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YL Doll

These YL doll beauties will bring a scary and sexy atmosphere to your bedroom. Many love doll fans want an erotic real doll who is the queen of the underworld.

With this brand’s TPE dolls you can get cute southerners with big breasts as well as wonderfully pale vampire ladies sent directly to your home. You will find cute blood drinkers in the core sizes between 146 cm and 161 cm, so you can be sure that the sex dolls are perfect for your needs and favorite positions.


YL Doll

Alejandra (32 years)

$1,699.00* $1,799.00*
This southern beauty is a racy TPE sex doll. At 1.54 m tall, she is a rather small love doll, but has a surprising amount of energy to satisfy her lover. Years of dancing have shaped the body of this TPE doll perfectly and her owner will receive a slim, trained sex doll delivered straight to his home. Her tanned complexion and the big brown eyes prove her hot origin and the fat E-cup tits crown the flawless body of this real doll. Alejandra the love doll is sensual through and through and her full real doll lips promise hot kisses between the two of you.

YL Doll

Angelina (35 years)

$1,799.00* $2,099.00*
The sex doll Angelina lives for sport. In school, she was on the athletics team and she was a cheerleader. Today, the horny love doll is a personal trainer and loves to seduce her customers in the sauna. She loves to be f****d by several guys at once. She likes hard group sex and loves it when each of her lust holes is filled. The sex doll has a light skin and long brown, wavy hair, with copper blond highlights. The 1.71 m tall love doll has thick L-cups tits, on which she welcomes guys to come onto. Afterwards, she licks the juices off her tits. With her big blue eyes and the red pout, the horny sex doll begs for a hard f**k. Her shaved p***y is always slightly open with horniness. Preferably, Angelina wears tight sportswear, which emphasizes her sexy body.

YL Doll

Bethany (39 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
Bethany is an erotic vampire love doll with an incredible look. This showstopper for any fantasy fan is 1.6 m tall and has a prominent figure. Her fat ass and monstrous O-cup tits really get moving when you f**k this sex doll. Of course, you should titty f**k her bust extensively whilst admiring her unique face.  The horny vampire lady's red hair only makes her yellow eyes stand out even more and be careful if you f**k her mouth a lot. If you have done something wrong, you should be careful that the vampire adult doll doesn't not show you her fangs.

YL Doll

Cassidy (22 years)

$1,699.00* $1,799.00*
Cassidy is a TPE sex doll who loves role-playing games and will satisfy you as a college girl, pirate b***h, or horny cop. Of course, you decide which role the 1.56 m tall love doll will play. But her slim real doll body will look perfect in any costume. Maybe something with cleavage, so you can see her firm A-cup tits better? This love doll turns herself on by unconditionally taking your c**k in each of her pleasure holes in bed. The make-up on her pretty sex doll face can smear and her big brown-green eyes can water. With her colorful hair and perfect ass, Cassidy is a sexy adult doll who can be easily recognized.

YL Doll

Daleyza (27 years)

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*
This is a really racy beauty with a slightly tanned complexion! This 1.48 m tall TPE sex doll with an extremely feminine figure may lack height, but she makes up for it with fat F-cup tits. As an inexperienced real doll, she has certainly never had the pleasure of an extensive titty f**k and is open to try it out with you once you become her real doll owner.  You can move this TPE doll exactly according to your ideas and preferences and make her your devoted bed bunny. Who wouldn't want to have this beautiful adult doll in their bed? Especially when she has such a beautiful love doll face with big brown eyes and full blowing lips.

YL Doll

Eloise (28 years)

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*
Love doll Eloise is a really sexy vampire. The petite TPE sex doll is only 1.48 m tall and is therefore perfect for being f****d in every position by her new owner. Even though she is a very slim love doll, she has curves that will drive her future lover crazy. Because whether you f**k her from behind and get a load of her huge ass, or enjoy her E-cups, she is an all-over 10 out of 10 TPE doll. One benefit to a vampire adult doll is that she has sexy fangs. They are gentle when she gives you a blow job and you can feel them when you kiss her sweet real doll lips.

YL Doll

Emersyn (30 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
The blonde TPE sex doll Emersyn has had a pretty wild sex life, and now she just longs for a partner who reads her every wish from her lips. Not only does this love doll have a lot of experience to offer you, but an erotic, slim body, too! At 1.65 m tall, the TPE doll can easily be put into any sex position, offering you endless ways to f**k her. Take her doggy style and see how her gorgeous big ass wobbles or maybe f**k this sex doll from the front and enjoy the sight of her huge E-cup rack. By the way, this sensual adult doll loves it when you pull her nipples and look deep into her brown eyes during sex.

