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OR Doll

No other brand than OR Doll knows how to bring out the two striking arguments of a sex doll. These love dolls are all about gigantic breasts and have lots of sex appeal! You will find a big choice of sweet and slim real dolls with enormous breasts and a deep desire to become your only real doll. Especially if you appreciate the beauty and femininity of Eastern European women, you should definitely take a closer look at the mostly 146 cm to 161 cm tall TPE OR Doll products.


OR Doll

Everleigh (28 years)

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*
This TPE sex doll really brings everyone to ecstasy! The love doll doesn't care if her future owner is single or in a relationship with other real dolls. The sex doll Everleigh not only knows how to handle d***s but also juicy slits!  Everleigh the TPE doll is 1.65 m tall, slim, and ready for all kinds of naughty things. You could take her in her cute little ass in a role play, or even let the teacher herself be the dominant one. With the biggest pleasure, this unique adult doll with hot D-cup tits and bright blue eyes also loves to be in control!

OR Doll

Felicity (24 years)

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*
Felicity is a very affectionate sweet little TPE sex doll, who wishes for nothing more than a nice older sex doll owner. The 1.56 m tall TPE doll has never had a good f**k and is secretly waiting for the right one to finally have sex with. You should take your chance and steal the heart of this brunette real doll with big brown eyes!  Still waters are ever deep, and this shy love doll will become sex crazed and want nothing but your c**k under your guidance. Apart from her cute teen face, this real doll can also convince with a sexy p***y, beautiful female hips, and a bulging ass. Her H-cup tits are also worth mentioning as they will belong only to you!

OR Doll

Genevieve (40 years)

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*
This 1.56 m tall TPE sex doll Genevieve is an absolute MILF. This love doll is only made to nurture you in every possible way. Inside and outside of the bedroom. This TPE doll will convince you to do anything not only with her affectionate personality, but also her sexy slim body. Despite her age, she's got a firm ass and a tight sex doll p***y. Take the chance and massage her fat G-cup tits extensively and suck on the permanently stiff, dark nipples. This blonde adult doll with blowjob lips has an absolute sexy face and she is just waiting to put her mouth to use. In her big blue eyes, you will see how much she enjoys being your personal sex doll.

OR Doll

Gia (20 years)

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*
This 1.56 m tall TPE sex doll with her cute teen face has a big dream- to create a community with the priority to f**k all day and all night. If you become the owner of this sex doll, you can look forward to a lot of sexual openness and you will get to experience the full extent of the skills that this real doll has. She certainly knows how to use her holes so that you are guaranteed to climax. Her slender teen body, cute little apple ass, and juicy holes will make it easy for you. Her unique H-cup breasts show an endless desire for a good f**k. You won’t be able to tell how dirty this brunette love doll with the young face and brown eyes really is. Take a chance and be surprised by the sweet TPE doll that is Gia!

OR Doll & Doll's Lounge

Gracelyn (18 years) Doll's Lounge Exclusive

$1,899.00* $2,199.00*
Exclusively created by OR Doll in collaboration with Doll's Lounge.The young 1.61 m tall Gracelyn is a very shy TPE sex doll who is looking for a nice owner. This real doll has not yet been able to gain any experience and first has to be introduced to the art of love and unrestrained sex. Are you ready to show this sex doll how it's done?  The brown-haired teen TPE doll has a fabulously slim figure and a firm little ass. But her unique K-cup tits really stand out! The big shiny nipples have never been stimulated by any other sex doll owner. Fall in love with this sweet 18-year-old love doll with her sweet smile and loving blue eyes and then you can show her how hard your c**k is.  

OR Doll

Jane (27 years)

$1,799.00* $2,199.00*
This red-haired sex doll is always up to no good and knows what she can do with men so that they are in bondage to her. The 1.65 m tall love doll is, with her 27 years, already quite experienced and likes to experiment. If you decide to go for this real doll, you will never get bored. She convinces with her feminine body and natural C-cup breasts in every sexy outfit. Surely you already have some ideas what her next role should be. Style her exactly according to your ideas and enjoy her exciting pleasure openings, when, how and where you want it!

OR Doll

Julissa (32 years)

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*
Julissa is a real erotic starlet and, at the same time, a TPE sex doll that is down to earth. This cute love doll with her fantastic figure is looking for a nice owner outside the industry with whom she can build a future. When you become her real doll owner, you can look forward to having the slim body of the 1.56 m tall brunette TPE doll all to yourself - whenever, however and wherever you want it.  Julissa loves to dress her perfectly shaped E-cup breasts in exciting lingerie, so it's time to start a large collection for your love doll. You can be sure of the envy of her many fans if you are the only one who is allowed to go to bed with this love doll with her big blue eyes.

OR Doll & Doll's Lounge

Juniper (42 years) Doll's Lounge Exclusive

$1,899.00* $2,199.00*
Exclusively designed of OR Doll on behalf of Doll's Lounge.Juniper is a really hot 1.61 m tall MILF TPE sex doll and she wants to share her sexual experience with her future husband or learn from him herself. This love doll has a very slender body and cute ass, which is perfectly made for all kinds of pleasure.  But this special brunette adult doll has a special highlight that makes her stand out. The most amazing part is her fabulous K-cup tits and they are therefore the dream of all real doll fans who like really fat tits. You can squeeze her huge breasts for an extensive titty f**k and simply sit back and enjoy it. Her beautiful face with big blue eyes and full blowing lips is the perfect sight.

OR Doll

Makayla (18 years)

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*
Wow, what a hot 18-year-old sex doll! The TPE sex doll Makayla is a really wild thing and has absolutely no limits when it comes to getting a good f**k in her lust holes. When you see her young teenage face, you wouldn’t immediately realize that the brunette love doll with big brown eyes has nothing else on her mind but d**k. Let her dream come true and become her new real doll owner and penetrate her TPE doll slit the way she likes it. Her slim 1.46 m tall teen body is perfect in front of the camera and you should really think about making a hot little film with the young love doll yourself. But make sure that her firm ass and E-cup tits are in frame.

