotic graphics.

After your order, you will receive an additional e-mail on your personal e-mail address with a tracking number.

Want to know more? Here you can find more detailed information about our promise of discretion
In order to receive long-term pleasure from your chosen half body sex doll for sale, you need to pay attention to the right care and cleaning. Ideally, you should only use your new favorite toy with a condom, as this protects the material. If this is not for you, use lubricant before each use.

After sex, we recommend that you clean the love opening with mild soap or detergent and warm water. Afterwards, you should let it dry well and brush it with some baby powder to keep the TPE velvety soft.

You can find more about this topic here: Cleaning & care 
It varies from toy to toy. One half body sex doll for sale will have one love opening, and others will have several or maybe even all. You can choose between oral, vaginal, and anal and order your favorite piece.

More information about this topic here:Love openings
In addition to your new favorite piece, the scope of delivery also includes a user manual with various care instructions. Nevertheless, each half body sex doll for sale gives you the ability to buy different additional products like a special cleaning agent. 
Every half body sex doll for sale is made from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers), a particularly velvety soft plastic that is true to the touch. The nature of this material allows for a detailed design and a realistic sex experience, it is also particularly easy to clean and, if handled correctly, also very durable.
More information about this topic here: TPE vs. silicone
We offer several options for secure payment. You can pay online via bank transfer, PayPal, or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and look forward to your new dream sex toy arriving soon.
Every single half body sex doll for sale, along with every other torso is very convincing thanks to the soft realistic material and the great workmanship. Accordingly, satisfying yourself with a half body sex doll for sale from dolloro feels simply like real sex.

As love dolls are mostly made of the same material (TPE), you can read more about the sex feeling in this blog post: What does a love doll feel like? 
The weight of each of our half body sex dolls for sale depends, of course, on its size and design. Hence, you can find a half body sex doll for sale, or even other sex toys anywhere between 1 kg and 10 kg. Exact details about size and weight can be found in every product description.

Half body sex dolls are a great alternative to heavy love dolls and, due to their partly very compact size, they can be stowed away quickly and are also a nice companion on journeys.
We will dispatch your order with DHL Next-Day-Express (1 day) or the standard version (2 - 3 days). Of course, you will receive a tracking number with which you can track your delivery at any time. 
Of course, it is not only suitable for singles, but can also be interesting for couples during lovemaking. For example, he or she can be guided by the partner.

Some couples also find it stimulating to watch their partner masturbate. On top, a toy is perfect for byassing the time when your favorite person is on a business trip or vacation.

Our tip: Consider a dolloro half body sex doll for sale to make phone sex really entertaining - surprise your partner with a sinful sex toy.
Of course! It is perfect for artificially delaying your orgasm. However, you must take your time and slowly delay your arousal. Often, regular masturbation is enough to prolong your lovemaking a bit. Either way, it will have a positive effect on your love life. 
When using your new love toy, you should always use lubricant, as this is how the toy develops its full potential. The lubricant allows you to quickly and easily find a comfortable speed and enjoy the sex.
Every half body sex doll for sale can be warmed up. Simply place it in a warm water bath. In this way, the love play is even more realistic!

Where you use the sex toy is, of course, up to you. Whether in bed or in the shower, you decide when and how you have fun.
You’ll find a half body sex doll for sale at dolloro to be particularly handy due to its small size and relatively light weight. In addition, it costs significantly less than a love doll. You get a super realistic sex experience and develop a feeling for the haptics of the material for very little money.
Buy a half body sex doll and you’ll find that cleaning and care is very easy and done within a few simple steps. Due to its size it can be stowed away fast and is your very own sweet secret.
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