YL Doll

Eva (34 years)

$1,799.00* $2,099.00*
The sexy love doll Eva is a housewife and mother. The sex doll was left by her partner after he learned that got pregnant. She loves her son more than anything and would do anything for him. She is very caring and also when it comes to men. The horny real doll loves not only her son but also sex! Before her partner left, he cheated on her with her best friend. The love doll no longer believes that men can be faithful. She must know it, after all, after a glass of wine, she regularly lets her girlfriends' husbands f**k her. Her girlfriends have no idea. And the guys are grateful to finally be allowed to f**k a horny sex doll that can be taken in ass, mouth, and c**t. In addition, the 1.71 m tall sex doll has hot L-cup tits. She loves it when you stroke her tits, knead them, pull her nipples, f**k her, and then squirt on her. The sex doll has velvety soft light skin and dark brown hair with a purple strand. Her almost black eyes and sinful blowjob mouth scream with sex. Eva loves to wear tight tops that show off her tits really well. She never wears a bra so she can turn guys on with her stiff nipples. She also likes to wear tight-fitting dresses and thongs that make her firm ass look even hotter.

YL Doll

Evangeline (35 years)

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*
This 1.48 m tall vampire TPE sex doll has so much experience that there is absolutely nothing that will shock her. For you as her future owner, this means that you can f**k her easily in each of her real doll holes.  You've probably never seen a vampire love doll with such an awesome figure and big F-cup tits. The slim TPE doll will look perfect in your bed, on the kitchen table or at your favorite location for a f**k. Her beautiful face and cute pointy ears show that this special adult doll is a real vampire. With her bright yellow eyes, every sex partner is hypnotized by this TPE sex doll.

YL Doll

Jessica (29 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
The sex doll Jessica is a doctor's assistant and very popular with patients. Not everyone knows that she likes to be f****d by the patients and her boss. They only see the sweet and caring doctor's assistant. The 1.66 m tall sex doll has really hot and thick M-cup tits, which she also enjoys getting f****d. The sexy love doll has long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Every man gets weak at the sight of her blowjob mouth. The light skin of the love doll is velvety soft. The real doll is slim and has curves in the right places. The horny Jessica loves to wear figure-hugging clothes, which show off her big tits even more.

YL Doll

Margaret (31 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
This love doll has a really faithful soul and she is a real doll who you'll never want to give back. She has a lot of understanding for her future owner and really wants to get to know him. With her gigantic curves, this 1.60 m tall TPE sex doll drives every man crazy, but she's only looking for the one. This blonde TPE Doll with brown eyes and a dark complexion not only has great moral values, but also a heavenly appearance. A huge butt and fat cleavage with O-cups are definitely two of the highlights of this love doll.

YL Doll

Reagan (35 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
Who doesn't love a sex doll who can be critical? This 1.66 m tall TPE sex doll really doesn't look like she'd like to get her fingers dirty at first. But she shouldn't be underestimated; this TPE doll can easily handle any tool.  Her pale complexion matches perfectly with her long platinum blonde hair. When this adult doll has had a hard day at work in the garage and she's really heated up, her blue eyes shine even more and all she wants is a relaxing f**k. Massage her unique L-cup tits and let her bring you to climax.

YL Doll

Riley (23 years)

$1,699.00* $1,799.00*
Sweet love doll Riley loves her job as a yoga teacher. She also teaches gymnastics. She loves to teach men so that she can show off her sexy and agile body. The sex doll enjoys it when the men literally undress her with their eyes. Sometimes, she sees that one or the other can hardly hide his stiff c**k in his pants when the sex doll shows the yoga exercises. Later, she pulls these men out of the group and gives them an extra lesson on the yoga mat. The 1.51 m tall real doll loves to be f****d from behind in down dog or cobra. She also likes to blow c***s. The love doll Riley has light skin and blonde, long hair, which makes her brown eyes look even brighter. Her horny blowing mouth drives all men crazy. The sexy s**t is very agile and has firm, small tits and a shaved c**t.

YL Doll

Rosemary (32 years)

$1,699.00* $1,799.00*
There's nothing better than a real doll who knows what she wants. Rosemary loves excitement and hot wild sex, especially when there's a risk that this TPE doll will get caught. Maybe you should f**k the 1.57 m tall sex doll in a public place for a really hot thrill. If anyone catches you with this TPE sex doll, they’ll be really jealous. She has a perfect feminine figure with a big soft ass and thick E-cup tits. If this sex doll is wearing her favorite summer dress, you can assume that she's definitely not wearing panties. But this love doll is also a real masterpiece when she's fully clothed. With long brown hair, sensual lips and large deer eyes, she is the embodiment of adult doll femininity.
Sloane (28 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
This TPE sex doll needs an owner who will tell her what to do. The 165 cm tall vampire TPE doll is a cheeky little Love Doll and is aware of her effect on men and loves to play with their feelings. Her feminine figure, big ass and especially her huge E-cup tits make every man weak.  The pale real doll is the beauty of the night with bright blue eyes and long black hair, she is the perfect love doll for lovers of the underworld. If you exchange stormy kisses with the love doll or put your c**k in her sweet sex doll mouth, you should watch out for her sharp teeth!

