Elsa Babe

Our beautiful mostly 165 cm tall Elsa Babe dolls are a real specialty among all sex dolls. They are perfect for all love doll fans who want a real sex feeling with their love doll and want a very special look. This range is for everyone who loves the world of manga, anime, and fantasy and wants to get his own anime girl or enchanting elf with sexy curves as a sex doll in bed. As is typical for the Japanese drawing style, the love dolls from Elsa Babe have big eyes and their whole design is simply kawaii.


Elsa Babes

Ava (27 years)

$2,199.00* $2,399.00*
The sexy love doll Ava is a well-known erotic model who has already been featured in countless erotic magazines. She's also done some amateur porn. However, she ended her porn career early because she didn't like hardcore sex. She thought she could have hot sex at the porn shoot and get paid for it. She was taught better and is now looking for a tender and loving man who gives her love, affection, and security.Love doll Ava is 1.65 m tall and has plump G-cup tits. The real doll has long brown hair, amber eyes, and fair skin. The sex doll hasn't had a man in a while, so her p***y will open up willingly to finally take a hot c**k inside her.Sex doll Ava has light, flawless skin. She prefers to wear classic jeans or mini skirts made of denim and a blouse with it, because she thinks it makes her look very girly and cute. However, most men would probably rather call her a horny devil.

Elsa Babes

Brenda (23 years)

$2,199.00* $2,399.00*
Sex Doll Brenda is a secretary. She loves her job more than anything. She works a lot for the company and regularly travels abroad with her boss, which is why she has no time for a steady relationship. Nevertheless, she enjoys her sex life to the fullest. In the breaks between meetings, this sexy real doll lets her boss f**k her in all her holes. But just one man isn’t enough for Brenda. She loves excitement and variety. So, it's not just her boss who gets to ravage her, but also a few of her colleagues who simply can't resist her because of her glasses. This hot love doll enjoys role-playing in her private life and slips into a wide variety of roles, from dominatrix to horny nurse. This 5’4” love doll has long brown hair and amber-colored eyes. Her hungry mouth loves to swallow a lot of cum. Sex doll Brenda has fair skin, a shaved p***y and horny G-cup tits which guys love to c*m on as much as her glasses. Brenda loves wearing hot role-play outfits.

Elsa Babes

Cai (19 years)

$2,199.00* $2,399.00*
The silicone sex doll Cai looks so sweet and innocent, with her shoulder-length, dark wavy hair and big, brown saucer eyes. Maybe it's because she's a virgin. However, she touches her anime sex doll p***y almost daily and sometimes even several times a day. She dreams of having sex with her true love.  The 1.65 m tall anime sex doll believes in love and hopes to experience her first time with him. With her light skin and huge G-cup tits, this anime sex doll is an absolute eye-catcher. The tits of this petite silicone sex doll are perfect for a titty f**k. No wonder the men can't take their eyes off this anime sex doll, because Cai likes to wear figure-hugging dresses with elaborate patterns.

Elsa Babes

Carly (27 years)

Sexy love doll Carly is a sex education teacher. She loves her job and likes to seduce the students or their dads, so that they can put the theoretical knowledge she’s taught them into practice. This hot sex doll longs for a threesome and is sad that she’s never had one. Carly is only interested in men between the ages of 20 and 50. She would love to have a threesome with a student and his dad. This real doll has long brown hair and green eyes. The 4’9” love doll is slim and has fair, velvety-smooth skin. Her completely shaved p***y is just waiting to be f****d by two men at the same time. During a hot session, the sex doll loves it when you squeeze her big fat F-cup tits. Carly likes to wear satin blouses and dresses which accentuate her awesome tits. She’d also be happy if gave her costume jewelry from time to time.

Elsa Babes

Chen Lu (18 years)

$2,199.00* $2,399.00*
Chen Lu is an extremely willing silicone sex doll who knows exactly how to use her charms to drive men out of their minds. The horny anime sex doll just knows what she wants and how to get it and she especially likes experienced men who know how to bring a woman to orgasm. The sweet anime sex doll Chen Lu is 1.65 m tall with beautiful, thick G-cup tits that she loves to have massaged. This gorgeous and cheeky anime sex doll is horny all the time and she simply loves sex. She likes to wear sexy sporty clothes, that show off her body perfectly. She never wears underwear so she's ready to f**k whenever she wants. With her long pink hair, light, flawless skin, and large blue eyes, this stunning anime sex doll wraps every man around her finger.

