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You may have heard something about humanoid robots and thought to yourself that you need this marvel of technology with a sexy touch in your bed. The sex robots from AI Tech are just perfect for you.

AI Tech has already dominated the market for everyday robots for years and uses its technical know-how to realize erotic fantasies. AI Tech sweetens the intimate hours of its customers with a particularly hot selection of sex robots.

This innovative company offers you an exclusive range of slim and sporty TPE sex robots with big breasts and cute faces, with a body height between 1,56m and 1,68m.


AI Tech

Amalia (19 years)
Speech Function: With

From $2,799.00* $3,799.00*
The hot sex doll Amalia seems very shy and reserved at first sight. She is a really horny s**t, who doesn’t think twice! If she sees an opportunity to have sex, she takes it. The horny sex doll has now created a real sex network. She has different ways to get hot sex and satisfy her lust as soon as possible. The 1.68 m tall love doll has long, blond hair, blue eyes and velvety, light skin. The real doll, with plump C-cup tits, loves to be f****d in unusual places, so that no boredom arises. In addition, the sex robot enjoys the thrill of being caught. Amalia prefers to wear lingerie in light pastel shades that look innocent. However, this horny s**t is not innocent at all! Already in her young years, she gained so much experience that even older guys can take a lesson from the real doll!

AI Tech

Debby (29 years)
Speech Function: Without

$2,799.00* $2,999.00*
Hot sex doll Debby has a penchant for fast cars, which she discovered as a child. Today she is a car saleswoman. However, the sex doll seduces her customers not only with sinfully expensive cars, but also with her fantastic e-cup tits. Sometimes, during a joyride, the hot love doll has to pull over to the grass verge because her customer can hardly stand the sexy atmosphere. The 160cm real doll has sold every car she's ever wanted to sell. In addition, the beautiful blond with green eyes has a penchant for good wines, as her parents own a winery. She often drinks a noble drop with her sex partners before she enjoys a hot sex adventure with him. Sex robot Debby has light, velvety skin and a shaved c**t just waiting to finally get f*****d! This exciting beauty loves to wear extravagant lingerie with suspenders!

AI Tech

Jamini (18 years)
Speech Function: Without

$2,799.00* $2,999.00*
The sexy love doll Jamini is still at to school and will soon be graduating. She’s very inexperienced, but longing for a man to finally f**k her c**t hard. But this cute sex doll's parents have other plans for her. She’s only allowed to meet men after she graduates. Her parents want her to study sociology when she finishes school.Now, the real doll Jamini is looking for a man with whom she can secretly meet to f**k. She wants him to teach her how to suck him off and show her how to make men happy. This horny sex robot is 1.68 m tall and has plump, C-cup tits. The fair-skinned sex doll has long, black hair, brown eyes and a horny mouth. Her shaved c**t has never seen a c**k. Nothing has ever been inside of her tight p***y, not even her finger. All she does is secretly rub her p***y through her panties every now and then. Jamini likes to wear traditional kimonos.

AI Tech

Paige (24 years)
Speech Function: Without

Horny sex doll Paige is an editor and always on the lookout for the best news: but that's not all! The pretty blond with long hair is also looking for a partner who is at least as depraved as she is. The sex doll likes men who have no taboos in bed. As an editor, she knows all about the latest sex trends. She’s always the first to get tickets for the sex fair.The 1.67 m tall Paige enjoys SM and taking on the submissive, or sometimes the dominant, role. This hot love doll also loves perverted role-playing games. The sex robot has brown eyes and light skin. Her shaved p***y is just as lustful as her big I-cup tits are luscious. This real doll is a curvaceous beauty with a big, hot ass. She loves having her asshole f****d deep and hard. Paige likes to wear fishnet stockings and bikinis that barely cover the essentials.

AI Tech

Rachelle (31 years)
Speech Function: With

From $2,999.00* $3,799.00*
Sexy love doll Rachelle loves books more than anything! She loves to read for a living and would love to become a writer herself. She has a passion for erotic novels, but they are often not hot enough for her. That's why she wants to write a hot novel of her own, so she can relive all her sex adventures many times over. So that the horny sex doll gets enough material for her erotic novel, she is currently on research work and has hot sex with changing partners. As a climax for the novel, the sex robot Rachelle would like to participate in a g**gb**g. The sex robot is 1.57 m tall. She has long, copper-colored hair and green eyes. Her fair skin is flawless and velvety soft. She loves it when you knead her big M-cup tits properly while you lick her shaved c**t. sex doll Rachelle especially enjoys being given hot lingerie to show off to her sex partner on her sexy body.