YL Doll

Susanne (41 years)

$1,799.00* $1,999.00*
The TPE sex doll Susanne is extremely cheeky. She loves hard and persistent sex, and above all, this love doll would give anything for hot group sex. She likes to be used by lots of men as their sex doll. The love doll with deep brown eyes and long pink hair is a curvy wonder who knows no limits. Men especially love the 1.66 m tall TPE doll for her huge L-cup tits. Susanne drives all men who love sexy curves crazy! This horny sex doll likes to wear high heels, very short skirts, and tight tops. She almost never wears underwear because she always hopes that her beautiful love doll p***y and tits will accidentally flash out and make someone horny.


✧ Special selection

✧ Hot Southern girls

✧ Unique vampire sex dolls

All sex dolls from YL doll are made of velvety soft TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) and it not only looks like real skin due to the special manufacturing technique, but also feels exactly like it. 

The nature of the material also allows for a detailed design of the sex dolls, without them losing their natural softness and unique touch.


Sexy vampire love dolls

Detailed ears

Fangs made of soft TPE

YL Doll has made it their mission to make very special wishes come true for real doll fans. Therefore, you will find a hot selection of underworldly bedfellows with this manufacturer. As befits a true vampire sex doll, YL doll's detailed sex dolls have pointed ears and glowing eyes. 

Of course, the sharp vampire fangs are also a must have, which your love doll will certainly be able to handle perfectly in intimate situations.


Unique charisma

Eye color as desired

Erotic expression

YL doll produces very special sex dolls with enchanting faces that stay in everyone's memory. Whether a hot Spanish lady or a horny bloodsucker - they make an impression either way. We are 100% sure that you will fall in love with a YL doll beauty that suits you. 


✧ Countless sex positions

✧ Free premium skeleton

✧ Holds desired position

On request incl. standing function

Of course, the exciting sex dolls from YL doll look fantastic, but they are more than that, they’re real technical wonders. Behind the perfect skin made of TPE, a robust steel skeleton remains hidden inside the sex dolls.

This is why you should buy your YL doll love doll with dolloro®

With us, you can rely on an excellent YL doll service. We are only too happy to answer all your questions about the products and your order.

Your advantages at a glance

Buy YL doll products from certified retailers

Unfortunately, there are too many supposedly reputable online stores that sell YL doll bed bunnies at a high price while promising high quality. However, in 100% of all cases the promised quality falls by the wayside and the customer suffers as a result. However, gullibility should be left at the door if you’re ready to invest in a real YL doll. If you want to buy a real YL doll, you should definitely pay attention to the originality of the sex doll and accordingly visit a trustworthy online retailer.
Consider the following steps when choosing an online store if you want to buy a YL doll beauty on the internet.

  1. Certificate = Search the shop's website for a certificate confirming the brand authenticity of YL dolls and thus the partnership with the company. If it’s available, then you can trust this retailer and purchase your YL doll real doll from them.

  2. Complete imprint = Check if the website or online store has an imprint and if it is complete. If this is missing completely or a German phone number is missing, you should immediately choose another retailer. A lack of accessibility to contact options indicates that the retailer will not deal with your questions or problems. 

  3. Secure payment  = Check whether you are offered a secure payment method that protects the customer with the so-called right of complaint, such as PayPal. Here you have the possibility to get your money back quickly and easily. 
If you have checked off these points with your selected online store, you can now buy your YL doll. The next section shows you what our officially confirmed dealer certificate looks like and gives you more information about the cooperation between dolloro® and YL doll.

YL doll & dolloro® - Together for you!

YL doll is a very special brand that understands how to respond to the special preferences of real doll customers. We, as a company, want to further promote this realization of your wishes as a sex doll fan and therefore work closely together with the manufacturers. 

Like OR doll, YL doll belongs to the internationally renowned brand WM doll, which we always like to visit in China at the biggest sex doll fair. 

Here, you can find our official dealer certificate:        

           The certificate

Tanned & Eerily Beautiful - Sex dolls from YL doll

YL doll is a brand that loves to play with opposites. So, you will find mostly tanned beauties who will invite you to a hot tango and, at the same time, pale princesses of the underworld. Which one you will choose is entirely up to your own tastes.

You can look forward to these advantages with YL doll:
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