Elsa Babes

Dan (20 years)

$2,199.00* $2,399.00*
The silicone sex doll Dan loves her job as a waitress in a posh hotel because she gets to know a lot of rich men who offer her the standard of living she wants. This anime sex doll is only too happy to put on tight clothes to get more tips. Some guests have taken her to their room to have the pleasure of f*****g this anime sex doll in just about every conceivable position.  Dan is a 1.50-meter-tall silicone sex doll with big F-cup tits, which she’s only too happy to use to get tips from the men. In any case, this anime sex doll isn't stingy with her charms. With her long, brown hair, big brown eyes, very light skin and her sexy blowjob mouth, this anime sex doll makes every strong man weak.

Elsa Babes

Feng (18 years)

$2,199.00* $2,399.00*
Feng is not only an enchanting silicone sex doll, but also a sweet elf princess. The anime sex doll was strictly guarded and chastely educated in her kingdom. Yet she keeps dreaming about what it's like to finally get f****d. This anime sex doll is ashamed of being a virgin.  The sweet elf is hoping to finally be freed by a strong man from the stern hands of her father and f****d without mercy. Due to her strict upbringing, however, the anime sex doll would never admit that she wants to have sex as hard as possible. The sexy Feng is an elf princess, anime sex doll with a height of 1.50 m, very light skin, purple hair, blue eyes, a hot blowjob mouth and thick real doll F-cup tits that are perfect for a titty f**k. Of course, she doesn't know that much about sex yet, but she desperately wants to become a real anime sex doll. She will be very grateful to her savior and teacher and will give him all of her silicone doll body to use.

Elsa Babes

Hao (18 years)

$2,199.00* $2,399.00*
The silicone sex doll Hao is already an absolute eye-catcher with her long, grey hair, elf ears, very light skin and green eyes. However, this anime sex doll also likes to dress strikingly, preferably in black, tight-fitting clothes. She likes to wear lace, high heels and fishnet stockings to cover her long legs. No wonder that almost every man who sees her thinks of hot sex.  The 1.65 m-tall anime sex doll also has nice, thick G-cups tits which invite you to a titty f**k. Her sweet blowjob mouth is also waiting to be f****d in any exceptional position. The cute  sex doll works as an acrobat in a travelling circus, so she's very flexible. During sex, she knows exactly how to pamper men so that they can orgasm and use her flexible anime sex doll body to its full potential. This crazy elf doll is guaranteed to make every man jerk off!

Elsa Babes

Koko (22 years)

$2,199.00* $2,399.00*
Sweet love doll Koko is a teacher by profession. She dreams of being educated by a strict and passionate man. The 5’4” sex doll would do anything to please her master. This real doll has never had anal sex before. She's afraid it might hurt. Still, she dreams of having her ass used and stretched by magnificent c***s. The love doll Koko has long brown hair, amber-colored eyes and fair skin. Her horny mouth is just waiting to be f****d, as are her big fat G-cup tits and hairless p***y. This sex doll dreams of having her tits tied up, her nipples tortured with clamps, and then being f****d in the ass and p***y from behind. Koko likes to wear kimonos. But of course, she’ll submit to the will of her future master and leave the choice of clothing to him.

Elsa Babes

Li Ming (18 years)

$2,199.00* $2,399.00*
Li Ming is a greedy silicone sex doll. The anime sex doll would probably do anything for good grades. Not only does she let herself be f****d by teachers since she is of legal age, but she has also played with several teacher’s tits and licked their p*****s for them until they came. The hot anime sex doll loves to wear short mini-skirts and nothing underneath, so that the teachers can enjoy a free view. The anime sex doll Li Ming loves the sex-hungry looks of her teachers and other men. She is an absolute eye-catcher with her grey, shoulder-length hair, large amber eyes and very light skin. Probably also because she looks like she is simply a cute and innocent anime sex doll. However, the 1.65 m tall anime sex doll, with thick G-cup tits, is most of the time really horny!