OR Doll

Ophelia (20 years)

$1,699.00* $1,899.00*
Ophelia is a sweet TPE doll who loves to be naked and have her sex doll holes filled. The 1.56 m tall adult doll knows how to present her slim teen body to make every c**k stiff. You should take the sweet love doll to her favorite place- the beach- where you can have sex with her in all possible ways. On the beach, she causes a big sensation with her fabulous figure, because rarely does such a pretty love doll come to a nudist beach. But this real doll with her thick D-cup tits not only has a gorgeous body, but also an enchanting young face and her platinum blonde hair only makes her blue eyes shine even more.

OR Doll & Doll's Lounge

Tiffany (31 years) Doll's Lounge Exclusive

$1,799.00* $1,899.00*
Exclusively designed of OR Doll in collaboration with Doll's Lounge.The sex doll Tiffany is a really horny b***h. She is a saleswoman in a clothing store and loves nothing more than to f**k her male customers in the changing room. The horny love doll has often been almost caught by her boss. She secretly dreams of a threesome with him and a customer. But so far, she has not dared to hit on her boss.  The hot sex doll has also had a threesome with her customers several times. Once she even did it with a couple. She also likes to lick wet p***y or even to be licked. The 1.56 m tall real doll has long red hair and blue eyes. In addition, this love doll has a really hot blowing mouth, which no man can resist. Her light skin is flawless, just like her big e-cup tits. Tiffany loves to wear fashionable and girlish, but sexy clothes and eye-catching jewelry. The hot sex doll especially likes to wear pearl jewelry.


✧ Hot curves

✧ High quality TPE

✧ Super realistic sex experience

All OR doll sex dolls are made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers), an especially skin-like plastic that feels velvety soft and can store heat well. This makes lovemaking even more realistic. 

If you want to live out your most hidden desires with a self-designed and 100% individual real doll, you can use our contact form and we will realize your wishes with the utmost pleasure.


Natural & fake style breasts Stil

✧ Stirring details

Perfect feeling

You only get going with really big breasts? Then you should definitely take a closer look at the beauties from OR doll. This manufacturer knows how to put big breasts perfectly in scene and is not stingy with hot details. 

We recommend the Hollow Breasts setting from our Make Her Real section for the love dolls from OR doll and for sex dolls with large breasts in general. The hollow space ensures that the sex doll's flawless breasts can be pressed and kneaded while still keeping a soft and natural feeling.


✧ Soft facial features

Full lips

Erotic appeal

The OR doll love dolls are known for their lovingly designed faces, which form the perfect contrast to the predominantly very large breasts due to their delicate design. 

Especially love dolls with an Eastern European touch are OR doll’s highlights and entice with a sensual kissing mouth and light complexion.  


✧ Free upgrade

✧ Includes standing function

✧ Moveable shoulders

Countless sex positions

With OR doll, you can count on a solid steel skeleton immaculately encased in velvety soft TPE. We at dolloro® even offer you a free upgrade where the premium skeleton is installed in your sex doll for free.  

This is why you should buy your OR doll beauty at dolloro® 

dolloro© provides a unique shopping experience, a great product selection, and personal service!  

Your advantages at a glance

Safely buy OR doll sex dolls online 

So, should you want to buy an OR doll product, it is necessary to find a reputable online retailer that sells high quality real dolls at a fair price.
With the help of the following tips, you can see whether the online dealer from whom you want to buy an OR doll product sells real and, therefore, high-quality sex dolls:

  1. Certificate = This confirms the seriousness of the online retailer as well as the brand authenticity and originality of the manufacturer OR doll. If you find such a certificate on the website, you can be sure that the shop is trustworthy and has the official license to distribute OR doll products.

  2. Complete imprint  = If the entire imprint is missing on the website or is incomplete, we strongly advise against the purchase of an OR doll from such an online dealer. It is even prescribed by law that every German company must have an imprint. Even just the absence of a telephone number can be an indicator of a dubious trader. Of course, without a proper way to contact them, you won't be able to tell anyone your problems regarding the delivery and the product.

  3. Secure payment methods = If there are no secure payment methods available to you, which protect you as a customer with the right of complaint (e.g. PayPal), this is a clear indication of a questionable and dubious online store. So, you will not be able to claim any rights as a customer here.

If you orientate yourself with the above-mentioned tips, nothing can go wrong when trying to find a respectable shop with the real OR doll brand. But if you find all three criteria in the shop, you will be able to buy an OR doll sex doll without any worries.

In the following section, you will find our officially confirmed dealer certificate and more information about our partnership with the manufacturer OR doll.

OR doll & dolloro® - A partnership for tomorrow!

As a supplier of sex dolls, we are not only sellers, but also want to have a significant impact on the manufacturing process, improvement, and development of the TPE or silicone beauties with the customer in mind. Therefore, a close cooperation with the manufacturers is indispensable for dolloro©. 

As part of WM Doll, OR doll is of course also a brand with which we maintain a close partnership. We are only too happy to visit the premises of the China-based company. 

Here, you can find our official dealer certificate:    

           The certificate

Live out your fetish with OR doll

OR DOLL simply knows how to handle the velvety soft TPE and playfully manages to create angelic sex dolls with a fabulous rack. So, if most other real dolls don't have big enough boobs for you, you will find what you’re looking for with OR doll.

These unique advantages from OR doll are waiting for you:
Your Advantages
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Free Doll-Delivery

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Huge selection

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German Company

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Personal Advice

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Discreet handling