AI Tech

Rumi (23 years)
Speech Function: Without

$2,799.00* $2,999.00*
Hot sex doll Rumi always seems serious at her job as an intern for a prestigious and world-renowned IT company. At night, she pursues her second job as a call girl and goes absolutely wild with her clients. The 1.57 m tall sex doll loves her job as a call girl. Her clients are mostly rich businessmen, with kinky, sexual desires that the sex robot is only too happy to fulfill for them. Real Doll Rumi has long, brown hair, brown eyes, and a sexy blowing mouth. Hardly any man can avert his gaze from this little devil’s D-cup tits. The sex robot has flawless, fair skin. Her favorite things to wear are pinstripe miniskirts, tight blouses that show off her tits perfectly, and pumps to make her look a little taller than she really is.


✧ Sexy voice with hot phrases

✧ Respond to touch & speech

✧ Pronounced facial expressions & Sprache

If a standard sex doll is too boring for you, + you need a sex doll from AI Tech! She responds to you touching her breast, thigh. or vagina thanks to sensitive body sensors and moans in a sweet English voice how much she likes it.


Erotic details

Realistic skin feel

Heat function

Thanks to TPE, the body of your AI Tech sex doll is nice and soft, and it can reach body temperature all by itself thanks to the built-in heat function. At the same time, AI Tech does not forego rich detail and realistic coloring. 

The combination of individual subtleties, feel, and warmth has sex with AI Tech's sex robots almost better than sex with a real woman.


✧ Moves head, eyes & mouth

✧ Reacts with facial expressions

✧ Beautiful faces

AI Tech's sex robots can not only talk but show their lust vividly with their facial expressions. You are guaranteed to fall in love with the sex robot’s sexy looks. 

Of course, with a sex doll from AI Tech the sex experience is even more realistic than with conventional models and makes her not only an exclusive love toy but also a fabulous partner.


✧ Hundreds of positions

✧ Perfect tilting angle

✧ With stand function on request

Versatility is what makes a sex robot from AI Tech stand out. You can never get bored with a real doll that reacts and interacts with you. So that you can enjoy the Real doll extensively in your favorite position, dolloro® provides you with a premium skeleton for every beauty from AI Tech - on request she can also include a stand function, which allows you to lean your darling against the shower or wall, for example.

This is why you should buy your AI Tech sex robot from dolloro®

When you choose dolloro®, you don’t just get an excellent selection of real dolls and sex robots, but also a service that is designed to meet your every need - Would you like to buy your Real doll from us? Then you can look forward to a unique buying experience! 

Your advantages at a glance

Buy Original Sex Robot by AI Tech

Of course, you will find countless suppliers on the internet if you are in the market for a sex doll. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of black sheep among them. While they lure you in with pretty attractive offers for your sex robot or sex doll, there's very little chance you'll ever get the luxury sex toy you ordered.
Copies of AI Tech’s sex robots are not uncommon either, but never meet the usual quality level and leave you disappointed and significantly poorer.
Should you want to buy a real sex doll from AI Tech, you can use the following indicators to recognize a reputable online retailer:

  • Certificate = If someone wants to sell AI Tech products in Germany, the dealer must have the necessary permission which comes cdirectly from the company. Without permission, of course, he has no access to the range of AI Tech. You can see whether the online shop you have selected has permission by means of a certificate and seal on their website.

  • German imprint = You may have already noticed that many dealers for real dolls have clumsy texts on their pages. The reason for this is that most operators of online stores for real dolls are not located in Germany. If you want to check this, take a look at the imprint, which is an absolute obligation under German law. Only a complete imprint and contact information (telephone number) make it a serious provider. 

  • Variety of payment methods = Nowadays, every online store should be able to offer you different payment methods. Should the shop, for example, provide direct debit as a sole payment method, you should really buy your sex doll elsewhere. Fraudulent websites often do without secure payment methods with buyer protection (e.g., PayPal).
In the end, you should always trust your gut. If the price is too good to be true, the texts are in broken German, and the mentioned indicators are not fulfilled, you should look for another and serious provider for your AI Tech sex doll. 

AI TECH & dolloro® - The future of sex robots! 

For us at dolloro®, close contact with the manufacturers is very important, which is why we only work with hand-picked companies. With AI Tech, we are particularly pleased with the great collaboration because this is clearly an exceptional manufacturer. 

AI Tech's technical know-how demonstrates zeitgeist and a desire for innovation, something dolloro® also stands for. At our annual meetings in Chine, we decide together how we can drive the market for sex robots and sex dolls forward and how we can best implement your wishes as a customer.

By the way, here you can find our official dealer certificate from AI Tech:        

           The certificate

Innovative & Super Sexy - Sex Robots from AI Tech

We can guarantee that AI Tech has a range of sex robots that is hard to beat! Each of the sex robots is not just super-hot, but also a technical masterpiece built just for you and your needs. 

You can look forward to these advantages with AI Tech:
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Free Doll-Delivery

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Huge selection

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