Elsa Babes

Mabel (19 years)

$2,199.00* $2,399.00*
Sexy love doll Mabel is determined to become a journalist. She is currently still undergoing her studies. But she's already dreaming of one day hosting the biggest primetime television shows. She would do anything for her dream and even let the boss f**k her.Mabel has racked up quite a sexy track record. She loves sex and never misses a party where there might be an opportunity for a hot quickie with one or more men. In an emergency, she even let’s them take her in the bathroom. As long as her c**t is stuffed, this love doll is happy.This 1.50 m tall real doll has long copper-colored hair and blue eyes. Due to her light skin the eyes of the sex doll seem even more radiant and her wide open p***y even rosier. Mabel also has plump F-cup tits and a greedy blowing mouth that sucks every c**k to the last drop. Mabel prefers to wear hot pants and tight crop tops. She also loves jewelry!

Elsa Babes

Mayari (20 years)

$2,199.00* $2,399.00*
The sex doll Mayari is the guardian of the fantastic forest. The forest can only be entered by good people. As soon as a bad person wants to enter the forest, front hedges block his way. Unfortunately, many people are evil, which is why the sweet love doll often feels lonely. But she wishes nothing more than a male protector at her side, who guards the forest together with the love doll. The cute real doll Mayari has felt that her c**t tingles and gets wet. She can't classify this feeling at all. She also does not know what to do about it. She has heard that human girls have sex when this happens. The sex doll hopes that she finds a man who can put an end to her suffering. The sex doll is 1.50 m tall and slim. She has light skin, chin-length brown hair, and amber eyes. In addition, she has a horny blowing mouth, of which she does not know how much pleasure she can give men with. Not to mention her thick F-cup tits, which will probably drive any man out of his mind.

WM Doll

Misaki (24 years)

Sex doll Misaki is just a horny s**t, even if she doesn't like to admit it. Every now and then, she even seduces her clients. This horny sex doll dreams of finally finding a man who will work through the entire Kama Sutra with her. In order to be fit enough for this, she regularly exercises and does yoga, among other things. After all, she wants to be flexible enough for the man in her life. This love doll is keen to experiment and would like to have sex at least once a day – more often would be even better. In return, she always stands lovingly at her man's side and makes his everyday life all the sweeter. Love doll Misaki is an excellent cook. She always takes care of the emotional and physical well-being of her loved ones. This real doll is 4 ft 9 in tall and slim. She has chin-length, black hair and large, dazzling blue eyes. Because of her fair skin, her eyes look even more radiant. Misaki has large F-cup tits. She likes to wear dungarees, tight tops and sneakers.

Elsa Babes

Mulan (21 years)

$2,199.00* $2,399.00*
Mulan is a picture-perfect silicone sex doll. She is elegant, charming and traditional. Unfortunately, this anime sex doll was hurt very badly by her ex-boyfriend. Nevertheless, she has not lost her faith in real love. Now, the sweet anime sex doll is finally ready for a new man at her side, who will introduce her to the secrets of sex and, above all, penetrate her p***y.   The 1.65 m-tall anime sex doll has amber eyes and a dreamy look which will melt any man. Her long, dark hair and fair skin bring out her amber eyes even more. The anime sex doll Mulan has a plump ass and big G-cup tits.

Elsa Babes

Palita (27 years)

The enchanting sex doll Palita was left by her fiancé on her wedding day of all days. He cheated on the sweet love doll with her best friend in the confessional. Now Palita is looking for a man with whom she can distract herself from her past love. Actually, she wants to take revenge on him. Because he wants her back. Instead, she is now looking for a man who will f**k her in the same confessional so that he can feel how terrible it felt for her. At the same time, she wants to use this experience to link a positive image with the confessional so that she can forget the experience with her ex. The 1.50 m tall sex doll has long grey hair and amber eyes. She has a sweet blowing mouth, light skin, and a slim figure, with curves in the right places. She has a hot ass, which her ex was never allowed to touch. But now she is ready to finally let herself be f****d in the ass. The love doll becomes especially willing when you play with her gorgeous F-cups tits. In order to process her experience, the real doll Palita still likes to wear her wedding dress and high heels, while she lets herself be f****d hard in it.

Elsa Babes

Xia (23 years)

$2,199.00* $2,399.00*
At first glance, the love doll Xia seems sweet and shy. But she is a horny b***h who has it in for older men. It doesn’t matter to the sex doll if the men are married or not. She wraps every man skillfully around her finger when she has desire for him. The men return the favor with small gifts and money.Ever since sexy real doll Xia started working as a hotel maid at the hotel, business there has been booming. Rich businessmen hold their meetings there and enjoy a hot lovemaking session with the gluttonous love doll afterwards.This sex doll is 1.50 m tall. She has fair skin, brown hair, and violet eyes. Her sexy pout has seen a lot of c**k and is very skilled at giving blowjobs. Xia is slender, with curves in all the right places. Her pink c**t is always a little open with horniness. In addition, her p***y is clean-shaven, so she is especially popular with men who like to lick p***y.


