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Male sex dolls - Sexy, trained and sixpack

It is an absolute misbelief that there are only female sex dolls, because homosexual men and women also long for intimate togetherness with a TPE or silicone doll. We at dolloro are constantly expanding our range of male sex dolls, so you too can find the right bed companion for you.

As with a female love doll, the male counterpart has been made with the greatest dedication and attention to detail by true professionals and absolute masters of their craft. Of course, your dream prince also has corresponding pleasure openings that guarantee maximum fun.

By the way, a male sex doll is also a luxurious sex toy for homo and heterosexual couples who would like to freshen up their sex life. A threesome is usually at the top of the wish list and unfortunately often (out of jealousy) cannot be realized. With a male sex doll as the third in the bunch, nobody has to worry and everyone can just enjoy!

If you have very special wishes for the appearance of your male sex doll, just use our inquiry form. In cooperation with you, we will design your perfect man and have him produced by the best manufacturers.

WM Doll

Charles (28 years)

$1,999.00* $2,199.00*

6ye Doll

Isaac (29 years)

$2,199.00* $2,399.00*
At 1.7 m tall, the sex doll Isaac is quite a tall love doll and a very pretty boy. As an erotic model, he also knows how to make both men and women horny.  This sex doll has a really sexy six-pack; plus, his 23 cm stiff c**k leaves nothing to be imagined and is just waiting to indulge you. Who can say no to this hot real doll?The love doll Isaac also has beautiful brown hair and a dark beard. With his bright blue eyes, he just wraps everyone around his finger. What are you waiting for? Choose Isaac as your real doll!

AS Doll

Jason (18 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
Jason is a real beauty and with his youthful appearance, he’s a sex doll belonging to the ‘twink’ category. This cheeky TPE doll is 1.60 m tall and can be easily moved into all positions. His slim and athletic body is especially detailed and his stiff c**k, with a length of 17 cm is perfect for everyone who has always wanted a male real doll. He has beautiful big blue eyes with great long eyelashes and a manly nose. His cute blonde short hairstyle shows that Jason is a pretty wild love doll.

HR Doll

Jonathan (23 years)

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*
The sexy love doll Jonathan is a carpenter. Handicrafts are his specialty. He loves the different properties of wood and finds it very sensual, so that at times he can hardly hold back with lust. Luckily, his customers and clients think he's pretty hot. Sometimes, he f***s his customers with his impressive 17 cm c**k right there on the workbench.However, the sex doll dreams of a mixed threesome and would not be averse to joint sex games with others and a steady partner. The real doll Jonathan has black chin-length hair and green eyes. His face is clean-shaven because he doesn't want women who have shaved their c***s to complain that his beard scratches them. The love doll is 1.67 m tall and has light skin. His well-toned body makes all women and men get weak in their knees. The sex doll Jonathan prefers to wear jeans, a muscle shirt, and a bandana to keep his hair in check. This hot guy also prefers to wear Calvin Klein shorts because they show off his c**k and tight ass to their best advantage.

HR Doll

Magnus (33 years)

$1,999.00* $2,099.00*
The sexy love doll Magnus is an electrician. His work has given him two very skillful hands. But he can also convince with his tounge. He doesn’t just make the lamps shine in his customers’ house, he also brings a shine to his clients’ eyes.The sex doll is bisexual and knows how to help women and men alike reach intense orgasms. Thanks to him, many men have discovered that they can definitely get something out of a hot man's c**k. The real doll Magnus is not only into kinky sex, but also has a romantic side. The love doll has brown hair, blue eyes, and a little more than a three-day beard. He is athletically built and has light tan skin. The sex doll Magnus is 1.67 m tall and has a delicious 17 cm long c**k that has satisfied every woman and man so far. He prefers to emphasize his hot ass with a pair of jeans. He wears casual lumberjack shirts with it.

6ye Doll

Marcy (23 years)

$1,499.00* $1,699.00*
The beautiful love doll Marcy is a pharmacist. She not only advises her clients on the various medications, but also conducts drug experiments in the lab. She also makes her own ointments and cosmetics.However, this hot sex doll is not only very experimental in the lab, but also in bed. She loves variety! That's why she's let every guy in town f**k her. She never stays with one man for too long and is always looking for new sex partners. The real doll Marcy is 1.62 m tall. She has fair, velvety skin, and the perfect figure. Her firm tits are neither too small nor too big. Just like her sexy, hairless p***y, which she likes having eaten by two guys at the same time. The love doll has long, copper hair, blue eyes, and a juicy blowing mouth with which she spoils women from time to time. Sex doll Marcy prefers to wear tight jeans that perfectly showcase her hot ass and tight crop tops.

WM Doll

Nick (25 years)

$1,899.00* $1,999.00*

HR Doll

Romain (25 years)

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*
Sexy love doll Romain has dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player since he was a kid. Today, the sex doll is a professional footballer and one of the best players on his team. Plus, he's popular with the ladies. Many consider him a go-getter who takes the lead in bed. However, Romain prefers to be pampered by the girls and is happy to give up the reins.So far, the 6-foot-6 real doll has never had a threesome. But his biggest dream would be to be spoiled by two women at the same time. The love doll has curly black hair and brown eyes. His dark skin is velvety soft. With his magnificent 17 cm c**k, which is shaved, he makes every woman happy and provides them with intense orgasms. The sex doll Romain also has beautiful full lips that make you want to kiss them. Even in his free time, Romain prefers to wear his football jersey, and he shows off his hot ass very well in his pants.

WM Doll

Samuel (24 years)

$1,999.00* $2,199.00*
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