✧ Magical design

✧ Manga girls & elves

✧ Fantasy dreams come true

An Elsa Babe doll combines a super realistic feel with magical looks. The sex dolls of this brand are characterized by a very special fantasy touch. Decide for yourself whether you want a cute manga girl to steal your heart or a magical elf to whisk you away to her realm. 

If you have quite specific conceptions and fantasies which you would like to live out with a sex doll, you should use our inquiry form. Just tell us your specific wishes and you will receive a 100% individual sex doll.


Detailed elf ears

Finest brush strokes

Every sex doll is unique

Especially with fantasy real dolls, details are crucial, because only with them can a high-quality sex doll make your wildest dreams come true. 

Elsa Babe is an absolute leader in this field and they really know how to breathe life into their TPE dolls through magical shading and the finest brush strokes. 


Anime-style faces

Beautiful eyes

 Delicate features

The trademark of this company is the big googly anime style eyes. While the young and sexy real dolls look like they are from a completely different planet, the sexual feeling with these is earthly and absolutely real. 

This is only possible because silicone is used in the manufacture of the Elsa Babe dolls. This is a material with a velvety soft feeling which resembles human skin like no other.


✧ Free upgrade

✧ Movable shoulders

✧ Greater tilt angle

Includes standing function

Elsa Babe has built a sturdy steel skeleton into their love dolls, which allows you to freely position your new toy. With the free upgrade to the Premium Skeleton, with dolloro®, you gain even more room to move.

This is why you should buy your Elsa Babe doll at dolloro®

Choose a retailer you trust - dolloro®. We offer you a variety of first-class products and attractive additional benefits.

Your advantages at a glance

Buy Original Elsa Babe Dolls & Recognize Fakes Immediately

Keep your hands off fakes and rip-offs! When it comes to branded clothing or branded bags, we know that these goods are often sold as fakes at very low prices and in inferior quality. The same thing can happen if you want to buy an Elsa Babe doll. So, pay attention!

The price of such a sex doll is usually in the four-digit range. However, there are numerous dubious shops that offer the product at a lower price, but the supposed bargain never reaches the customer. This type of "rip-off" is difficult to trace, as the perpetrators are usually based abroad.

Therefore, in order to buy an original Elsa Babe doll, one must choose a reputable online retailer that has official permission to distribute Elsa Babe dolls.

On the basis of this criteria, it can be determined whether you’ve found a respectable sex doll dealer, from whom you can buy an Elsa Babe doll without worries:

  1. Certificate = Every retailer should have certified proof of the brand authenticity of the Elsa Babe dolls integrated into their site.

  2. Complete imprint  = Beware of a missing German phone number or missing imprint! In Germany, the existence of an imprint is mandatory. If there is no imprint or no complete imprint in the online shop, it is most likely a dubious shop. Only buy an Elsa Babe doll where the imprint is given without any gaps in the information provided.

  3. Secure payment methods  = The final indicator of a trustworthy online store is secure payment methods. These are payment methods that protect customers with a right of complaint (e.g. PayPal). Based on this, you can judge whether it is a genuine and quality Elsa Babes doll dealer. If no secure payment methods are offered, you really should buy your Elsa Babe doll somewhere else.
If you pay attention to the criteria mentioned above and go with your gut, nothing can happen to you when buying an original Elsa Babe doll.
The official dealer certificate and more information about our partnership with Elsa Babe can be found in the following section.

Elsa Babe & dolloro® - a collaboration that keeps on giving!

We are happy about our close cooperation with Elsa Babe, through which we, as a German company, can realize your wishes in design and production. This sets us apart from conventional retailers and actively shapes the real doll trends! The collaboration with Elsa Babe originated at the biggest sex doll fair in China. 

We also visit our partner on-site and work actively with the company's management. 

Here, you can find our official dealer certificate:

           The certificate

Elsa Babe Dolls - Magical Sex Dolls

Magical elves and delicate manga girls are the absolute flagship of the Elsa Babe brand. So, if you are a lover of at least one of these categories, you can be 100% certain that one of the Elsa Babe dolls will be the right partner by your side.
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